60+ beautiful chest tattoos for women

by John Griffith

Tattoos have been around for a very long time. It seems like this tattoo craze will never slow down. People have been using tattoos for a very long time. They are used to either commemorate a specific event in their lives or to simply add a beautiful accessory to their body. Either way, there are so many tattoo options out there, people often get confused about what is it that they want exactly. According to tattoo artists, people should never rush a tattoo. They say that if you have liked a tattoo design, you should wait a year. If, after a year, you are still very excited about this design, then you can tattoo it on your body. A tattoo lasts a lifetime after all. It is going to be on your body forever. So, take your time. We have gathered 60+ beautiful chest tattoos for women to inspire you.

What is the best place to get a chest tattoo for girls?

People usually wonder what is the best place to get a tattoo. So, when you start deciding on where you want to be tattooed consider a few things:

  1. Do you want the tattoo to be visible? Keep in mind that if you are able to see your tattoo everyday, no matter how much you love it, you will get tired of it.
  2. Do you want a smaller tattoo, or a bigger one? There are some places on the body which allow for bigger tattoos. Consequently, after you choose the place, you can choose any design that would fit nicely.
  3. What is the meaning that you want your tattoo to carry? It could be something personal, or just a beautiful accessory.
  4. Do you want a black and white tattoo or a coloured one? Just because a tattoo doesn’t have colour in it, doesn’t mean it is not interesting and beautiful. There are many examples of intricate and breathtaking black tattoos.
  5. How much pain are you able to suffer through? I’ll be honest, some places you don’t even feel the needle, while on others the pain could be difficult to bare. Make sure you bring someone with you when you are getting tattooed, to keep your mind off of it.

Look, getting a tattoo is no easy task. First of all, if you are working in an office, or anywhere that visible tattoos are not allowed, consider something small and hidden just for yourself. If, however that is not a problem, choose a tattoo you love and put it anywhere you want. Many people choose their chest for their tattoos. That is very risky, but, thankfully, we live in a time where tattoos are pretty well accepted. So, if you want to show off your tattoo and add a beautiful accessory to your neck, then a chest tattoo might be the best option. So, keep scrolling to find some beautiful examples of chest tattoos for women.

Chest tattoos for women

chest tattoos for women, crescent moon, hands pulling stings, grey bra and sweater

Even black and white designs can be interesting and beautiful

symmetrical tattoo with heart and birds, chest tattoos for women, black top and necklace

What is the most popular place for chest tattoos for women?

Nowadays, there seems to be another craze – tattoos between breasts. They are really beautiful. Consequently, they can easily be hidden, if you put on a top that covers more of your skin. Many women opt out for this design and love it. It can be something small and simple and it still has a rather distinctive effect.

Simple, but elegant chest tattoos for women

blue and yellow striped shirt, symmetrical flowers tattoo, chest tattoos for women, tattoos on the hands

Chest and neck designs are an interesting combination

symmetrical lotus flower and dots tattoo, chest tattoos for women, black top and background

The beauty of small chest tattoos for females

Furthermore, just because you have decided to get a chest tattoo, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be splashed across your whole chest. There are many options for beautiful and elegant smaller designs. What’s more, if you are a bit afraid to have your whole chest tattooed, your shoulders are an option B.

Small bird tattoo

small bird shoulder tattoo, grey sweater, chest tattoos for women, gold necklace

Beautiful and colourful idea

ohana shoulder tattoo, birds and spray paint, chest tattoos for women, white background

Fun chest tattoo design

grey top and background, skeleton hands, heart shaped tattoo, tattoos for women, small chest tattoos for females

Dandelions symbolise life and seizing the moment. Their message is seize the moment otherwise it slips away from you, like dandelion seeds fly away with a stroke of wind.

