Haircuts for Men: How To Choose A Style According To The Shape of Your Face

Von John Griffith / August 24 2018

If you’re thinking of changing things up a bit by getting a snazzy new haircut – you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we have compiled a selection of classy and trendy looks to inspire you and help you choose. However, we are aware that there is more to getting a cut than simply picking a style you like. After all, when it comes to hair, there is no “one fits all” solution. What looks great on one guy can be a total disaster for another. So, in order to make things a bit easier, we will begin by examining the ways in which various hairstyles look on different face shapes. This way, you can discover the long, medium and short haircuts for men which are best suited for your unique features.

How can you tell what your face shape is?

If you’ve never thought about your face shape before, this might sound a bit confusing at first. Luckily determining it is quite easy – all you need to do is measure 4 parts of your head:

  1. The forehead – measure the distance between the outer ends of your eyebrows
  2. The cheekbones – measure the most strongly pronounced part of your cheeks, starting bellow the outer corner of one eye and going across the bridge of your nose to the outer corner of the other eye.
  3. The jaw line – measure from the tip of your chin to the area behind your ear where your jaw curves up, then multiply by two.
  4. The total length of your face – measure the distance from the tip of your chin to your hairline.

Now that you’ve done all the measurements, it’s time to get down to business.

Different face shapes

  • Oval: when the length of your face exceeds the length of your cheekbones and the angle of the jaw is round, rather than pointed.
  • Square: all measurements are roughly the same length, and the angle of the jaw is quite sharp.
  • Rectangle: when the longest measurement is the length of your face, but the other measurements are close.
  • Round: the length of your face and cheek bones are the same, or very similar, while also longer than the measurements of your jaw line and forehead.
  • Diamond: the length of your face is greater than its width, you have a pointed chin and high, strongly pronounced cheekbones.
  • Heart: the forehead’s measurement is longer than the cheekbones and the jaw line, while the chin is pointed.
  • Triangle: the length of the face is greater than that of the cheekbones, which in turn are longer than the forehead.

Hairstyles for the Different Face Shapes

six illustrations of male faces, without hair and with different shapes, oval and square, rectangle and round, diamond and heart

Our gallery is full of cool suggestions for all kinds of face shapes. But before we let you enjoy them, here’s is a short overview of the most important points to consider:

Oval – while it’s not the most “alfa male” face shape out there, it is definitely a face that goes well with pretty much any hairstyle. If you have been lucky enough to be born with a round face, you have the absolute freedom to experiment with different cuts. The only advice we can offer is to avoid bangs, as they will only hide your features. Instead, opt for a classic short style, a crew cut, a faux hawk or a quiff.

Square – considered the ideal face shape for men (it’s no coincidence Superman has it!), the square is characterized by its strong jaw line. Similarly to those blessed with oval features, people with square faces can get away with most hairstyles, both long and short. Nevertheless, if you’d like to appear stronger and more masculine, your safest bet would be a short cut.

Rectangle – as it is the longest of all face shapes, it looks best with longer hairstyles. Try to avoid pompadour, quiff and high top fade cuts, they will only make your features look longer. Instead, opt for a look featuring bangs, and consider growing a short beard. Be careful though – short is the key word here, as longer facial hair may have the opposite effect and elongate your face even further.

Round – people with round faces look best with textured, well-defined and angular cuts. Quiffs and undercuts are an excellent choice, as are pompadours and faux hawks. In some cases the slicked back look is also a great option – after all Leonardo DiCaprio has been wearing it for ages.

Diamond – as one of the rarest face shapes, diamonds require some special care, in order to ensure they look just as awesome as their namesake. A fringed cut is a great choice, but you can also consider growing your hair longer and tucking it behind your ears, as this will underline your features. Try to avoid cutting the sides of your hair too short. As we established earlier, people with diamond shaped faces have strongly pronounced cheekbones, so if your sides are too short, your ears will seem bigger. As for facial hair, three day stubble looks amazing on this face shape.

Heart – since people with heart-shaped faces have pointy chins and wide foreheads, they should steer clear of short cuts. Side-swept styles are a much better choice, especially when combined with a nice long beard. Consider growing your hair and opting for a medium long style. Yes – the intermediate stage between short and medium long hair can get a bit awkward, but if you stick it through, the results will be worth it – we promise!

