50 Spiritual Tattoos To Unlock Your Chakras

by John Griffith

Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person? Do you enjoy yoga, meditation and self-care? If that is the case then you definitely need to express yourself. Tattoos are a great way to do just that. For any spiritual person, there are a few symbols with deeper meanings, which can be turned into beautiful body art. Which is exactly why, today, we are going to look at some of these symbols. What’s more, we are going to explore their meanings and symbolism. And, to top it all off, we have gathered an amazing photo gallery of 50 spiritual tattoos, which you can take inspiration from. So, keep reading to find the symbols which fit your life the best and book your appointment with your tattoo parlour.

These spiritual tattoos will open your chakras

all seeing eye with clouds hand tattoo on man wearing black blouse tattoos with meaning of life black background

What are spiritual symbols?

Spiritual symbols are symbols with special meaning, which represent a specific thing. Some of those symbols are widely popular and everyone knows their meaning. Others may not be as popular, but can be easily recognised by anyone interested in the spiritual. It is important to note, however, that each of them carries a certain energy. And if you believe in some sort of a higher power having a special tattoo with a deeper meaning can be a big deal. So, keep reading to find out which are the most popular symbols and the meanings behind them.

For any person a spiritual tattoo carries a deeper meaning

arm sleeve tattoo of female angel above clouds strength symbol tattoo man wearing white t shirt jeans

What is the most powerful symbol?

The Hamsa Hand is one of the most powerful and popular symbols out there. It represents a palm shaped amulet with an eye in the middle. It is popular amongst many cultures and religions and is believed to ward off evil spirits and thoughts. Furthermore, it is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to keep the negative influences out of their live and body.

Keep your mind, soul and body positive with a Hamsa hand tattoo

black and white hamsa hand withall seeing eye and lotus flower shoulder tattoo tattoos with meaning of life

Spiritual tattoos containing a cross

The cross is the sign of Jesus. Anyone who is religious would love to have this tattoo. It signifies the belief in a higher power as well as the feeling of protection. For some people it can also signify that you can rise up and above everything.

Religious tattoos

black and white cross tattooed on the wrist of man wearing jeans white blouse tattoos that represent growth

Lotus flower

The lotus flower is very beautiful. What’s more, it has so many spiritual meanings. First of all, it is a symbol of enlightenment. After all, the lotus flower grows in the swampiest places. Such beauty can grow in the worst places. For the tattoo wearer this could signify that they were able to live through a tough time, which in turn made them grow even more.

Lotus – the flower of enlightenment

black and white small lotus forearm tattoo tattoo ideas with meanings on woman wearing white top

Buddha tattoo

A Buddha tattoo symbolizes love and devotion to the Buddhist practices. They teach peacefulness, mindfulness and serenity. What’s more, if you are someone who doesn’t believe in the material things and appreciates nature, then a Buddha tattoo can be perfect for you!

Buddha teaches peacefulness and serenity

buddha and dragon whole sleeve tattoo photographed from every angle meaningful tattoos for women black background

Spiritual tattoos with Om symbol

Om is the sound believed to be the sound of creation. Nowadays it is often used as a mantra in yoga classes. However, it carries a lot more energy and significance than people even think. It is believed to be a sound, which transports the person into a state of full serenity and meditation. That is exactly why, as a tattoo, it can be a reminder that you need to take a deep breath every once in a while and you will make it through even the hardest situations.

The Om sound is believed to be the sound of creation

meaningful tattoos for women om symbol in the middle of mandala flour forearm tattoo on woman wearing black leggings

The seven chakras

It is believed that there are seven circles of energy, which align down the spine. Each of these circles unlocks different types of energy in our bodies. These circles are called chakras and are very important. What’s more, there are different teachings on how to unlock your chakras, but having a tattoo of them might even help. You can see in the chart below exactly what each symbol symbolizes.

These are the seven chakras

chakras symbols drawn in different colors each with different meaning meaningful tattoo ideas for women black background

And this tattoo is a perfect representation of them

colorful chakras back tattoo down the spine on man with blonde hair tattoos with deep meaning blue background

Mandala spiritual tattoos

Mandalas come in many shapes and forms. Each of them, however, can be recognised by its symmetrical lines. Although you can represent different images if they are done in mandala they will be set apart by circular and geometrical lines. Mandalas represent the balance of life. Which is why a mandala tattoo can bring balance into your life, as well.

Mandalas can be mixed with other spiritual symbols

forearm tattoo with all seeing eye in the middle tattoo ideas with meanings mandala shapes around it

Tree of life tattoos

The tree of life tattoos have many different meanings. Its most popular ones are wisdom, strength and eternity. Anyone who chooses a tree of life tattoo is someone who is deeply rooted and is ready to whitstand any storm.

