63 Tips For Guys With Curly Hair. The Best Hairstyles Of 2017!

by John Griffith

If you like to be ahead of the fashion curve, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss the very best styles for long, medium and short curly hair for men. Whether you have thick flowing locks, a messy, unruly mane or fine short hair rest assured – we have the right look for you. To begin with, there are some important points to consider.

Firstly, you must decide what look you’d be going for. For example, if you like travelling, exploring natural sights, and adventuring in general, you might want to consider opting for a medium (or shoulder length) haircut. This style is perfect for gents who want a more rugged and natural look, but would also like to stay stylish and professional. But be careful! Longer hair requires some additional care. Luckily, there are some very good (and reasonably priced) products on the market, that can save you lots of time. In addition, bear in mind that longer curly hair requires a good conditioner, in order to avoid getting tangled.

If you’d rather go for an edgier, ultra-fashionable look, we highly recommend choosing an undercut or a faux hawk. Both hairstyles are incredibly popular at the moment, and can be seen on countless celebs. But, like most great things out there, these cuts do have their disadvantages.

Your hair will need to be carefully styled after every wash, and you’d have to arm yourself with a good hairdryer, a comb, some styling wax, and lots of patience! If you prefer, you could go for a casually unkempt look by skipping the hairdryer. Combing is absolutely necessary, however, as it will help you shape your hair in the desired position, while the wax will keep it in its place. If you’d like your tresses to have a more voluminous effect, try using a round brush to shape your bangs. This will add a classy, vintage feel to your look. Sure, this process will need some getting used to, but it is so worth it in the long run! When done right, curly faux hawks and undercuts can be incredibly stylish and versatile. Whether you are attending a business meeting, going to work, or relaxing with your mates at a bar, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression!

The quiff is a great choice for guys with short curly hair!

If you are looking for some inspiration for your new hairstyle – look no further! We have selected some of the hottest current trends. Also included are a few handy styling tutorials. Enjoy!

Short classy curls – a vintage look favored by celebs

short curly hair, worn by Orlando Bloom, in white formal shirt, matching bowtie and black tuxedo, short beard and mustache

Orlando Bloom might be keeping a low profile at the moment, but his hair is (and always has been) perfectly on point!

orlando bloom smiling, with medium length, brunette curly hair, combed over to one side, curly hairstyles, short mustache and goatee, formal suit with white shirt, and black shiny tie

Adam Brody rocking the messy curls look

adam brody in grey knitted jumper, standing in front of a vintage, floral wallpaper in cream, green and pale red, dark brunette short curly hair

According to some surveys, the majority of women find short curly hair very attractive. Don’t believe us? Just ask Adam Brody! 🙂 

close up of adam brody, with messy short curly hair, brown eyes and bushy eyebrows, wearing denim shirt, and dark blue formal blazer

Jamie Dornan’s rebellious locks also deserve a mention

messy short curly hair, worn by jamie dornan, with short beard and mustache, blue eyes and a smile, wearing black t-shirt

The rugged, casual style is very hot at the moment. It’s not only simple and elegant but also suggests a dynamic, fun-loving nature

jamie dornan with wavy, short hair and bangs combed over to one side, beard and mustache, dark denim blazer and blue t-shirt

Former One Direction member Harry Styles knows how to rock wavy hair!

former one direction member, harry styles with wavy, messy brunette hair, bangs slicked back, curly hairstyles, wearing gray jumper, and black woollen coat with large collar

Nick Jonas’ voluminous tresses are another teen favorite. Although Jonas can be seen wearing short crew cut at the moment, the fame of his curls lives on

one of the jonas brothers, nick jonas with dark hair, many small curls, some falling over one of his eyes, curly hairstyles, grey cardigan and white top

A little something for the gents with straight hair who’d like to try a curly look:

Professional hairstyling advice from ASOS

Curls and low fade: one of the most popular styles at the moment

The textured fringe is another favorite

Trendy undercut styles

six different styles of short curly hair, men with beards and glasses, faux hawks and undercuts, brunette and auburn hair, one man has short hair dyed in silver

