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ArchZine was born on February 2007 as a blog for architecture, design and technology.
Since then the site has grown to be one of the most recognizable blogs in the United Kingdom in the field of architecture, furniture and interior design and has been read by more than 1 million unique visitors worldwide. It has been used for connecting designers with manufacturers, a forum for sharing ideas related to a given category and of course, Inspiration.

ArchZine first started as a hobby and since then it turned out to be a great help to reveal the world of architecture, furniture and interior design, technology and ecology and share the finds with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and visitors.

ArchZine is an online magazine and at this point doesn’t sell, buy or design any of the mentioned materials in the articles.
Please review the given link in each of the articles (orange text) to review the site of the original
creator/designer/inventor/manufacturer/seller of the product.

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John Griffith

  • John Griffith is a young, passionate journalist. Writing has been John’s hobby ever since he was a boy. He has worked in some of the UK’s most successful news portals over the course of his professional career but found his forever home at Archzine. John is a huge pet-lover, architecture enthusiast, movie geek and loves to educate himself on all themes possible from fashion to technology.

Maria Konоu

  • Maria Konou is a specialist in the field of digital marketing and fashion. However, she has always had a way with words. That’s what leads her to her dream job here at Archzine. She has worked in many different fields over the years, but according to her, being an author has been the most rewarding. Maria is a huge plant enthusiast, loves everything fashion related, is very sustainably aware and is always open to learning about new things.
  • Michael von Adelhard is 31 years old. He has been working as a journalist for some of Germany’s most successful news portals for many years. Author of many books and scientific publications on the topic “Influence of social media on young people”. Writes about topics such as lifestyle, environmental protection, as well as tech and gadgets.
  • Dagmar Brocken is big expert in gardening and fashion. She has written many books on these topics and is well-known for her knowledge and expertise. In addition to her writing, Dagmar is also a popular speaker on the topics of gardening and fashion. She often appears at conferences and seminars to share her insights with others.






Abel Lefebvre

Author in Archzine France