6 Trending Age-Defying Hairstyles for Women Over 60

by Maria Konou

Ladies, let’s embark on a journey through the world of hairstyles, where age is but a number and beauty is eternal. Today, we’re diving deep into the realm of hairstyles for women over 60. These iconic looks aren’t just about embracing age; they’re about celebrating it with grace, style, and confidence. So whether you’re looking for ways to transform your current hairstyle or a complete new look, these hairstyles will take you on a journey of self-expression and empowerment.

Let’s explore the best hairstyles for women over 60

hairstyles for women over 60 with bangs

What are Hairstyles for Women over 60?

Before we delve into the fabulous hairstyles for women over 60, let’s define what these hairstyles represent. These age-defying looks exude elegance, sophistication, and a certain joie de vivre. They are a testament to the beauty that only grows with time. Some iconic celebrities rocking these haircuts include:

  • Helen Mirren — Known for her classic bob, she exudes elegance and grace.
  • Diane Keaton — With her signature layered bob and bangs, she showcases a timeless, quirky style.
  • Meryl Streep — Her iconic pixie cut has graced countless red carpets, emphasizing her timeless beauty.
  • Jane Fonda — A symbol of elegance, she has sported everything from bobs to shags with utmost sophistication.

These age-defying looks exude elegance and sophistication

sharon stones hairstyles for women over 60 with fine hair

Who should get Hairstyles for Women over 60?

Wondering if these hairstyles are right for you? Let’s break it down. These hairstyles fit oval, round, and heart-shaped faces the most. These options for women over 60 offer easy, everyday elegance. Whether you’re an active traveler or a leisurely bookworm, these styles adapt to your lifestyle. When it comes to hair types, these hairstyles cater to diverse hair types, making them accessible to everyone — straight, wavy, and curly hair.

These hairstyles adapt to your lifestyle and fashion choices 

2024 hairstyles for women over 60.jpg

Who should Avoid Hairstyles for Women over 60 and Why?

While these hairstyles are a timeless choice, they might not suit everyone. For example, if you prefer minimal upkeep, some styles may require more attention and styling products. That is because with age, hair gets thinner and weaker, so some help can really go a long way.

If you prefer minimal upkeep, these hairstyles might not be for you 

melanie griffith long hairstyles for women over 60.jpg

How to Maintain and Style Hairstyles for Women over 60

Maintaining and styling hairstyles for women over 60 is a breeze with a few key tips. First, you need to invest in quality haircare products, such as volumizing shampoos and conditioners, to maintain volume and shine. Also, keep your look fresh by scheduling regular trims to maintain the shape and prevent split ends. Embrace your inner stylist with tools like curling wands, straighteners, and volumizing brushes.

Schedule regular trims to maintain the shape and prevent split ends

hairstyles for women over 60 thin hair

Hairstyles for Women over 60 Inspiration

Now, let’s explore a spectrum of hairstyles that will have you looking and feeling fabulous:

The Classic Bob

The classic bob haircut is actually flattering for all face shapes. It is ideal for those seeking timeless elegance. The bob is a symbol of sophistication and poise. Its clean lines and versatility make it a go-to choice for women of all ages.

Holland Taylor with a short classic bob haircut 

holland taylor hairstyles for women over 60 with thin hair.jpg

The Classic Pixie

The classic pixie is a chic and daring choice. Its short length exudes confidence and highlights facial features. In addition, it is adaptable for various face shapes. The pixie is perfect for active women seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

Glenn Close rocking a classic short pixie hairstyle 

glenn close pixie hairstyles for women over 60.jpg

Messy Updo for Fine Hair

The messy updo for fine hair adds volume and flair to your look. It’s effortlessly stylish and suitable for various occasions. This hairstyle can adapt to various face shapes, so you do not have to worry! It is ideal for women who appreciate casual chic and prefer to have their hair away from their face.

The messy updo is the best way to do effortless glam 

hairstyles for women over 60 with thinning hair

The Voluminous Shag

The voluminous shag is all about texture and movement. It exudes a relaxed, effortless charm. This haircut suits oval and heart-shaped faces the most, but anyone can make it work. It is the ideal haircut for those of you seeking a stylish, yet carefree look.

Jane Fonda and her signature voluminous shag look

jane fonda medium length hairstyle for women over 60

The Edgy Crop

The edgy crop is a statement of confidence and individuality. Its short length and unique angles demand attention, but the good news is that this hairstyle complements various face shapes. It is the perfect cut for women with a bold, adventurous spirit.

Emma Thompson with a long edgy crop and a side swoop

emma thompson short hairstyles for women over 60 with fine hair.jpg

The Layered Cut

The layered cut adds dimension and movement to your hair. It’s a versatile option that can be styled in various ways, and it is adaptable for various face shapes. This volumizing hairstyle is ideal for those who want a versatile, textured look.

The layered look adds volume and movement to your hair 

medium length hairstyles for women over 60

Hairstyles for women over 60 are a testament to the beauty that only grows with time. These iconic looks are about celebrating the wisdom and confidence that come with age. So, whether you’re a Gen Z trendsetter, a Gen X trailblazer, or a Millennial seeking timeless inspiration, embrace the elegance and empowerment of these age-defying hairstyles. We hope you enjoyed this article, and you got some inspiration for your next visit to the hairdresser. Remember that every hairstyle can be tailored to fit your personality, face shape, facial features, and lifestyle. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and try our new hairstyle variations!

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