20+ Cool Hair Color Ideas 2022

Von John Griffith / February 08 2022

New year, new hair! There are plenty of cool hair color ideas to try out in 2022. And while the biggest trends of the last two years were more focused on pretty, natural and low-maintenance colors, experts predict 2022 is going to be more about having fun. So, if you’ve been eyeing a certain color for a while now, this year is the time to go for it. Trends come and go, and hair color is relatively easy to change up. So, don’t be afraid to experiment! Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to go through all the colors of the rainbow, if you don’t want to. There are also plenty of fresh takes on classic hair colors as well. We’ve prepared a list of cute designs for you to try out this year. Check out our 20+ hair color ideas 2022!

2022 is going to be about having fun

hair color women with different color

What is the Hair Trend for 2022?

2022 is the year of self-expression, being bold, trying out new styles and getting creative. Cutting hair, hair growth, wild hues. Whether you go for a new style or a new color, you won’t regret it. Do some experimenting this year, you never know which hairstyle and color may become your new go-to!

Be bold, try new styles, get creative

blonde hair color ideas hair trend


When it comes to what hairstyles will be dominating this year, stylists are expecting for people to start coming out of their comfort zones. There will be an emphasis placed on self-expression with this year’s hair trends. Expect bolder haircuts, textures and as we mentioned colors! Here are just some styles you can expect to see soon.

People are starting to come out of their comfort zones

best hair color hair styles

Long Layers with Volume

Forget about rigid cuts, they are a thing from the past. No matter if you prefer longer or shorter hair, stylists are opting for more movement and layers than they have ever before. Expect to see soft layered locks with added dimensions.

Beautiful layers with volume

cute hair colors2 feathered layers with highlights

Jaw-Length Bobs

Bobs are a real classic. Whatever year it is, some form of the bob will be in style, 2022 is no different. You can expect to see variations like bobs that are jaw-length with a fringe or chin-length bobs with a middle part. A combination of a bob and a pixie cut will also be a hit this year!

Bobs are always in style

fresh chin length choppy bob haircut for women

Plumed Afro

Since 2022 is the year of self-expression, feel free to embrace what nature gave you. Cherish those curls and texture and give them some extra definition. You can get super creative with your hair. Add dimensional color, bangs, and volume to amplify those waves and curls.

Еmbrace the curls and waves nature gave you

unique hair colors plumped afrp


If you’re not in the mood to cut your hair, but still want a style change, try experimenting with colors. There are plenty of hair color ideas 2022 has to offer, so take advantage and rock some shades you wouldn’t normally. Go big and bold and don’t be afraid!

So many colors to choose from!

colorful hair styles

Fantasy Colors

2021 was the year of light highlights and balayage, however 2022 is opening up its doors to some bolder choices. Stylist predict there will be a transition from pastels to more daring shades. Vibrant colors such as orange, pink and green will be a favorite this year!

2022 is opening up its doors to some bolder choices

hair color trends 2022 fantasy colors green

Fairy Hair

Gen Z is bringing back the glitter galore of fairy hair. Hair tinsels have shown a rise in popularity recently, and we can see why. The great thing about tinsel is that it’s the ultimate hair accessory to give your hair some pizzazz and color without having to permanently dye your hair. And it’s customizable, so you can change or add as many colors as you want!

Hair tinsels have shown a rise in popularity

blonde hair colors hair tinsel featured image

70s Natural Tones

If you’re not a fan of too colorful, don’t worry, the 70s natural tones of blonde will also be one of the dominating colors this year. The blonde tones are great, as they add depth to the hair. Furthermore, this will create an illusion of fuller locks.

Blonde tones add depth to the hair

highlight hair color ideas 70s natural tones

Colorful Hair

If you decide to fully embrace the colorful hair trend for this year, these ideas will definitely catch your eye. Bold, bright and stunning. Your hair will surely be a head turner, and you should embrace it! Look magical with these beautiful hair color ideas.

