The beauty and symbolism of a mandala tattoo

by John Griffith

Mandala tattoos have been taking the world by storm for a few years now. They seem to be very popular nowadays. The history of the mandala, however, dates all the way back to the 14th and 15th century. It comes from Hinduism and Buddhism. Many people nowadays choose these shapes for their tattoos, just because they look visually stunning. Other people, however are very interested to find out the true meaning of mandala tattoos. So, today we are going to explain the meaning behind some of the most popular mandala tattoos. What’s more, keep scrolling to find a gorgeous photo gallery and find the beauty of the mandala tattoo.

What does mandala mean?

The word mandala comes from Sanskrit and literally means “circle”. That is why mandalas are symmetrical and perfectly balanced. Mandalas are spiritual symbols, stemming from Hinduism and Buddhism. They represent greater connection to your inner self and the universe, as well as inner balance and meditation.

Mandala tattoo – representation of deeper connection with your inner self

arrows crossing, half rose, mandala tattoo, black white sketch, white background, wooden table

What are the most popular mandala symbols?

  1. Lotus mandala – they show greater spiritual growth. In Buddhism the lotus flower represents the forming of a spiritual connection with the universe and leaving behind the material world. In Hinduism, the lotus flower symbolises the breaking of physical barriers and the virtues of the human soul.
  2. Flower mandala – also knows as The Flower of Life. It unlocks good health and mindful life. Its perfect symmetry is a symbol of the balance in nature. It represents the creation of everything surrounding us.
  3. Elephant mandala – symbol of strength and great power. In hinduism, the elephant mandala is mostly related to Ganesha – the remover of obstacles. Because of his elephant head, this deity is easily recognisable. In Buddhism, the elephant mandala is directly linked to Buddha himself. So, it represents great control of the mind and meditation.
  4. Circle mandala – symbol of wholeness and oneness. The circle represents completion and unity, the entirety of our psyche. Circle mandalas can come in many different versions and with many different colours and meanings. They can also be seen as symbols of the four directions – north, west, east and south. They can even represent the four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter. Even the four elements – air, fire, earth and water.

Stunning example of a mandala whole back tattoo

blue background, white metal chair, mandala tattoo, whole back tattoo, sleeve tattoos

To sum up, mandala tattoos represent spirituality. Buddhism was a religion widely popular amongst Buddhist monks. Trough meditation, they achieved great connection to the universe and their inner spirits. Mandalas are widely popular amongst the lovers of the bohemian lifestyle. Granted, they can be beautiful to look at, but their meaning is much, much deeper. So, if you want your tattoo to represent your inner growth and your spiritual mindful lifestyle, then a mandala tattoo is the perfect choice for you.

Beautiful dreamcatcher drawing you can get inspiration from

dreamcatcher drawing, black white sketch, white background, mandala tattoo

Flower mandala tattoo

mandala tattoo, woman wearing a pink top, shoulder tattoo, ginger hair, white background

Watercolour mandala forearm tattoo

watercolour tattoo, forearm tattoo, mandala tattoo, white background, black top

Mandala sleeve tattoo

man wearing a yellow beanie, grey t shirt, sleeve tattoos, mandala meaning, brick wall

Beautiful lotus flower forearm tatoo

lotus flower, mandala meaning, forearm tattoo, wooden floor, grey blouse

Combination of mandala and contemporary art

black and white, octopus drawing, white background, mandala meaning

Stunning mandala back tattoo

black background, mandala meaning, back tattoo, black dress

Mandala moons are also very popular

moon drawing, mandala meaning, white background, black and white sketch

The tattoo as a beautiful accessory

blue and white, lace dress, arm tattoo, mandala tattoo meaning

Who says mandalas can’t be colourful

mandala tattoo meaning, colourful lotus, back tattoo, black top, blue cushions

Wonderful addition to your jewellery

pink nail polish, silver rings, hand tattoo, mandala tattoo meaning, paved street