Beautiful tree of life tattoo

strength symbol tattoo tree of life tattoo with moon and sun on the side of the hip on woman wearing blue shorts

Evil eye tattoo

It is believed that the evil eye protects from evil spirits and bad luck. What’s more, it is a sort of an amulet against nay-sayers or people who think ill of you. So, if you want to protect yourself from any “evil eyes”, then this tattoo is perfect for you!

Evil eye tattoo protects against evil spirits

black and white drawing of eagle and eye connected together on white background meaningful tattoos for women

Ganesha tattoo

Ganesha is one of the Hindu deities. He can be easily recognised by his elephant head. He is a patron of the arts and sciences. Therefore, having a Ganesha tattoo means you value intellect and wisdom.

Choose a Ganesha tattoo which represents wisdom and intellect

ganesha and hamsa hand with lotus flower combined tattoos that represent growth forearm tattoo

Here’s more tattoo symbols with deep meanings

different symbols and their meaning tattoos that mean strength black and white drawing on white background

Geometric spiritual tattoos

Another version of spiritual tattoos comes in the shape of sacred geometry. It represents geometric symbols each with a different meaning. Below you can find a chart with the most popular symbols and their deeper meanings.

Sacred geometry tattoos

geometric tattoo on the forearm of man wearing black pants and top meaningful tattoo ideas for women geometry symbols which are sacred spiritual tattoos chart with the symbols and meaning black background

Photo gallery of even more tattoo ideas with meanings

black and white drawing of woman meditating with butterfly wings all seeing eye in the middle symbols with deep meanings black and white small lotus with four moons around it strength symbol tattoo inside the arm tattoo on woman wearing white top black and white tattoo of all seeing eye with two female faces foorearm tattoo white background blue geometrical flowers connected with other geometrical shapes meaningful tattoos for women back of leg tattoo
colorful hamsa hand with all seeing eye flowers tattoos with meaning of life forearm tattoo couples matching tattoos tattoos that represent growth two small black crosses on the wrists of man and woman cross silhouette tattooed on shoulder in black and white meaningful tattoo ideas for women forearm tattoo of all the chakras surrounded by silhouette of body with geometrical shapes tattoo ideas with meanings forearm tattoo of an angel holding a sword symbols with deep meanings black background

Meaningful tattoos for women

black and white photo of tree of life wrist tattoo tattoos that mean strength keyboard in the background half sleeve tattoo of jesus looking up anatomical heart underneath tattoo ideas with meanings white paper in the background hamsa hand with all seeing eye surrounded by leaves tattoos with deep meaning black and white thigh tattoo hamsa hand with pink lotus flower underneath tattoos with deep meaning mandala thigh tattoo hindu goddess with many hands standing on lotus flower fish around her symbols with deep meanings ganesha with om symbol back tattoo kneeling angel back tattoo on woman wearing black pants strength symbol tattoo black background

Tattoos with deep meaning

meaningful tattoo ideas for women whole sleeve tattoo of devil eagle egyptian pyramids evil dogs praying hands with all black cross meaningful tattoo ideas for women shoulder tattoo on man wearing black top red carpet event spiritual tattoos angelina jolie back tattoos different symbols and sayings black background silhouette of a cross tattooed on the back of the leg of woman wearing black sneakers tattoos that mean strength sleeve tattoo of crying virgin mary tattoos with meaning of life man wearing black top black background sleeve tattoo of jesus crucifiction tattoos that represent growth whole sleeve black background spiritual tattoos black and white hamsa hand forearm tattoo on woman dressed with brown knitted cardigan symbols with deep meanings buddha sleeve tattoo with skulls on man wearing black top black background tattoo ideas with meanings hand wrist and finger tattoos phases of the moon geometric symbols mountain landscape

Gorgeous meaningful tattoo ideas for women

tattoo on the back of woman with all the chakra symbols meaningful tattoos for women photographed in front of white wall tattoos that mean strength sun and moon connected together with male and female face forearm tattoo tattoos that represent growth intricate mandala tattoo tattooed on the back of woman wearing gray top tattoos with deep meaning whole arm sleeve tattoo of dragon skull flowers all seeing female eye on woman wearing black leggings top tattoos with meaning of life vishnu goddess inside a circle with om symbol on top lotus flower on the bottom back tattoo

Teach peace – beautiful and important message related through a tattoo

teach peace written above tree with piece sign and different symbols symbols with deep meanings back tattoo thigh tattoo with om symbol woman meditating sun and moon around it tattoos with deep meaning

Showcase your religious beliefs with a tattoo with a bible verse and a cross

three crosses eph six ten written underneath forearm tattoo tattoos that mean strength bible verse two hands touching planets all seeing eye around them spiritual tattoos back of arm tattoo white background strength symbol tattoo lotus flower mandala tatoo on the back of woman

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