Boho Style – Chic Outfits With Romantic Vintage Charm

Von John Griffith / February 28 2018

The playful and romantic boho style is perfect for free-spirited souls partial to feminine, vintage clothing. Since is combines vintage hippie aesthetics with sophisticated contemporary fashion elements, this versatile look is both carefree and stylish. As a result, boho clothing and accessories have become immensely popular among celebrities and style icons in the past decade. If you would also like to try this eye-catching trend, you have come to the right place. We have selected over 50 unique and romantic looks that are sure to get you noticed. In edition, we have all the boho information you need, including descriptions of different sub-styles, styling tips, and much more.

Free-flowing, embroidered white dresses are an essential boho style look

boho style, brunette woman with sunglasses, in embroidered white mini dress, with jewelry and a tasseled tribal crossbody bag, sitting on a bike

First things first – what exactly is “boho style”?

The word boho is an abbreviation of “bohemian homeless,” a term originally used to describe refugees and travelers in general, and the Roma people in particular. As the centuries progressed, boho became a synonym for well-travelled and free-spirited individuals, with artistic tendencies and out-of-the-box way of thinking.

Although bohemian elements entered the world of fashion with the rise of hippie culture in the 1960s, it took over 40 years for the look to reach mainstream popularity, largely thanks to UK celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. In 2004 Miller visited the Glastonbury Festival wearing a frilly black mini dress combined with a wide vintage leather belt and boots. Her effortlessly chic look gathered loads of media attention and, before long, interest in boho chic items skyrocketed. Kate Moss helped the trend grow even further by incorporating bohemian elements in her own clothing line, which sold like hotcakes. Soon everyone who was someone sported floral maxi dresses, vintage lace, and tasseled leather accessories. Meanwhile, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen popularized the look in the United States, frequently appearing with floral lace maxi dresses and embroidered vests.

Lace is an essential element in the perfect bohemian look!

wide frilly lace, boho style tunic, in pale cream, worn with a chunky, tribal necklace and bracelets, by young brunette woman

Boho style varieties

Like many other looks, boho has a wide assortment of sub-styles. One of the major one is country boho, characterized by the combination of maxi dresses with studded leather belts, cowboy boots, embroidered jackets and other items associated with countryside living. Grunge boho (also called ashcan chic), is also a very popular look. Favored by Mary-Kate Olsen, it features voluminous antique lace dresses, oversized vintage coats and scarves, and ripped fabrics. This style is especially effective when paired with tousled hair and smoky or dark eye make up. Bourgeois boho (sometimes abbreviated as bobo) is another mainstream favorite. Understated and subtly chic, it combines second-hand finds with luxurious designer items for the ultimate best-of-both-worlds-bohemian look.

There are many other boho combinations you can try.

woman in long dress, made of white lace, lying on multicolored boho style, blanket, surrounded by cushions, flowers and ornaments

Essential boho style items and accessories

When it comes to key boho items, you cannot underestimate the importance of maxi dresses and skirts. Floaty and feminine, they are not only chic but also comfortable and give you a soft, romantic look. Opt for a long white lace dress or a maxi skirt with frills and embroidery. Or, if you prefer short models, choose those with bright floral or oriental patterns. Fans of denim should pick distressed items, with rips and patches. Leather accessories are another boho style staple. Brown suede boots with tassels, a weathered biker jacket with studs, and a vintage embroidered bag will add the perfect finishing touches to your bohemian look.

Chunky tribal jewelry is a great addition to any boho outfit

chunky silver tribal necklace with stones, silver bangle and wrist watch, and a multicolored embroidered clutch, with oriental pattern and beads, held by slim woman in grey mini dress, with lace trim, boho style

A short and comprehensive video, outlining the basic principles of the boho style:

Looking for boho style ideas? We have over 50 amazing styles to inspire you!

mini lace dress in white, worn by blonde woman, with long hair, boho style dreamcatcher necklace, brown ankle boots, and beaded turquoise bracelets

Boho chic with a military twist!

military jacket in green, decorated with boho style aplique details, and colorful pom poms, worn by blonde woman, with long hair, with red shorts, and lots of jewelry

Boho Goth? Why not!

goth inspired maxi skirt, in boho style, made from semi-sheer black fabric, with matching top, worn by brunette woman

We love this gorgeous lace maxi dress!

tiered white boho style dress, with lace and frills, worn with vintage brown leather belt, by woman standing on wooden stairs