Triangle – triangular faces have narrow foreheads and a wide jaw line, so they should be treated like a reversed heart shape. In other words, opt for a voluminous hairstyle, combined with a cleanly shaven face. A messy pompadour or a high top fade are excellent choices, and will certainly bring you lots of compliments.

And if you’d like to see even more cool hairstyle ideas, check out our fashion section. There are tons of great suggestions for men, women and kids!

The best short haircuts for men for every face shape

illustrations of six male faces, with different shapes, and various hairstyles, short haircuts for men

The faux hawk style looks great on oval faces

serious-looking young man, facing to one side, with a highlighted faux hawk, short haircuts for men, in a hairdresser's salon

The ever popular crew cut – one of the bets short haircuts for men

short haircuts for men, young adult male, with a dark brunette crew cut, facing down, and dressed in a white patterned shirt, and a dark grey jacket

High top fade – one of the hottest short haircuts for men at the moment

blonde man with an undercut, and a faux hawk, short haircuts for men, holding a deer skull, with one muscular arm

George Clooney’s classy side sweep

classic combover hairstyle, worn by george clooney, short haircuts for men, chestnut brown and grey

Why not opt for a longer style?

man with long beard, and wavy long brunette hair, tied in a messy bun, short haircuts for men, loose strands of hair near his forehead

Football players pay a lot of attention to their locks

crew cut hairstyle, worn by a smiling man, in a white and red footballer's jersey, short haircuts for men, popular today

Swept back hair always looks stylish and classy

black and white photo, of a young man with dark, combed back hair, short haircuts for men, classical or retro look

And here is a great suggestion for medium length hair

hair style man, smiling pale man, with dark brunette, medium length hair, with side part

Another medium style, this time with a voluminous comb over

smartly dressed man, with shirts and a tie, medium length brunette hair, slicked to one side, hair style man

James Franco rocking a textured cut

textured short styled up hair, worn by james franco, hair style man, in a black leather jacket, with upturned collar

A well-groomed appearance is essential for the modern man

chocolate brown faux hawk, hair style man, on a guy wearing a grey shirt, with a matching grey tie

A selection of trendy long, medium and short haircuts for men

collage of four images of young men, with short and medium long hair, styled in different ways, hair style man, curly high top, ponytail and pompadour

Having a cool hairstyle requires a bit of effort – but it’s so worth it!

disconnected fade faux hawk, with platinum highlights, worn by a young man, facing to one side, hair style man, short beard and mustache

Long, side swept bangs

smiling man with short beard and mustache, wearing a dark brunette, side swept quiff, hair style man, pale blue t-shirt

shinny side parted quiff, hair style man, worn by a blonde man with stubble, seen in close up

zac efron with brunette hair, featuring subtle highlights, and styled in a quiff, short guy haircuts

The latest actor to play Superman, Henry Cavill, with his square face and curly black hair

black curly hair, cut short and worn by henry cavill, short guy haircuts, with a side part, superman in the background

Chris Evans sporting a medium length haircut

chris evans with a retro hairstyle, side parted and slicked to one side, short guy haircuts, playing the role of captain america

short sides long top haircut, on young man with blue eyes, wearing a black tank top

Leonardo DiCaprio is known with a classic short comb over

short guy haircuts, leonardo di caprio, wearing a dark navy v-neck jumper, short guy haircuts, light brunette hair slicked to one side

david beckham with a brunette quiff, short guy haircuts, smiling with a short beard, and stubble above his upper lip

modern haircuts for men, medium length brunette hair, wavy with natural-looking highlights, worn messily slicked back, by a bearded man with a mustache

glossy brunette hair, styled in a quiff, worn by a pale man, with stubble on his chin and upper lip, short sides long top haircut

leather jacket in black, worn over a white shirt, with a black tie, by a smiling young man, with a short sides long top haircut, faux hawk or crew cut

