101 ideas and inspirations for forearm tattoos

by John Griffith

A tattoo is much more than just a body jewellery. It is an expression of individuality and reflects the attitude towards life of its owner. It often symbolises something important that the person wants to show the world. Because of this, it is not surprising that more and more people are opting for forearm tattoos. A tattoo on this part of the body is almost always clearly visible and guarantees many curious glances.

Forearm tattoo: History of forearm tattoos

roaring lion, forearm tattoos, white paper, wooden floor

The forearm tattoos are not a new phenomenon in the tattoo world. In the past, they have played an important role in the traditions and rituals of some cultures. In Borneo, for example, women decorated their forearms with certain tribal symbols designed to show specific craftsmanship. These tattoos also revealed a lot about the lives of their owners. On the basis of the corresponding tattoos motifs one could find out whether the woman is married or single, whether she has children, grandchildren, etc.

The forearm tattoos used to be popular in Japan as well. The Japanese used tattoos to mark the criminals: a straight line or cross was stuck on the outside of their forearms, making them easier to identify.

What should you watch out for when choosing a forearm tattoo?

arrow with an anchor, going through a compass, forearm tattoos, watercolour tattoo

A forearm tattoo is without a doubt a cool body jewellery. But if are choosing, you have to be careful. In some organisations tattoos are prohibited. Employees who have tattoos have to hide them at work, which is not always easy. You can easily cover a tattoo on your forearm by putting on a long-sleeved shirt, for example. But in the summer this is not a good solution. The forearm is a highly visible part of the body, so think twice before you are really ready for this step.

The most popular forearm tattoo designs

side by side photos, forearm tattoos, watercolour tattoos, mandala birds

A real tattoo is permanent and will accompany you throughout your life. And if it is also placed on the forearm, it will always be in front of your eyes, which means that you have to choose the corresponding tattoo motif carefully so that there are no disappointments in the end. To help you find the motif that will convey the message you want, we have complied a list of the most popular forearm tattoo designs. Keep reading to get some inspiration.

Religious tattoo: If you want to show your religious beliefs around the world, then a religious forearm tattoo is a great option for you. Very popular at the moment, for example, are the tattoos with motifs, such as the Celtic cross, the Om symbol and symbols, such as cross, anchor and heart, which in Christianity represent the virtues of faith, hope and love. Currently popular among many tattoo fans are the tattoos depicting deities such as Zeus, Athena, Buddha, Jesus Christ and others.

Animal tattoo: Animals have been considered as important symbols in many cultures for millennia and it is no wonder that they are now among the most popular tattoo designs. Animal tattoos look very attractive and are also deeply symbolic. So if you want to get a tattoo, check out its symbolic meanings. Animals are perfect as motifs for forearm tattoos. The reason is that the natural curvature of the arm gives a realistic look to the tattoo, and especially if it is large and detailed, it will certainly attract many glances. The most popular animal motifs include: tigers, lions, fish, owls, dragons, etc.

Other popular forearm tattoos motifs

forearm tattoos, side by side photos, roses and mandala tattoos, skull and pocket watch

Flower tattooFlowers are an absolute classic and are perfect as a motif for a forearm tattoo. The choices are numerous here. The most popular ones are roses, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, lotus, dandelions, etc.

Tribal tattoo: Tribal tattoos are real eye-catchers due to their very detailed and unique designs. They are usually done with black ink and look really stunning. Tribal tattoos are deeply rooted in some cultures and therefore carry different symbolic meanings. The most popular tribal tattoos are: Maori tattoos, mandala tattoos, Polynesian tattoos and more.

Biomechanical tattoo: Biomechanical tattoos are works of art at the highest level! They are so realistic and effective that they must be placed on a clearly visible place without a doubt. Biomechanical tattoos are especially popular among men. But any woman who wants to have an amazing tattoo, can opt for such a body jewellery.

Tattoo quotes: Tattoo quotes are among the most popular tattoo designs among both women and men. Very popular motifs right now are the religious texts as well as wisdom and inspirational quotes. Many people also have their life motto tattooed on their arm, because that way they will always have it in front of their eyes.