Playful and chic – a great example of a country boho outfit

cowboy hat in black, on young, woman with two brunette braids, wearing black boho embroidered maxi dress, and a dark grey shawl, boho clothing

Soft, romantic, feminine – the perfect blend of vintage class and contemporary chic

boho clothing, semi sheer white maxi dress, with polka dot pattern, and floaty short sleeves, worn by young woman, with long curly hair, decorated with small braid, flowers and feathers

moccasin style ankle and calf boots, made from soft suede, with metal studs, leather straps and embossing, young brunette woman, in mustard yellow patterned maxi dress, boho clothing, with wide leather belt, felt hat and large bag

pastel pink tunic, with long sleeves, featuring mesh details, boho clothing, retro sunglasses, burgundy suede shoulder bag with tassels

young woman in white, broderie anglaise blouse, and denim shorts, boho clothing, brunette girl with oversized black floral sweater, blonde woman in green maxi dress

mustard yellow blouse, with long bell sleeves, large frilled hem, and floral embroidery, featuring beads, boho clothing, worn by blonde woman, with curly hair, and multicolored hot pants

grey tunic with turquoise, and orange pattern, two minimalist square silver pendants, three painted feathers, retro sunglasses and a suede tasseled bag, blonde girl in boho clothing

Boho is the ideal style for creative and free-spirited adventurers

pale pastel pink, tiered sleeveless maxi dress, boho clothing, with frills and lace details, on blonde girl, with brown ankle boots, holding a camera

striped top and floral maxi skirt, worn with hat and leather jacket, embroidered biker jacket in orange, dark brown leather jacket, with colorful decorations, bohemian style looks

smiling women with voluminous curly hair, sitting on fold-up chairs, near a fold-up table in the woods, wearing bohemian style maxi dresses

bohemian style tanktop, with graphic print in yellow and turquoise, pale green trousers, brown flat sandals, grey embroidered tribal clutch, silver ring and feather hair decoration
brown maxi skirt, with frills and floral fabric hem, worn with khaki green top, wide leather belt, and brown cardigan, bohemian style ankle boots

Maxi dresses are great for all body shapes…

short-haired smiling woman, with pixie cut, wearing black maxi dress, with long sleeves, and colorful floral pattern, holding large bohemian style hat

…and all ages!

older woman with long white hair, standing next to young blonde woman, both wearing bohemian style outfits, in pale purple, pink and pastel green, with floral pattern and pockets

calf-length embroidered white dress, bohemian style midi dress, with floral pattern, grey embroidered lace dress, multicolored maxi dress, with indian pattern

semi-sheer bohemian style maxi dress, in pale cream, with red and turquoise embroidery, worn with peep toe, beige ankle boots, and several necklaces

ditsy floral maxi dresses in blue, green hat and tasseled, suede brown ankle boots, tie dyed boho chic maxi skirt with side slit, in light blue and navy

boho chic maxi dess, in burgundy and navy, with grey and brown indian print, worn with several oriental pendants, by brunette woman with long hair, and two small braids

Boho style ideas for every season

beige boho chic dress, with white lace trim, on woman with knee-high black boots, and long black hair with bangs

mink-colored jumper, over blue top, and white patterned jumper, layered boho chic look, worn with distressed torn pale grey jeans, and mustard yellow knitted shawl

side-tied beige jumper, with tiered mini skirt, over-the-knee socks and brown suede boots, large black hat and grey shawl, mini floral dress, with denim jacket and tights

turquoise chunky necklace, with moon-shaped pendant, worn over white lace mini dress, with long sleeves, boho chic lace-up wedge sandals, large yellow hat

three white lace looks, off-the-shoulder floaty top, long maxi dress with wide sleeves, tiered mini dress with long bell sleeves

Awaken your inner traveller!

pale pastel pink maxi dress, with white lace details, worn with studded brown cowboy boots, and a large two-tone boho chic headscarf

bohemian style clothing and aesthetic, in nine examples, tiered maxi skirt, beaded sandals and torn jeans, with colorful patches, bohemian hairstyles and room decor

red mini dress, with colorful indian paisley pattern, worn with oversized, pale cream cardigan, tasseled brown calf boots, sunglasses and small bag, bohemian style clothing

examples of bohemian style clothing, white lace maxi dress with sleeves, embroidered poncho with tassels, maxi dress with front slit, and pale pattern

braided blond hair, on woman with beaded headband, bohemian style clothing, wearing floaty white off-shoulder blouse, with embroidery and beads