Short curly hair for business professionals

glasses worn by young man, with short curly hair, wearing grey hooded woollen coat, and looking thoughtful, stubble on chin and lip

A handsome, timeless look, fit for every occasion

curly hairstyles, brunette hair with short sides, left longer on top, worn by man with beard, mustache and glasses, denim jacket with white fluffy collar

undercut with curly hair, on brunette man in profile, with short beard and mustache, wearing white shirt, curly hairstyles,

Short curly hair ideas for teens:

young man with curly brunette hair, wearing round reflective sunglasses, and a grey t-shirt, curly hairstyles, he is leaning on a gray wall

You can achieve this edgy look in less than 5 minutes!

soft brunette curls, styled in a casual messy manner, curly hairstyles, on blue-eyed man, with short beard and mustache, wearing a black turtleneck

dark blonde hair, long on top, and shorter on the sides, worn by slim young man, with blue eyes, hairstyles for curly hair

Trendy hairstyle for those who like to be ahead of the curve

camel colored blazer, worn over white shirt, and black pants, by man with short brunette hair, hairstyles for curly hair, glasses and a light blue scarf

Show your rebellious side with a cool, punk-inspired look!

punk-inspired look on slim man, wearing nose ring and colorful clothing, hairstyles for curly hair, safety pin jewelry, dark brunette hair

bearded man with purple knitted jumper, and dark denim shirt, hairstyles for curly hair, brunette undercut ideas

bouncy messy brunette curls, worn by slim young man, hairstyles for curly hair, pale blue t-shirt, with deep v-shaped neckline

long beard with mustache, worn by hipster style man, with deep curly undercut, brushed to one side, hairstyles for curly hair, nose ring and black earring

auburn hair on young bearded man, sitting in profile, hairstyles for curly hair, faded undercut long on top, white t-shirt with deep neckline

Faux hawk and curls – a stylish, dapper combo

haircuts for curly hair, faded undercut with deep side part, curls swept to one side, trimmed beard and a mustache, white shirt with patterned tie

full size photo of a man, with blue chequered short-sleeved shirt, and dark blue trousers, with his hands in his pockets, chestnut wavy brown hair, haircuts for curly hair

white and black image of a young man, wearing a dark v-neck t-shirt, haircuts for curly hair, faded undercut with curly top

Short sides, long bangs

ginger haired youth, with short beard and mustache, wearing a curly quiff, with short sides and back, and long messy bangs

man pulling his black jumper with both hands, with black shiny hair, wavy and layered, haircuts for curly hair, beard and mustache, thick bushy eyebrows

another six examples of haircuts for curly hair, worn by blonde and brunette men, some are wearing sunglasses, some with stubble, others clear shaven

topless brunette man in profile, haircuts for curly hair, undercut with deep side part, and bangs slicked to one side

A fresh style for positive guys!

happy young man, with curly hair, left longer on top, and kept shorter at the sides, wearing a violet plaid shirt, over a purple t-shirt, curly haircuts

curly haircuts, relaxed young man, leaning on a white fur cushion, wearing a curly quiff, messy on top, short at the sides

serious looking man, with side parted hair, combed to one side, beard and mustache, white shirt and pale coral red blazer, worn with silk scarf

green-eyed young man, wearing a white shirt, and a dark gray blazer, curly haircuts, dirty dark blonde hair, styled in a quiff

Don’t be afraid to try something radically different!

quiff on a brunette man, with very short beard and a mustache, curly haircuts, patterned shirt in orange and yellow

permed quiff on dark blonde hair, worn by man with ginger beard, and a retro mustache, curly haircuts, dark blue jumper

blazer in black, over polo shirt, worn by man with short hair, and longer bangs, curly haircuts, grayscale photo

