Business Casual for Men – 60 Cool Outfits and Style Tips

by John Griffith

Business casual men are always stylish and effortlessly cool, be it in the office or out and about with friends. They deftly combine comfortable clothes with key designer items, to achieve the perfect blend of smart business attire and fashionable streetwear. If you’d like to look just as sharp but are not sure where to start, we can help. Although it is always great to experiment with your style and try new things, there are several fashion faux pas that you should ideally avoid. To make things easier, we have created a short comprehensive list highlighting the hottest styles in men’s fashion at the moment. Let us be your guide in the world of smart street clothing and, before long, you will be one of the best-dressed business casual men out there.

Business Casual Men Work Hard and Play Hard

business casual men, curly-haired brunette man, dressed in grey blazer, plaid shirt with black tie, and dark denim jeans

  1. No kids allowed – the business casual style is a look for grown-ups. It’s time to pack your Spiderman tees away and invest in some quality shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and vests;
  2. Keep it tight – opt for slim fit or skinny jeans! Needless to say, baggy trousers are a big no-no among working professionals. In it is also advisable to get a few pair of trousers in natural colors – sandy yellow or beige, for example. Grey is also an excellent choice, as it is very versatile and always looks smart;
  3. Step up to the plate with the right shoes – all business casual men have something in common – a great taste in footwear. Be like them and choose comfortable shoes made from high-quality materials. They might be expensive but it will be so worth it in the long run. Loafers and brogues are especially trendy at the moment. If you’re feeling brave, spice up your business casual look with sneakers in eye-catching colors;
  4. Stay classy – there is a good reason the shirt/sweater/blazer combo is so popular: it works. Besides, it looks great with jeans as well as smart trousers. A truly comfy, versatile and professional look;
  5. Don’t be a fashion victim – trends come and go but the style is always in vogue. Avoid garish fads and choose classic looks which have stood the test of time;
  6. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize – it’s the 21st century and yet there are still men out there who avoid bags and jewelry. This is a real shame because even something as little as a handkerchief can add a lot of character to your outfit. Bracelets, sunglasses, scarves and quality leather bags belong in every gentleman’s closet.

A fine example of the importance of quality shoes and accessories

close up of man's hands, decorated with bracelets, made of leather and metal, tying his shoelaces, business casual shoes in cream

We fully agree with costume designer Edith Head, who once said that “You can have anything you want. If you dress for it.” One should never underestimate the significance of a stylish outfit. Business casual men know that those who take care of their appearance feel more confident, regardless of what life throws at them. In addition, well-dressed people are more likely to make a good first impression, which is incredibly important in our busy day and age. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by our selection of business casual outfits and discover your own unique style.

Daniel Craig sporting sunglasses with a smart blazer

daniel craig with aviator sunglasses, business casual men, dressed in a black blazer, over white shirt, riding in a speedboat

Stay warm and stylish in winter with a classy woolen coat

brown woolen winter coat, worn over navy blazer, blue and white chequered shirt, and dark denim jeans, by young man with beige shoes, business casual men, seen from two angles

Another timeless winter look

smartly-dressed bearded man, with brown coat, distressed jeans and blue blazer, white shirt and dark blue tie, business casual men

A great video with useful style tips

A comfortable ensemble for spring or summer days

white shirt and black carrot pants, worn by man with sunglasses, business casual men, with brown leather crossbody bag, and cream sneakers

Feeling comfortable in the dynamic world of business is an absolute must

faded skinny jeans, combined with mink loafers, pale blue shirt with tie, and dark navy blazer, with white handkerchief, business casual men, worn by man with glasses

Don’t forget to style your hair accordingly! Styling your locks is just as important as picking the right outfit

smiling business man, in smart black suit, white shirt and black tie, business casual men, with pale gray woolen coat

Layering is a great way to spice up your look in winter

blazers in dark blue and salt and pepper grey,worn by two business casual men, one with black shirt, one with pale blue shirt, and denim jacket

Look great wherever you go – you never know what can happen or whom you will meet

casual clothes for men, distressed pale blue jeans, worn with brown suede loafers, ombre effect jumper in white and beige, and sunglasses

Cool suggestion for casual Friday

t-shirt in white, with black print, worn with dark jeans, by man in sunglasses, casual clothes for men