Soft and romantic or edgy and rebellious? You decide!

bell-sleeves on white mini dress, bohemian style clothing, worn with delicate gold pendant, by brunette woman with blond balayage

teal tiered maxi skirt, with pink and yellow floral pattern, combined with yellow and pink shirt, bohemian style clothing, on rebellious brunette woman

skirt made of cream-colored lace, worn with calf-length lacy underskirt, white embroidered shirt, and strappy burgundy heels, bohemian style clothing

patterned wide trousers, in burgundy red and white, yellow and blue, bohemian style clothing, worn by woman in dark red frilled top, with chunky necklaces and bracelets

bohemian fashion, featuring an embroidered tunic, made of white lace, a wide white blouse with embroidery, an oversized slouchy top

Boho style accessories to fall in love with:

leather backpack in brown, with embroidery and engravings, suede brown embroidered shopper bag, bohemian fashion backpacks, with floral pattern and white lace

ankle boots in bohemian fashion, decorated with crochet lace ribbons, brown leather straps, gold chain and beads, feather and macrame details

nine photos showing different bohemian fashion accessories, lots of rings, delicate gold and silver bracelets, chunky metal bangles, turquoise decorated items, bags with tassels and embroidery

tasseled brown shoulder bag with embroidery, worn by woman in dark jeans and orange sweater, native american style bag in beige, dark brown stitched bag with tassels, bohemian fashion

assortment of bohemian fashion beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings, in many different styles and colors, macrame and chainlink, fabric and metal

bohemian fashion espadrille shoes, one pair features pastel stripes, and straps with colorful beads, other pair has multicolored stripes, and a lotus aplique detail

turquoise and other stones, set in necklaces and bracelets, engraved metal plates, beads and ornaments, woman in bohemian fashion floral maxi skirt, and multicolored jumper

boho fashion bags, crossbody dark brown leather bag with tassels, multicolored oversized carpet clutch, and a tribal embroidered shopper

oversized boho fashion clutch, in pink and yellow, with metal beads and thin chainlink handle, held by young woman in shorts and blouse

Boho-themed weddings are very popular at the moment

cutout white lace wedding dress, boho fashion gown, worn by brunette woman, with long wavy hair, standing on a desert road

four examples of boho fashion, cream frilly lace outfit, white maxi dress with bell sleeves and colorful embroidery, tiered maxi dress, large black hat, shawl and accessories

dip-dyed red dress, with brown hem and side slit, worn with multicolored, ethnic print oversized cardigan, by brunette woman, holding a blossoming tree branch

sunglasses and large, boho fashion felt hat, worn with oversized beige cardigan, and yellow patterned dress, brown ankle boots with tribal decorations, white shirt and an embroidered rucksack heavily embroidered black and red dress, in boho fashion, with many different beads and sequins

Turquoise jewelry will bring your outfit to life

heart-shaped turquoise stone pendant, on chunky beaded chain, turquoise necklace with metal ornament, an assortment of boho fashion turquoise accessories, on a woman's back

flared trousers in red and yellow, with indian pattern, worn with white tank top, and a chunky silver, tribal statement necklace

summery white mini dress, with boots and hat, khaki green cargo pants and white tank top, ripped jeans and plain top, with multicolored oversized cardigan

two maxi skirts, in green decorated with beads and an ostrich feather, and in brown with patterned fabric inserts, worn with brown tops, pale blue shawl, vintage wide brown belt, crochet knit bag, assorted jewelry

yellow top with lace, and wide patterned culottes in earthy colors, worn by young brunette woman, with woven hair ornament, lying on a striped blanket

More boho style ideas for you to try:

clothing suggestions for boho fans, patterned maxi skirts and dresses, wide-brimmed felt hats, long ornamental cardigans, suede and lace

a pair of models, wearing a brown maxi dress, with red flower pattern, and white mini dress, with embroidery and long sleeves, combined with colorful folk vest, retro sunglasses and suede boots

felt hats in bohemian style, worn by young women, in summary clothing, white embroidered maxi dress, bell-sleeved white tunic, black mini dresses, burgundy midi dress

poncho in cream, with multicolored floral pattern and tassels, worn with lots of assorted bangles, and a white broderie anglaise mini skirt, by woman in field

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection! For more great style tips and ideas, visit our fashion section!

asymmetrical cream maxi dress, with folk embroidery, hot pink mini dress, with oriental patterned cardigan, maxi dress with pale print and cowboy boots

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