The right pair of glasses can compliment your cut quite nicely

hairstyles for short curly hair, youth with dark blue sunglasses, wearing a pompadour, made from his brunette curly hair

model with stubbly chin and lip, wearing a black shirt, blonde curly hair, styled in a messy look, hairstyles for short curly hair

plaid shirt worn over a t-shirt, with a retro-style, ripped denim jacket, on man with brunette hair, styled in messy curls, hairstyles for short curly hair, stubble and glasses

The most important thing to consider when getting a new haircut is whether it will make you feel comfortable and confident

angry teen boy, with messy auburn hair, hairstyles for short curly hair, wearing a dark green, textured knitted jumper, and a black stud earring

twelve suggestions for hairstyles for short curly hair, brunette red-haired and blond men, quiffs and faux hawks, medium length and short hair

Yes – surfer curls are still a thing!

surfer curls in brown, with dark blonde highlights, on topless man, with short beard and mustache, hairstyles for short curly hair, tropical flower wallpaper behind him

red blazer and grey top, worn by blue-eyed man, with voluminous blonde curly hair, guys with curly hair, stubble on chin and lip, and a black background

guys with curly hair, brunette man with tousled hair, wearing dark grey blazer, with elbow patches, over brown plaid shirt, stubble and mustache

different hairstyles for short curly hair, in twelve examples, black and brunette, red and blonde, very short and medium length

Curly hairstyle ideas for those who have a more free-spirited and artistic disposition

strand of hair, falling over a man's face, guys with curly hair, white shirt and suspenders, large wrist watch, stubble on chin

bushy eyebrows and a beard with mustache, worn by man in white linen shirt, unruly voluminous hair, guys with curly hair

talking man with stubble on his lower face, soft warm brown curls, guys with curly hair, black shirt worn over a black t-shirt

boyish layered haircut, with wavy bangs falling on the forehead, guys with curly hair, blue-eyed man with short beard, wearing a black slouchy top

Another cool(er) idea for surfing aficionados:

long curly hair, on brunette man, with a goatee and a mustache, guys with curly hair, wearing a black shirt, with blue polka dots, and rolled sleeves

haircuts for men with curly hair, topless man with short beard and a mustache, brown eyes and bushy eyebrows, voluminous unruly brunette hair

windswept messy and curly hair, worn by man in black woollen coat, with large collar and grey scarf, haircuts for men with curly hair, lake in the background

business man with black blazer, white shirt and black tie, medium length hair, with curly bangs swept to one side, haircuts for men with curly hair

Shoulder-length hair suggestion

grey hoodie and dark gray jeans, worn by bearded man, with mustache and medium length wavy brunette hair, haircuts for men with curly hair, dark blonde highlights

slicked back wavy dark hair, on man with very short beard and mustache, haircuts for men with curly hair, light grey top

small curls on long hair, worn by man with a goatee and a mustache, in white t-shirt, holding his hair with one hand

bangs falling over one eye, brunette textured and layered haircut, worn by blue-eyed man, with short beard and mustache

And here are some classic short curly hair ideas:

classical man's hairstyle, on young guy, dressed in white t-shirt, with stubble on his chin and cheeks, standing in profile

thoughtful man with short beard and a mustache, leaning on a yellow wall, short brunette hair, haircuts for men with curly hair, wearing light gray blazer, and a white shirt

lean and muscular topless man, with a beard and mustache, smoking a cigarette, haircuts for men with curly hair, dark gray tweed trousers

These looks will always be relevant:

dynamic curly hairstyle, on a brunette man with blue eyes, wearing dark gray jacket, over khaki grey knitted jumper

tousled curly hairstyle, on smiling brunette man, dressed in a pale blue t-shirt, and smiling widely, stubble on his lip and chin

very serious young man, with short curly brunette hair, dressed in a black tuxedo, with a white shirt and a black shiny tie

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection!

versatile haircut for curly men, worn by a brunette guy, in a textured dark blue knitted jumper, looking to one side, with hands in his pockets


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