Beautiful dandelion design

hot air balloon carried by a dandelion, floating dandelion seeds, tattoos for woman, grey top

Tribal tattoos are preferred for bigger designs

blonde hair in a ponytail, chest tattoos for females, tribal tattoo on the neck chest and hand, black top

Elegant roses tattoo

small rose branches on both shoulders, floral top, grey background, chest tattoos for females

black top, arrow and feather tattoo on shoulder, chest tattoos for females, grey background

Large art piece on the chest

large chest tattoo, mirror with statues and a raven, chest tattoos for females, black top and background

The rib cage is also a good option if you don’t want a visible tattoo

phases of the moon, tattoo under the breasts, black bra, girl chest tattoos, grey background

large symmetrical roses tattoo, girl chest tattoos, black top and hair, gold necklace

black bralette, blue jeans, large rose tattoo with thorns, additional roses and butterfly tattoos, girl chest tattoos, small chest tattoos for females

black and white dotted top, lotus flower tattoo, girl chest tattoos, long brown hair

blonde and blue braided hair, large wings and owl colourful tattoo, tattoo between breast, white top

blue crystals, tattoo between breast, black top, black background

symmetrical arrows and dots tattoos on neck and hands, tattoo between breast, blue hair, black background

roses and dinosaur skull tattoo, blue top, tattoo between breast, red roses and green leaves, small chest tattoos for females

Pearl necklace tattoo

pearl channel necklace, carried by a bird, chest tattoos for women, black and white dotted bird

purple bra, brown hair, flowers bow and cupcake large tattoo, chest tattoo ideas

A rather intricate geometrical design

brown top, orange background, chest tattoo ideas, geometrical flowers and birds tattoo

chest tattoo ideas, white shirt, flowers and leaves tattoo, palm leaves in the background, tattoo designs for womens chest

Stunning chest tattoos for women

grey top, rose chest tattoo, wolf mountains trees and stars large tattoo, white background

butterfly in the middle, large flowers on both shoulders, black top, white background, rose chest tattoo

Game of Thrones inspired chest tattoo

blue hair, white background, rose chest tattoo, ours is the fury stag, game of thrones tattoo

floral top, roses and leaves on both shoulders. tattoos on both hands, tattoos for women

black top, blue background, rose chest tattoo, symmetrical geometrical shapes tattoo

grey top, rose chest tattoo, black hair in a ponytail, symmetrical flowers tattoo, gold necklace, tattoo designs for womens chest

small chest tattoos, large red and yellow rose with guns and webs, white top and background

Guns N’ Roses

two guns, red roses and green thorns on both shoulders, small chest tattoos

hourglass with butterflies, red roses with green leaves, small chest tattoos, black top

large hummingbird, flowers and leaves on the shoulders, small chest tattoos, floral top

tattoos for women with meaning, large black butterfly, green paper, white top and background, tattoo designs for womens chest

small chest tattoos, large bird on a tree branch on the shoulder, grey top and background

tattoos for women, dark grey cardigan, symmetrical tattoo with arrows, braided brown hair

black top, large pink flowers and green leaves, large female face, tattoos for women with meaning

black top, large ferns mirror and crystals tattoo, tattoos for women with meaning, wooden floor in the background

black top, white background, tattoos for women with meaning, large symmetrical moth tattoo, female neck and chest tattoos

long blonde wavy hair, black top, tribal chest tattoos, large diamond tattoo, lots of tattoos on neck and hand

grey top, symmetrical lotus tattoo, tribal chest tattoos, ring and earrings, long brown hair

grey top, white background, birds flying on shoulder, tribal chest tattoos, nose earring, female neck and chest tattoos

large symmetrical owl and lotuses tattoo, tattoos for girls with meaning, black top with blue dots

pink and white shirt, small rose with snakes and thorns tattoo, tattoos for girls with meaning

Chest tattoos for women full of colour

black top, two large roses, large purple heart shaped crystal, tattoos for girls with meaning

four small elephants, one large red elephant head, tattoos for girls with meaning, blue top

black top, two rose branches on each shoulder, red roses, tattoos for girls with meaning, tattoo designs on chest for females

black top and background, unique tattoos for women, large symmetrical heart shaped roses

chest tattoos for females, symmetrical flowers on the shoulder, black top and background

two women, white rabbit, two birds carrying a banner, unique tattoos for women, lots of stars

unique tattoos for women, hand holding an envelope, bird with an umbrella, two large flowers

white feathers, symmetrical flowers tattoo on shoulders, brown hair, unique tattoos for women, tattoo designs on chest for females

pin hair in a bun, unique tattoos for women, white top, bird and hearts tattoo, white background

crown tattoo on the shoulder, tattoos for women, black top, black and white background

black top, blue yellow and red butterfly, chest tattoo designs, female face in the middle

laugh now cry later skulls on both shoulders, black and white striped top, black background, tribal chest tattoos

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