Groovy 70s Hairstyles That Never Go Out Of Style

by John Griffith

Ah, the 70s. The era of the disco, hippies, beautiful lushes curls, Charleston pants and colorful shirts with huge lapels. The 70s was definitely an eccentric time in history. And while it may seem over the top for today’s standards, you’d be surprised how many new trends draw inspiration from the era. For example, you’ve probably been seeing more and more of the boho and disco style. Stores are filled with platform shoes, groovy styles, and nostalgic pieces. Not only that but women’s hairstyles are also gravitating towards the past. Think ponytails with combed crowns, bumpy curls, long wavy hair, sussun and page style, headband scarfs and more. So, if you’re in love with 70s hairstyles, you’re in luck. You can achieve all these looks with just a little help from modern styling products. And the best part is you can do all of them without even damaging your hair.

The 70s was definitely an eccentric time in history

70s hairstyles for short hair 70s fashion

Classic Hairstyles Features of the 70s

When thinking of beautiful 70s hairstyles, there are some features that always come to mind. And that’s of course straight or wavy hippie hairstyles, held together by all kinds of colorful feathers, straps, ribbons, scarfs, and flowers. In addition, disco had taken over the world with people dancing till they dropped to groovy music. They were wearing different styles, fashion was something versatile. The 70s was full of colorful outfits, bright disco balls, funky Afros, crazy prints and bright lights. Here are some of the most prominent styles during the decade.

The 70s was full of colorful outfits, bright disco balls, funky Afros, crazy prints and bright lights

1970s hairstyles diana ross

Long Hair

The fashionista’s of the 70s wear most often seen with straight, loosely worn hair with or without bangs. The hair was typically worn parted or relaxed back, the top of the head combed and fixed at the rim. After the 60s were full of “boyish” and “babette” hairstyles, long hair was welcomed with open hands and embraced dearly. It was all the rave now.

Cher has many iconic 70s hairstyles, however the long hair is her staple 

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Curls, Curls, Curls

With disco on the rise, curls became on the rise as well. Even the “babette” made a comeback, but this time included various lengths. Hair was cut with a straight edge, and there was no sight of  “stairs” and “cascades”. Parted hair was glammed up with all kinds of curls – strong and large, as well as small and petite. Afros were also embraced. They could be seen everywhere.

With disco on the rise, curls became on the rise as well

70s disco hair donna summers black and white

Page, Sassoon and Gavroche

During that time styles such as page, sassoon and gavroche were becoming more and more relevant. Especially the sassoon, which is known with its ability to fit nearly everybody perfectly. The best thing about these styles is that they are beautiful, easy to achieve and make a statement. Not only that, but if you have a square-shaped face, these styles can help achieve a rounder form of the face.

The page is stylish, beautiful, and quite the statement 

hairstyles of 1970s sassoon hairstyle


At the end of the 70s being blonde came into style. However, the main problem at the time was that the chemicals found in hair products did a lot of damage to women’s hair. Hair strands often lost their attractive appearance and looked burnt, dull or even loofah-like. However, that didn’t stop the ladies of that era to try to create blonde styles. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry when achieving beautiful blonde looks. Hair products are much more advanced and the results are stunning.

They say blondes have more fun

long hair 70s hairstyles blonde

1970s Hairstyles

We mentioned some of the most popular trends during the 70s. Here which ones were all the rave during this eccentric time.

The 70s was filled with various hair and fashion styles

70s hairstyles for short hair 70s hair


The “sassoon” hairstyle looks as you have a hat created from hair on top of your head. While the length may vary, the principles stay the same. Go for short or long hair. The bangs stay long and the contours should be perfectly even. There should be plenty of levels and smoothness to the hair. It should also always go inward in the end. The bangs and contours do depend, however, on the face shape you possess.

The sassoon is also called the mushroom or the hat

70s hairstyles women mushroom hair


Gavroche is suitable for both men and women. If your face is symmetrical an oval, classical gavroche may be better. While if you have certain asymmetries in the face, an atypical gavroche style is a smarter choice. This hairstyle is also a great choice for people with thin hair, as it adds volume. Just like the sassoon, you can do this style on any hair length. This hair goes great with fantastic and bright colors which create a bold and daring look.