Lion mandala thigh tattoo

lion thigh tattoo, blue eyes, mandala tattoo meaning, black background

colourful top, whole back tattoo, blonde hair, mandala shoulder tattoo

mandala shoulder tattoo, baby elephant, following a mother elephant, forearm tattoo

large thigh tattoo, mandala shoulder tattoo, black dress, black background

black t shirt, mandala shoulder tattoo, white background, blonde hair

moon and sun drawing, mandala shoulder tattoo, black and white sketch, white background

rose and skull, mandala flower tattoo, white background, black and white sketch

mandala flower tattoo, butterfly drawing, white background, black and white sketch

half shaved head, head tattoo, mandala flower tattoo, black top, blonde hair

back tattoo, blonde hair, mandala flower tattoo, grey background, silver earrings

purple and blue, moon drawing, white background, mandala flower tattoo

butterfly forearm tattoo, lotus mandala tattoo, black leather background

Elephant shoulder tattoo

elephant shoulder tattoo, black leather armchair, lotus mandala tattoo, black and white sketch, in the background

feather and sunflower, rose drawing, black and white sketch, white background, lotus mandala tattoo

white background, forearm tattoo, lotus mandala tattoo, black pants, yellow and black, striped shirt

lotus mandala tattoo, black background, forearm tattoo

forearm tattoos, on both hands, black and white photo, mandala symbols

grey top, black background, mandala symbols, shoulder tattoo

Watercolour flower tattoo

colourful forearm tattoo, white background, mandala symbols, grey top

forearm tattoo, man wearing, grey top, black jeans, mandala symbols

grey top, mandala symbols, shoulder tattoo, short black hair, white background

Half mandala, half contemporary tattoo design

half rose, mandala tattoo design, black and white drawing, white backgorund

black background, leg tattoo, mandala tattoo design

Mandala hour glass tattoo design

hour glass, mandala tattoo design, white background, black and white sketch

skull leg tattoo, mandala tattoo design, black background

mandala tattoo design, lotus flower, back tattoo, white top, grey background, hair in a messy bun

black top and jeans, forearm tattoo, mandala tattoo sleeve, wooden background

mandala tattoo sleeve, lotus flower, forearm tattoo, black background

rose leg tattoo, white background, mandala tattoo sleeve

lion back tattoo, mandala tattoo sleeve, black background

white background, lotus flower, black and white sketch, mandala tattoo sleeve

The Hamsa hand, also known as the Hand of God

what does mandala mean, hamsa hand tattoo, jeans and black top, blonde hair

sun and moon, hand tattoo, love knuckles tattoo, what does mandala mean, black tiled floor, navy pants

grey sweater, black pants, white background, what does mandala mean, forearm tattoo

Mandala tattoo sleeve

sleeve tattoo, white background, what does mandala mean

white brick wall, sleeve tattoo, white shirt, what does mandala mean

sun and moon drawing, black and white sketch, mandala back tattoo, white background

brown skirt, thigh tattoo, hand tattoo, mandala back tattoo, white background, black top

Beautiful matching tattoos

silver bracelets, matching ankle tattoos, mandala back tattoo, colourful blanket

Minnie mouse getting the mandala treatment

minnie mouse, black and white sketch, mandala back tattoo, white background

leg tattoos, on both legs, mandala back tattoo, cement street

mandala sleeve, nature landscape, black and white sketch, white background

owl drawing, mandala sleeve, black and white sketch white background

owl and skull, forearm tattoo, mandala sleeve, denim shirt

shoulder tattoo, grey sweater, white background, mandala sleeve

grey blouse, mandala sleeve, shoulder tattoo, black curly hair

black background, skull leg tattoo, mandala thigh tattoo

mandala thigh tattoo, black top, white background, sleeve tattoo

blonde hair, white top, black pants, sleeve tattoo, mandala thigh tattoo, white background

black top, mandala thigh tattoo, white background, shoulder and arm tattoo

matching forearm tattoos, green blouse, mandala thigh tattoo

sun and moon kissing, black and white drawing, mandala wrist tattoo, white background

moon and sun, thigh tattoo, black lace shorts, mandala wrist tattoo, white background

black leather armchair, white nail polish, leg tattoos, mandala wrist tattoo

Any type of watercolour tattoo always looks amazing

mandala wrist tattoo, watercolour forearm tattoo, jeans and a black shirt

watercolour forearm tattoo, mandala wrist tattoo, white background

black background, back tattoo, blonde hair, small mandala tattoo

sleeve tattoos, white top, side by side photos, mandala tattoo meaning

small mandala tattoo, white furry blanket, leg tattoo, colourful carpet

whole back tattoo, sleeve tattoo, man sitting on wooden steps, holding a sketchbook, small mandala tattoo

whole leg tattoo, blue background, wooden floor, small mandala tattoo, grey shorts, black socks

black boxers, white background, whole leg tattoo, small mandala tattoo

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