Choose a smart, functional jacket for business trips outside of town

khaki winter jacket, with black leather details, combined with dark grey trousers, business casual outfits, worn by man holding brown travel bag

As long as you feel confident and comfortable, you are certain to look good

short-haired smiling man, wearing black jumper with zip detail, over whte shirt, casual clothes for men, combined with dark jeans

Compliment your style with quality shoes in different colors

business casual shoes, two shoes in black and brown, with orange soles and laces, placed on wooden boards

Red signifies confidence and courage and is sure to attract attention

brown blazer with pocket handkerchief, over burgundy v-neck sweater, and white shirt, worn with brown leather business casual shoes, by man in dark jeans

We love this stylish combination of color-coordinated wristwatch, bracelets, and belt!

wristwatch with brown leather strap, and two woven brown leather bracelets, on the hand of a smartly-dressed businessman, business casual attire, beige blazer and chequered shirt

Sunglasses are indispensable, regardless of the season

business casual outfits, grey chequered winter coat, over dark woolen blazer, and navy trousers, business casual outfits, worn by man with sunglasses, holding black briefcase

Classic suits look great and are virtually timeless…

five smartly dressed men, in grey formal suits, with ties and pocket handkerchiefs, sitting next to each other, and looking in the same direction, more people in background

…while fashion fads come and go

haute couture for men, four catwalk models, wearing clothing with botanical and animal prints, oversized white coat, unusual polka dot suit

Haute couture from Valentino – dazzling and artistic but utterly impractical for most of us!

cropped black leather jacket with applique details, worn over maroon top, and skinny navy trousers, by man in dark sunglasses,

Black blazer, paired up with shirt and jeans – a classic business casual look

serious bearded man, with gelled up hair, wearing grey blazer, over shirt in a similar color, business casual outfits, combined with jeans

beige blazer over blue-grey printed tee, and pale shirt, worn with faded jeans, business casual outfits, man with brushed back hair

Reclaim the bowtie!

large blue cable knit scarf, with brown blazer, and white shirt with bow-tie, business casual outfits, worn by man in blue jeans

Classy and discreet male jewelry

platinum or silver jewelery, consisting of a woven encrusted ornamental bracelet, and a minimalist bracelet, with matching ring, business casual attire, worn by man in dark suit

Variety is the spice of life! Diversify your closet with cardigans and blazers in different colors

four examples of business casual outfits, grey two-piece suit, with cardigan and shirt, blazers in white, khaki and plaid, sunglasses and handkerchiefs

Wondering what to wear today?

cream blazer and grey carrot pants, two plaid shirts, brown business casual shoes, handkerchiefs and socks, blue and brown bag, near smartly dressed man

Be stylish, even when you travel

travelling businessman, wearing blue patterned blazer, pale pink shirt, and white pants with brown leather belt, business casual outfits

Suit and sneakers – smart business style with a brave casual twist

pale blue two piece suit, worn with white shirt, and neon orange sneakers, and brown two piece suit, worn with black shirt and white sneakers, business casual shoes

Distressed jeans and a classic black blazer – the best of both worlds

business casual dress code, male catwalk model, with distressed jeans, pale blue shirt, and black blazer, wearing sunglasses and worn, brown leather shoes

Stylish wristwatches with wooden details – the perfect finishing touch to your business casual outfit

wooden detail wristwatches, one with a brown strap, and one with a black strap, placed on wooden stands, near several books

Another cool, versatile getup

beige carrot pants, combined with white sneakers, and an ankle bracelet, worn by man in dark navy blazer, over pale blue shirt, business casual dress code

We love this subtle and chic outfit

young bearded man, with well groomed hair, wearing casual clothes for men, denim shirt and grey cardigan

A little node to the ladies who like incorporating male clothing items into their style!

blonde woman with wavy hair, and a big smile, wearing dark skinny jeans, business casual dress code, with assorted jewelry, and white jumper over denim shirt

Nothing beats a classic black outfit, especially in colder weather

winter coat in black, over black jumper, business casual dress code, worn with black leather gloves, grey trousers and sunglasses

smiling man with short hair, in grey jumper with zip, casual clothes for men, with blue chequered shirt, and black pants

Leather accessories highlight on masculinity

male catwalk model, wearing pale blue chequered shirt, grey button up vest, distressed cowboy jeans, and worn vintage shoes, casual clothes for men, antique looking suede bag in his hand