101 beautiful forearm tattoos for women and men

large lion head, watch with roman numerals, forearm tattoos, wooden floor

Viking in combination with skull

tattoos for men, man's face, skull on top of it, forearm tattoo, white shirt, wooden floor

A very female tattoo motif: flowers in combination with mandala motifs

floral mandala tattoo, tattoos for men, white brick wall, blue jeans

A tattoo on the forearm is a good solution if you get a tattoo for the first time or if you have a low pain threshold, because the skin at this part of the body is not so sensitive

roaring lion head, forearm tattoo, tattoos for men, grey shirt, blurred background

The perfect motives for forearm tattoos are those that remind you of something meaningful to you

large moth, geometrical forearm tattoo, tattoos for men, black leather chair

Blackwork tattoo with elephant motif

elephant head, black and white sketch, forearm tattoo, tattoos for men

arm tattoos for men, large dragon, forearm sleeve, black and white photo

female head, flowers around it, arm tattoos for men, grey shirt, dark jeans

Realistic owl tattoo

large owl head, man walking through a forest, arm tattoos for men, black background

owl head, arm tattoos for men, white papers, blurred background

flower and bird, watercolour tattoos, arm tattoos for men, forearm tattoos

watercolour forearm tattoo, small tattoos for men, mandala tattoo, white background

Forearm tattoos for women

side by side photos, watercolour forearm tattoos, small tattoos for men

angel with wings, small tattoos for men, side by side photos, grey background

large watch with roman numerals, rose underneath, small tattoos for men, black paper

side by side photos, small tattoos for men, skulls and owl, geometrical forearm tattoos

forearm tattoos for men, brick wall, astronaut skeleton, forearm tattoo

bat signal outline, watercolour tattoo, forearm tattoos for men, grey brick wall

bird tied to an egg, forearm tattoos for men, black background, side by side photos

bird on a tree branch, black background, side by side photos, forearm tattoos for men

floral forearm tattoo, hand on white paper, forearm tattoos for men

Tattoos for men

tribal tattoo, black and white photo, forearm tattoos for men

blue roses, arm tattoos for women, grey shirt, short jeans, white tiled floor

Beautiful matching tattoos

butterfly watercolour, matching tattoos, arm tattoos for women

large cat head, old house, arm tattoos for women, black background, side by side photos

watercolour compass, forearm tattoo, arm tattoos for women, hand on white paper

Arm tattoos for men

roaring tiger, skull underneath, arm tattoos for women, white paper

tattoo design for women, roaring lion, forearm tattoo, white background

crown on top of a cross, forearm tattoo, tattoo designs for men, wooden floor

dagger forearm tattoos, matching tattoos, tattoo designs for men

deer head, forearm tattoo, tattoo designs for men, granite floor

elephant skull, forearm tattoo, wooden floor, tattoo design for men

tattoos for men with meaning, snake over an elephant, forearm tattoo, white background

eternal fire, held by a skeleton hand, tattoos for men with meaning, black shirt, white tiled floor

Arm tattoos for women

floral mandala tattoo, hand on white paper, tattoos for men with meaning

floral forearm tattoo, tattoos for men with meaning, wooden floor, short jeans

owl forearm tattoo, wooden floor, tattoos for men with meaning, black and white photo

floral geometrical, forearm tattoo, arm tattoos for girls, floral top, white background

geometrical forearm tattoo, arm tattoos for girls, patterned blouse, green grass

geometrical 3d forearm tattoo, black background, side by side photos, arm tattoos for girls

arm tattoos for girls, white top, black leather bed, geometrical forearm sleeve

geometrical arrow, watercolour forearm tattoo, arm tattoos for girls, blue shirt

geometrical heart, forearm tattoos for women, watercolour tattoo, wooden floor

Tattoo designs for men

gladiator in armour, holding a shield, forearm tattoos for women

large hourglass and key, forearm tattoos for women, grey background

rose made of a hundred dollar bills, female eye, forearm tattoos for women

two polar bears, forearm tattoos for women, white background

watercolour tattoo, inspirational quote, simple tattoos for men, number twenty one

