How To Wear a Leather Jacket: 7 Stylish & Modern Outfits for Men

by John Griffith

Since its introduction as a fashionable garment in 1928, people have revolutionized how leather jackets were previously worn. It’s not uncommon to find a man having on a leather jacket in an official meeting or when they are out to grab an evening drink with their friends.

So, if you are a newbie or a veteran leather jacket wearer, and you are looking for stylish and modern tips on how to wear a men’s leather jacket, then read on as I got you covered through this article. I will walk you through 7 practical and easy-to-follow tips on how to wear men’s leather jackets fashionably.

brown leather jacket

How To Style Your Leather Jacket

Texturize with a sweater

Add character to your overall look by texturizing your leather outfit with a hand-knitted or commercially manufactured sweater. For a more formal and sophisticated look, consider texturizing your leather jacket with a pullover, a V-neck, or a quarter-zip sweater.

If your aim is to achieve a more casual or laid-back look, then I suggest you texturize your leather jacket with a turtleneck, a mock turtleneck, or a vest sweater.

Please make sure that the color of your sweater complements the color of your leather jacket. For instance, a brown, green, gray, or navy-blue sweater will perfectly blend with a black leather jacket.

black and white leather jacket

Contrast the look with a formal shirt and a tie

Are you looking to achieve a more exceptional look for a Monday meeting with your leather jacket without looking out of place? If so, consider styling your leather jacket with a formal shirt and a narrow or a skinny tie.

To avoid creating a ‘busy’ outfit look, make sure that you match your tie’s color with the color of your pants. Please consider contrasting the leather jacket with a formal white shirt. This works to turn the attention from the leather jacket to the shirt.

For a more crisp and elegant look, it’s also essential that you have your shirt tucked in and your tie’s length reach at least 2cm above your navel.

man curling up leather

Put on a T-shirt

You can never go wrong by styling your leather jacket with a T-shirt. Put on a tripped T-shirt before layering it with your leather jacket for a bold look. Today’s designers have designed leather to every clothing, you can check all kinds of leather coats from PalaLeather where they provide biker jacket, bomber jacket, trench coat and more made with leather. For a more casual look, consider layering your leather jacket with a hooded, V-necked, U-necked, or graphic T-shirt.

If you want to achieve a formal like look, then a polo T-shirt, Henley T-shirt, a crew neck T-shirt, and a plain T-shirt will sure fit the occasion. Always make sure that the color of the T-shirt effortlessly blends in with the color of the leather jacket.

For instance, a white, maroon, blue, or gray T-shirt will complement a black or a brown leather jacket. A green leather jacket will ideally blend in with a hazy gray, dark pink, white, or a burnt orange T-shirt.

man with t shirt and leather jacket

Accessorize with a pair of sunglasses, a watch, a chain or a necklace

It’s always a good idea to accessorize with a pair of sunglasses, a watch, or a chain when you want to style your leather jacket. For a more grunge look when you have your coat on, consider accessorizing with rounded, aviator, browbar, clubmaster, or wayfarer sunglasses.

When styling your leather coat, accessorize with a dress watch, a Swiss watch, or a pilot’s watch to achieve a formal look. For a sportier leather jacket look, accessorize with a smartwatch or a field watch.

Leather jackets accessorized with pendant chains and leathered necklaces also accentuate one’s look, especially if their aim is to achieve a more artsy fashion style.

man in front of the car with leather jacket

Get exceptional with ripped jeans

Leather jackets styled with ripped jeans are an ideal fit for individuals who want to achieve a Bohemian style. Choose moderately ripped jeans to cancel out the effect that the jeans come out to be more of an anchor piece of your outfit and not your leather jacket. Always style your leather jacket with Gingham shorts that have a large checkered box for a more sophisticated and crisp look.

man holding his leather jacket

Complement it with official Gingham pants or shorts

Achieve an exotic and unrivaled fashion style by styling your leather jacket with Gingham pants or shorts. A red and white, blue and white, or black and white gingham pants or shorts will effortlessly accentuate your looks when you have your leather jacket on.

man with brown leather jacket

Layer it with an official shirt and a casual sweater

Go beyond and layer your leather jacket with an official shirt and a casual sweater. To avoid creating an outfit ‘scandal,’ make sure that you wear a checked official shirt and a plain and contrasting casual sweater. If it’s possible have your sweater’s, shirt’s and leather jacket’s color complement each other. For instance, you can put on a brown coat, a white, and black checkered shirt and a black casual sweater.

man with horse and leather jacket

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