60 ideas for a gorgeous galaxy tattoo you will definitely love

by John Griffith

Tattoos have been a worldwide phenomenon for quite some time. Body art is somewhat of a culture on its own. There are so many amazing tattoo artists out there who really create pieces of art on people’s bodies. Many people go for this trend, just because they try to be relevant and go with the times. Others, however, truly appreciate the beauty and meanings of different kinds of tattoos. Most of the tattoos carry deeper meanings and are way more than meets the eye. In this article, we are going to focus on one specific type of body art – the galaxy tattoo. We have gathered 60 examples of  the beautiful and full of colors outer space tattoo.

Gorgeous galaxy tattoo you will definitely love

galaxy tattoo, forearm tattoo of galaxy in purple pink and blue colors, stars and planets above tall trees

What is the meaning of a galaxy tattoo?

First of all, it is worth pointing out that galaxy tattoos are simply gorgeous. Especially, if you decide to have a colored tattoo. So, no judgement if you decide to get it just because of the colors. If you want a deeper meaning, however, then a galaxy tattoo can still work for you. As we all know, our universe is infinite. According to researchers, there are about two trillion galaxies out there. Makes you feel small, doesn’t it? Because of that, getting a small galaxy tattoo, can represent that you are just a small part of the universe and you shouldn’t forget that. It can also mean that each of us has a place in the universe and has their own role to play. On the other hand, if you decide to get a larger galaxy, such as a whole sleeve or a thigh one, it can be a representation of your dreams and inspirations. Your dreams can be infinite, just like the universe. This type of tattoo can showcase your willingness to go after what you want and desire.

Another reiteration of the space tattoos can be the state of your mind. If you are traveling away in your dreams and always think of the bigger picture, then a galaxy tattoo might be just what you need. Furthermore, an astronaut in space tattoo can represent your willingness to go that extra mile to achieve your dreams. In general, having a galaxy tattoo showcases your out of this world mindset.

Galaxies don’t have to be colorful to be beautiful

black and white photo, geometrical forearm tattoo, galaxy tattoo, mountain landscape with planets and stars above

What is the best place for an outer space tattoo?

A galaxy tattoo sleeve is one of the most beautiful types of body art you can imagine. Intertwining all these colors along your arm is definitely a sight to see. That is why, this is one of the most recommended places for galaxy tattoos.

Another good place is your forearm, especially if you don’t want a large tattoo. Smaller, yet still visible and effective – a forearm or wrist tattoo is a great option for everyone who wants a discreet tattoo.

What about a back tattoo? Definitely yes! We are not saying you need to have your whole back done, but a galaxy across your entire back is absolutely stunning, so, it might be a good idea to consider it.

Gorgeous colors intertwining to form this stunning tattoo

watch with roman numerals in the middle of a galaxy, surrounded by planets and stars, galaxy tattoo, forearm tattoo

Simple, yet beautiful astronaut tattoo

forearm tattoo, astronaut swinging on a swing, hanging from the moon, black and white tattoo, galaxy tattoo

This body art represents so many things and can be interpreted in many different ways

rib cage tattoo, flying bird silhouette, man sitting on a hill under a galaxy sky, galaxy tattoo, multi colored tattoo

Simple representation of our solar system

forearm tattoo, sun and planets in a line, moon and stars tattoo, hand leaning on leather stool wrapped with white paper

Look at these saturated colors

tall trees under galaxy sky, moon and stars tattoo, blue purple and orange sky with stars, watercolor shoulder tattoo

This one leaves us speechless

rib cage tattoo, heart inside triangles, galaxy inside the heart, moon and stars tattoo, blue purple pink and orange colors

“Wanderlust consumed her; foreign hearts and exotic minds compelled her. She had a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown.” – the perfect quote

quote written over galaxy background, rib cage tattoo, moon and stars tattoo, woman wearing black and pink top

Everyone can feel small in this big universe we live in

forearm tattoo, girl swinging on a swing hanging from tree, moon and stars tattoo, galaxy in the background with stars

A little something for all the photography lovers out there, who see the whole universe through their camera lens

photo camera forearm tattoo, camera lens with galaxy inside, universe tattoo, black purple and pink colors

And something for the cat lovers

silhouette of a cat playing with yarn, universe tattoo, forearm tattoo, galaxy with planets and stars inside the silhouette

forearm tattoo on female hand, leaning on white surface, universe tattoo, star with galaxy inside it

black and white forearm tattoo, universe tattoo, galaxy with planets and stars inside a floral frame

There is a lot of beauty in simple things

sun with planets orbiting around it, tattoo on the whole arm, universe tattoo, woman wearing red top and jeans

galaxy tattoo sleeve, forearm tattoo, jar filled with a galaxy, cork opened, galaxy coming out of it, watercolor tattoo

rocket ship with planets behind it, galaxy tattoo sleeve, black and white forearm tattoo, white tiled wall

whole sleeve tattoo, planets galaxies and stars, woman wearing black top and pants, galaxy tattoo sleeve