If your face is symmetrical an oval, classical gavroche may be better

70's hairstyles women gavrosh hair


Ah, the pixie cut – the queen of short hairstyles. This style has been fashionable since the mid-1960s and continued on into the 70s and even to this day. The pixie has triumphantly returned to fashion several times. With each time getting slightly modified. For example, in the 90s it as a big part of grunge style, while in the 2000s, it was a great choice if you are going for a romantic style. It’s also making a comeback today. The pixie is great for emphasizing the face.

The pixie cut never goes out of style no matter what decade it is

70s haircut birdie

The Shag

With the emergence of rock and roll music, came the popularization of unisex clothes and hairstyles. The “shag” is the perfect example of this. Popularized by Jane Fonda when she starred in the movie “Klute”. She managed to put the style in every salon’s list of popular cuts. The uneven, rugged, angular look it achieved was a favorite of both men and women. Mostly seen in the punk and rock communities and with musicians, this hair is a staple of the 70s.

The shag was popularized by Jane Fonda when she starred in the movie “Klute”

1970s hairstyles jane fonda the shag

Styling Ideas

Between the ear of the hippies and the disco era, there was plenty of variety when it came to fits and hairstyles. You could see anything on the street from safari style, to romantic classic, and unisex. Fun facts, jeans were the thing everybody could agree was the piece of the decade. They existed as if independently and yet still in symbiosis with everything else.

Fun facts, jeans were the thing everybody could agree was the piece of the decade

70s hairstyles women woman on a skateboard


If you are looking for an easy to style hairstyle, this is the one for you. All you need to do is blow dry the cleaned hair, take a circular brush, and brush inward. And if you prefer having shorter hair with this style, you won’t even need the bush, only a hairdryer will suffice. You can also curl the locks with tongs or a curling iron, however the shape of the sassoon is beautiful on its own. The clear, smooth lines of this style are what make it such a staple, so you may not what to experiment all that much with it.

All you need to do is blow dry the cleaned hair, take a circular brush, and brush inward

70's hairstyles with headbands short sassoon

Mid-Length Hair

If you have mid-length hair, and you are wondering how to style it for a real 70s feel, try these styles. Both boho style and ponytails will achieve a 70s vibe. To achieve a messy boho style, the hair should be parted or left behind the shoulders. Leave it messy at the bottom but comb it with a hairbrush on top. Thread the hair with your fingers and add in a nice accessory. Try adding a feather, a flower rim or a diadem. If you have thicker hair you can create a braid on top and braid beads into it.

You can add on different accessories to get a groovier look

women's medium length 70s hairstyles mid length hair

Ponytail Paradise

This 70s hairstyle is stylish and as simple as they get. However, you may need a curling iron or a hair straightener. It all depends on what you are feeling like, however the fundamentals are the same. All you need to do is comb your hair and fasten it with a reliable elastic band. Add some gel or wax to help avoid protruding short hairs from poking. Twist the ends of the ponytail with the iron into little curls. For a charming added vintage touch add a silk scarf where the elastic band is. This type of style is honestly very versatile. You can go high, you can go low, add in accessories, curl it or keep it straight. It’s amazing.

Ponytails are simple, easy to do, and very effective 

70s disco hair 70s style ponytail

Romantic Style

Ah, the romantic style. A real classic. This style keeps coming back and back. Big, wavy hair, shaped far around the face is an iconic hairstyle worn by normal people and actresses and pop starts alike. It gives off a feminine vibe. The only thing that varies in this hairstyle is how big the size of the waves are. Use a curling iron or hot rollers to create luscious waves. After making the curls, you can wear them any way you wish. Put some hairpins above the ears, have a silk scarf headband or comb it back.

Big, wavy hair, shaped far around the face is an iconic hairstyle worn by everybody

70s hairstyles women romantic blonde

We hope you enjoyed these 70s hairstyles and found this article useful. With all of these groovy 70s hairstyles you can now live out the ultimate vintage dream. You can find all types of hairstyle inspiration in our other articles!

We hope you enjoyed these 70s hairstyles

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