large owl, red line across it, simple tattoos for men, short jeans, black shirt

knight in armour, forearm sleeve, simple tattoos for men, white shirt, navy pants

koi fish, watercolour forearm tattoo, simple tattoos for men, blurred background

simple tattoos for men, large moth, black and white photo

tiger head, rose underneath, forearm sleeve tattoo, navy tights, black top, riled floor

forearm sleeve tattoo, watercolour lion head, white shirt, khaki pants

lion head, hand on white paper, silver bracelet, forearm sleeve tattoo

Tattoos for men with meaning

side by side photos, forearm sleeve tattoo, lion with a crown, mandala tattoos

watercolour lotus flower, forearm sleeve tattoo, hand on black paper

forearm tattoo ideas, geometrical and mandala tattoos, side by side photos

mandala skulls, sailing ship, geometrical wolf, side by side photos, forearm tattoo ideas

mandala owl, forearm tattoo ideas, black and white photo, wooden floor

math equation, watercolour tattoo, forearm tattoo ideas, black background

large moth, eye underneath, forearm tattoo ideas side by side photos, black background

Tattoo ideas for guys

tattoo ideas for guys, side by side photos, floral and mandala, japanese inspired

owl and rose, mandala skull underneath, tattoo ideas for guys, black background

pennywise the dancing clown, forearm tattoo, tattoo ideas for guys, white background

large pocket watch, boy standing in front of it, tattoo ideas for guys, tiled floor

small red rose, grey background, black blouse, tattoo ideas for guys

Religious motif: the archangel Michael killing the snake – Lucifer

the archangel michael, slaying the snake, religious theme, tattoo ideas for men arm

religious theme, woman holding a cross, tattoo ideas for men arm, black shirt

tattoo ideas for men arm, rose blooming, white background, beige blouse

floral forearm tattoo, tattoo ideas for men arm, black shirt, black pants

pocket watch with roses, hand on white paper, tattoo ideas for men arm

sailing ship, skull underneath, cool arm tattoos, hand on white paper

savana watercolour landscape, cool arm tattoos, tree and sunset, elephant and rhino, giraffe and lion

god of forest, forearm tattoo, side by side photos, black background, cool arm tattoos

human skeleton on one hand, roses on the other, cool arm tattoos, white brick wall

skull with a moustache sketch, wooden floor, cool arm tattoos, jeans and a shirt

Cool simple tattoos

colourful flower, inner forearm tattoos, blurred background

inner forearm tattoos, side by side photos, anchor and castle, religious theme, skeleton astronaut

blue snowflakes, watercolour tattoo, black top, inner forearm tattoos, grey background

flying swallow, brick wall, side by side photos, inner forearm tattoos, white shirt

t rex dinosaur, hand on white paper, inner forearm tattoos, jurassic park inspired

woman surrounded by flowers, small tattoo ideas for men, black chair, black sneakers

small tattoo ideas for men, religious theme, wooden floor, praying hands

geometrical tattoo, small tattoo ideas for men, side by side photos, grey background

side by side photos, forearm tattoos, small tattoo ideas for men, compass and skull, animal tattoos

watercolour zebra, forearm tattoo, small tattoo ideas for men, pink boots, washed jeans

tree over a river, moon in the sky, small tattoos for guys, wooden floor

Tribal tattoos

tribal tattoo, small tattoos for guys, dj vinyl, silver watch

Forearm sleeve tattoo

side by side photos, tribal forearm sleeve, small tattoos for guys

small tattoos for guys, tribal forearm sleeve, cargo pants, grey shirt

plaid shirt, tribal forearm tattoo, small tattoos for guys, black background

cool simple tattoos, native american theme, woman with a roaring lion on her head

side by side photos, large owl, cool simple tattoos, wooden floor, grey shirt

geometrical deer, forearm tattoo, wooden wall, cool simple tattoos, black shirt

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