Breathtaking tattoo showcasing bravery and willingness to dream big

lioness head, surrounded by a galaxy, galaxy inside the eye, galaxy tattoo sleeve, forearm tattoo

two triangles, one with planets and stars, other with forest landscape, galaxy tattoo sleeve, black and white forearm tattoo

girl with dress and long hair, looking up at a galaxy, space tattoo sleeve, forearm tattoo in blue pink and purple

colored forearm tattoo, space tattoo sleeve, honeycomb geometrical tattoo, astronaut in space

tattoo on the back of the leg, space tattoo sleeve, the big bang in blue and purple, pink and turquoise

Universe tattoo

girl with very long hair, galaxy in blue and pink inside her hair, space tattoo sleeve, back tattoo

forearm tattoo, dog looking up at a galaxy, blue and purple galaxy with stars, watercolor tattoo, space tattoo sleeve

armband forearm tattoo, outer space tattoo, blue purple and orange galaxy with stars and planet

milky way galaxy, forearm tattoo, outer space tattoo, woman wearing grey top

Opening the door to a whole other world – this tattoo might represent a new chapter in your life

girl opening a door to the universe, outer space tattoo, milky way galaxy with planets and stars, forearm tattoo

four side by side photos of whole sleeve tattoo, milky way galaxy planets and sun, outer space tattoo

skull in space with planets and stars around it, outer space tattoo, watercolor thigh tattoo

space tattoo ideas, honeycomb geometrical shapes, purple and blue galaxies inside the frames, forearm tattoo

eye in the middle of space, surrounded by stars in different colors, space tattoo ideas, inside arm tattoo

Mandala lotus flower + galaxy tattoo = perfect combination

mandala lotus flower shoulder tattoo, space tattoo ideas, pink and blue galaxy with stars, woman wearing black and purple top

maple leaf with a galaxy inside the frame, space tattoo ideas, musical notes stars and planets, shoulder tattoo

milky way galaxy, colored watercolor forearm tattoo, space tattoo ideas, black background

small space tattoos, whole sleeve tattoo, galaxy with planets and stars, man wearing white top

forearm tattoo on woman wearing white top, mom holding her son, galaxy inside the silhouettes, small space tattoos

Space tattoo ideas

triangle geometrical forearm tattoo, small space tattoos, black and white tattoo, planets and stars above mountain landscape

watercolor forearm tattoo, mountain landscape with tall trees, blue pink and purple galaxy above, small space tattoos

open book with a galaxy coming out of it, purple blue and pink galaxy with stars, small space tattoos, back of shoulder tattoo

space themed tattoos, black and white forearm tattoo, female face with galaxy inside her head

Cute galaxy panda

panda holding onto a bamboo tree, space themed tattoos, galaxy colors on the panda, forearm tattoo

photo collage of four different forearm tattoos, space themed tattoos, colored galaxy tattoos

small wrist tattoo, space themed tattoos, planets stars and moon, black and white tattoo

purple pink blue and turquoise colored galaxy, space themed tattoos, back of arm tattoo, black background

geometrical shoulder tattoo, galaxy tattoo small, two triangles with galaxies inside with stars, woman wearing grey top

Having the world at the palm of your hand

woman holding the earth with long galaxy hair, shoulder tattoo, galaxy tattoo small, white background

Perfect lunar eclipse tattoo

shoulder watercolor tattoo, man wearing dark grey top, tall trees with galaxy above them, moon covering the sun, galaxy tattoo small

side by side photos of back of leg tattoo, black and white tattoo, galaxy tattoo small, woman and girl walking towards a galaxy

side by side photos of forearm sleeve tattoo, galaxy tattoo small, ocean waves with planets and galaxy above them

whole sleeve tattoo, galaxy tattoo ideas, galaxy with planets and rocket ships, spaceships and stars

Now this is what we call a nice upgrade

side by side photos of before and after, milky way galaxy with stars and planets, galaxy tattoo ideas

planet surrounded by stars, galaxy tattoo ideas, galaxy in pink purple and blue, forearm tattoo

watercolor back of arm tattoo, shooting star above tall trees, galaxy tattoo ideas, orange blue and pink galaxy sky

side by side photos of whole sleeve tattoo, galaxy with jellyfish and butterflies, galaxy tattoo ideas, woman wearing white top

Idea for gorgeous galaxy tattoos

milky way tattoo, three white papers with drawings, bear cat and stag silhouettes, galaxies drawn inside the silhouettes

forearm geometrical triangle tattoo, milky way tattoo, pink blue and purple galaxy with stars inside the triangle

sleeve tattoo of galaxy, milky way tattoo, planets and stars inside the galaxy, man wearing black top

whole sleeve black and white tattoo, skull in the middle of space, surrounded by planets and stars, milky way tattoo

side by side photos of whole sleeve tattoo, milky way tattoo, satellites planets and stars, black purple and blue colors

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