A selection of short haircuts for men – quiffs and pompadours

four examples of short sides long top haircut, worn by different men, some bearded and some shaven, quiff style hair

blue-eyed man with brunette hair, deep side part, and long side bangs, short guy haircuts, wearing formal attire

fitted grey checkered suit, worn with a white shirt, and a long blue scarf, by a bearded man, with an ombre-effect quiff, modern haircuts for men

young men seen in close up. wearing crew cuts, short guy haircuts, two images in color, and thwo photos in black and white

sunglasses worn by a young man, with stubble on his chin, and upper lip, short sides long top haircut, on dark brunette hair

platinum blonde hair, worn by a smiling man, with short beard and mustache, short sides long top haircut, red adidas tracksuit top

maroon 5 frontman, adam levine, with a short sides long top haircut, and stubble on his jaw, dark brunette hair styled in a quiff

older david beckham, wearing a slicked back quiff, short guy haircuts, with an undercut, a short beard, and a mustache

close up of a young man's head, wearing a short crew-cut, and a plain t-shirt, modern haircuts for men, black and white image

footballer david beckham, with brunette hair, styled in his trademark, slicked back quiff, short sides long top haircut, beard and mustache

david beckham with slicked back hair, and short stubble, modern haircuts for men, smiling while looking to one side

layered short cut, with side bangs, on brunette hair, worn by a man with a short beard and mustache, modern haircuts for men, black plain t-shirt

chris evans as captain america, in a black and grey suit, with cropped blonde hair, modern haircuts for men, crew cut style

spiked hairstyle with a disconnected fade, worn by christiano ronaldo, modern haircuts for men, dressed in a shiny tuxedo jacket, and a white shirt

wavy chocolate brunette hair, styled to one side, with a connected undercut, modern haircuts for men, worn by a bearded young man, with a mustache and an earring

trendy haircuts for men, smiling young man, with a moustache and a short beard, holding a phone to his face, brunette textured cut

five examples of trendy haircuts for men, undercuts and quiffs, pompadours and faux hawks

laughing bearded man, with light brunette side parted hair, and bangs brushed to one side, in a messy quiff, trendy haircuts for men

another photo of david beckham, with short slicked, back brunette hair, trendy haircuts for men, smiling in a black t-shirt

thick black hair, styled in faux hawk, trendy haircuts for men, worn by a pale young man, with short mustache and beard

messy curly hair, parted in the middle, and worn by a middle aged man, with a salt and pepper grey beard and mustache, trendy haircuts for men of all ages

smart black shirt, worn by chris hemsworth, with brunette hair, side parted and bangs swept to one side, trendy haircuts for men, worn by hollywood stars

nose ring and colorful tattoo, worn by a young man, with short hair, featuring a pompadour like detail, trendy haircuts for men, worn with short beard and mustache

types of haircuts for men, young blue-eyed man, dressed in a black tank top, with glossy dark brunette hair, styled in a quiff

white v-neck t-shirt, worn by a young blonde man, with hair styled in a faux hawk, types of haircuts for men

pompadour with a disconnected undercut, worn by a black-haired man, types of haircuts for men, with stubble on his chin and upper lip

chectnut brown hair, styled in a spiky faux hawk, types of haircuts for men, worn by a young man, with a mustache and a beard

extreme close up of a boy, with short textured hair, styled so as to reveal his forehead, types of haircuts for men, black and white photo

brad pitt with short brunette hair, featuring messy bangs, with platinum highlights, types of haircuts for men, popular in hollywood

frowning justin timperlake, wearing smart clothing, with brunette hair, slicked back and to one side, types of haircuts for men, subtle quiff

shaggy brown hair, with messy bangs, worn by ashton kutcher, types of haircuts for men, boyish hairstyle

mid length wavy, shiny brunette hair, with a middle part, worn by young tom cruise, in a black top

dark navy blue jacket, with white trims, worn over a white shirt, by a bearded man, with a half-pomp

spiky faux hawk, worn by a young man, with a diamante stud earring, and stubble on his jaw and upper lip

messy short haircut, on brunette hair, with blonde highlights, worn by brad pitt, seen in close up

side swept quiff, on brunette hair, with subtle highlights, worn by zac efron, in a black leather jacket

red adidas tracksuit top, worn by a smiling man, with mustache and a beard, and platinym blonde hair, styled in a quiff

contemporary photo of robert downey jr, dressed in black, and wearing a very short, buzzed haircut with grey areas

a younger robert downey jr, dressed in a pinstripe suit, with a white shirt, and a black tie, wearing a short, brunette crew cut

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