7+ Guaranteed Hair Tricks To Make You Look Younger

by John Griffith

You don’t need any expensive creams or fab diets to look a bit younger. Sometimes, all you require is a good change of style. That goes for both fashion and hair. Your hairstyle plays a huge role when it comes to achieving a harmonic and youthful look. Having great hair symmetry can help achieve amazing results. While it may seem silly, that hair can have such big power, it’s true. That’s why we have put together all the tips and ticks you will ever need in order to look and feel your very best. And the best part about these ideas, on how to look younger by just changing up your hair, is that they are easy and practical. Not only that but they will also make you fully prepared for your next trip to the hairdresser. So, let’s dive in and see what these beauty secrets are all about.

Your hairstyle plays a huge role when it comes to achieving a youthful look

beautiful woman with long blonde hair

Type of Cut

When it comes to the type of haircut, the best way to achieve a youthful glow is to stick to layered haircuts. Layers, layers and more layers. They are your friends. Find cuts that help frame your face or neck well. Haircuts that still have a carefree, light, textured, fluffy and as we already said, layered! This will help you appear more put together but in a low maintenance type of way. It will open up the face and accentuate the features rather than hiding them.

Layers, layers and more layers

curly hair woman

Hair Color

A general rule to follow is that lighter hair colors have a rejuvenating effect. However, that doesn’t mean that going platinum blonde will guarantee that you will look younger. You have to be careful when picking out the right tone and nuance. Hairdressers and color specialist alike recommend, you pick a color that is only two to three tones lighter than your natural hair color. And don’t forget that if you decide to throw in some different nuances, you need to pick them out based on your skin and eye color. However, if you don’t want that radical of a change, we suggest you test the waters by highlighting only certain sectors of the hair. This will also manage to achieve a glow to your skin, make you look younger and change up the hair dynamic.

Pick a color that is two to three tones lighter than your natural hair

woman getting her hair done

Hair Length

Here, people seem to get divided. However, you may have noticed that as both women and men tend to get older, their hairstyles tend to become shorter. This is because shorter hair is generally associated more with youthfulness and an active lifestyle. However, you have to make sure to not overstep the thin line between a youthful, short look and a too short, wrongly accentuating facial features look. The best way to avoid getting the latter is by sticking to lengths that go from the middle of the neck to the chin. There are plenty of variations of this length, from the lob (long bob) to the layered pixie.

Shorter hair is associated more with youthfulness

woman with a lob and bangs


Slicked back hair can create an undesirable look. This is because it gives off an older vibe. That is why it’s best to turn to hairstyles with more volume. However, that doesn’t mean going overboard and having hair as big as your face. Find a good middle ground.  Too much volume can also lead to an aging look. The volume should seem natural and casual. You can achieve some volume by going for hairstyles such as layered ones. You can also use hair products such as some hairspray, but use it in smaller quantities.

Too much volume can also lead to an aging look

volume on pink background


Bangs depend very much on the person. They can be super flattering and make you look younger, this is because it can help hide any wrinkles on the forehead, and it helps accentuate the eyes. There are plenty of varieties when it comes to bangs, so ask your hairdresser which will suit your face the best. If the bangs are too thick they can make your face look rounder and shorter.

There are plenty of varieties when it comes to bangs

woman with bangs

Separating Hair

It may be a classic to separate your hair with a middle part, however that creates a strict vibe, which consequently creates an older vibe. For example, try to put your hair on one side of your face. This will help make the eyes look bigger and seem more expressive. Experiment with your hair. This tip is easy and doesn’t need too much change. It can also add some volume depending on how you style it.

Try to put your hair on one side of your face

hair parted on one side

Everyday Looks

Here are some ideas for everyday looks that will make you look amazing without having to take hours in front of the mirror.


We know having hair in your face can get really annoying. That’s why many women opt for a ponytail for every day. However, as we already mentioned too slicked back hair is not desirable for a youthful look. If you decide to have your hair up in a ponytail, make sure to have a few hair strands around your face. And make sure to not tighten the ponytail too much.

Make sure to leave a few hair strands around your face

ponytail with strands infront of face

Hair Down

Hair down is one of the easiest of hairstyles. However, create a flowy and free feeling by adding some waves. But, if you prefer to wear your hair straight, why not try to add a bit of asymmetry for a cool look.

Create a flowy and free feeling by adding some waves

long blonde hair

More Tips and Tricks

Here are some more secrets to try out in order to achieve the cool look you are going for.

Avoid overdoing it with the products. Using way too many products can make you look older. This goes for both casual looks and more official events.

Accessories. If you decide to use any accessories on your hair, make sure they are of high quality. Avoid any cheap combs, child hairpins and breakable diadems.

Curls, curls, curls. If you want to curl your hair, use curlers. This will create softer and bigger curls like a type of 70s hairstyles. Smaller curls can help create a youthful look, however they are recommended for women from 25 to 30 years.

If you want to curl your hair, use curlers

woman with hair curlers

These were all the tips and ticks we have on how to look younger with just some hairstyle changes. However, keep in mind these ideas will work best when used on healthy, well maintained hair. Always try to give your hair and skin the best possible treatment and care.

These ideas will work best when used on healthy hair

black and white hair

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