These comfy lace-up shoes will put a spring to your step

pair of pale cream, high top shoes, with ted shoelaces, business casual shoes, resting on a wooden surface, with metal details

Keep warm on the way to the office

warm puffy down jacket in black, worn by young man in smart navy trousers, business casual dress code, with dark blue jumper, brown leather shoes, and brown and navy bag

Colorful bracelets are in at the moment! Combine them with a classy watch for maximum effect

colorful bracelets for men, two close ups showing businessmen, wearing yellow and pink, and red and blue woven bracelets

working professional with glasses, wearing plaid shirt, navy blazer with pocket handkerchief, and pale business casual jeans, with brown leather belt

Beard, suspenders, and tattoos – the modern businessman knows how to accessorize

white shirt and black carrot pants, black patent leather shoes, bearded man with tattoos and sunglasses, wearing shirt and pants with suspenders, and navy suede loafers, business casual shoes

You really can’t go wrong with business casual!

model wearing business casual jeans, with white shirt, blue and white striped tie, and grey blazer, brown leather loafers and belt

Headphones, stylish glasses or a backpack – there are many cool accessories you can choose

green woolen jumper, over pale blue shirt, and dark blue jeans, casual clothes for men, worn by young man with glasses, with brown backpack, and grey headphones

Bracelets make plain outfits more interesting

plain black casual shirt, on man with stubble, wearing three woven metal bracelets

Important business meeting in the city? No problem!

smart winter clothing, dark grey woolen coat, white shirt and black tie, black trousers with simple belt, business casual dress code, worn by man with dark hair, and short beard

Business casual ladies also look great with distressed jeans

torn and distressed business casual jeans, combined with white top, and white blazer, worn by woman in nude high heels, holding matching clutch

large grey woolen coat, over white top, and patterned scarf, worn by miranda kerr, with business casual jeans

Wear a vintage leather jacket for an effortlessly cool look with a rebellious twist

vintage-looking brown leather jacket, over khaki green jumper, casual clothes for men, combined with jeans, worn by young man, with hands in pockets

This unique knitted cardigan is the perfect statement piece for chilly autumn days

patterned green chunky knitted cardigan, worn over white shirt, and beige pants, business casual dress code, on young man with sunglasses

Trendy and stylish at the office

light blue shirt with rolled sleeves, worn by man in dark trousers, with hands in his pockets, business casual dress code , brown leather shoes and belt

Your office clothes should be comfortable – after all, you spend most of your day there

atheltic bald man, in business casual attire, with grey polo jumper, worn over pink shirt, and dark jeans, featuring a brown leather belt

Cool outfit idea for young businessmen

young professional in pale blue shirt, with rolled sleeves and a blue tie, wearing smart grey trousers, business casual attire, with brown leather shoes

man with sunglasses, and hands in his pockets, wearing blue carrot pants, white sneakers, and a grey blazer, over blue jumper and white shirt, business casual attire

burgundy red v-neck jumper, worn over plaid shirt in pink and blue, business casual attire, combined with beige pants

James Bond never takes his business casual clothes off – not even at the beach

skinny business casual jeans, and white shirt, worn by daniel craig, with aviator sunglasses, sitting barefoot, on a sandy beach

walking man with business casual jeans, combined with dark grey jumper, white shirt, and sunglasses

Color-coordinated bag, shoes, and glasses

salt and pepper grey blazer, worn over navy v-neck jumper, and white shirt, with business casual jeans, on man with brown shoes, holding a bag in matching color

cream blazer with rolled sleeves, over white shrirt with black buttons, business casual attire, worn with black trousers and belt

business casual attire, dark denim shirt with rolled sleeves, on black-haired man, wearing smooth and shiny black trousers

business casual jeans, worn by young man, in grey v-neck sweater, and white shirt, with pepper and salt grey cardigan, and sunglasses

sunglasses-sporting man, with slicked back hair, wearing white shirt, black skinny pants, and a salt and chequered grey blazer, with handkerchiev and flower decoration, combined with business casual shoes,grey suede loafers

And, finally, an image showing the female equivalent of the casual business men – the modern and dynamic businesswoman

woman with dark hair tied back, wearing white blazer, over pale blue pin stripe shirt, business casual outfits


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