Warm It Up

With 2022, warmth is coming back as well. No matter what your natural hair color is, you can incorporate warm tones into your silhouette. Add midlights into the usual highlight technique. This will give the beautiful colors a warmer and deeper feel to them. It will connect your base and the lightest highlight seamlessly creating this controlled, multidimensional, warm result. This way of making dimension is also a great idea for fine hair.

Incorporate warm tones into your silhouette

highlight hair color ideas warm it up pink

Dimensional Copper

It’s all about dimensions this year! If oranges and reds are your thing this dimensional copper look is just for you. Copper is one of the colors that looks great on almost all skin tones and creates a regal vibe. You can also add some highlights and money pieces to help frame your facial type.

If oranges and reds are your colors, try this look

hair dyed underneath dimensional copper

Main Anime Character

After all bright, bold hues are going to be all the rage this year. Unnatural colors, such as hot pink, will certainly be a hit. Bright colors are a statement and a bold way of self-expression, so don’t be afraid to try some out and live out your main anime character moment.

Hot pink is a hit this year

brown hair color main anime pink hair

Blonde Hair Ideas

Who said blonde was out of style? There are many shades and hues of blonde you can experiment with if bright colors aren’t your thing. Just because you want to keep the blonde, doesn’t mean you will skip out on the fun. Here are some great examples of how to spice up your hair without being too risky.

Butter Blonde

Butter blonde is a great idea for natural blondes that want to go a bit lighter but not platinum. This type of color is a baby blonde with a hint of warmth to it. It grows out nice and easily and doesn’t need too much maintenance. Consider things like eye, skin, and lip hues to see what is too buttery and what is perfect.

This type of color is a baby blonde with a hint of warmth to it

fall hair color ideas butter blonde emilia silberg

Winter White

This type of blonde will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd. Winter white transports us back to the old glamour of 50s Hollywood beauties such as Jane Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe. It’s an amazing retake on the classic bottle blonde look.

Anya Taylor-Joy rocks the winter white hair color

hair color for short hair anna taylor joy winter white blonde

Flower Child Blonde

For an effortless blonde that can be worn all year long, this color and style is great. This rooted retro-blonde is stunning. Keep your roots natural and fade baby blonde shades into the rest of your hair. Keep in mind it will be easier to maintain this look if you are a natural blond, darker hair will requite more frequent upkeep.

This rooted retro-blonde is stunning

blonde hair ideas flower child blonde

Dark Hair Color Ideas

Natural hair colors are always in style, this year is no exception. Embrace the beautiful dark-colored locks and styles. There are plenty of hair color ideas 2022 has to offer for darker hair, that can change up your look without being too extreme. So don’t worry and check-out some of these ideas we put together for inspiration.

Black Diamond

Don’t be afraid to go full on dark. Beautiful and shiny black takes us back to a place of control and glamour.  This color represents power, charisma, and authority. It also looks shiner and healthier and goes well with a wide range of skin tones. Make sure to gloss it to make it as shiny as possible!

J-Lo has natural, beautiful, black hair

cool hair dye ideas jlo real black hair

Expensive Brunette

Many celebrities have been switching over this year from blonde to brunette. So, if you’re thinking of following in their footsteps, go for an expensive brunette look. It gives a deeper hair energy, dimension, and detail. It’s not about just going for one town of brown, but more so creating deeper shades of the color for an expensive, multidimensional feel.

This color and style gives a deeper hair energy, dimension, and detail

hair ideas expensive brunette

Midnight Hair

Celebrities have been loving this color. This is because it’s always a surprise. In some lights it may look black, while in others, you can see hints of browns. It’s a perfect choice i you’ve always wanted to go dark. Beautiful and captivating.

Megan Fox midnight hair looks captivating 

popular hair color ideas megan fox midnight hair

Highlights Hair Color

You want some change, but nothing too bold? Try out some highlights! You can get them in natural tones or in cool colors, it’s all up to you! The great thing about them is that they don’t take over your whole hair but can create great illusions and can be changed up easily if you get bored.


As we mentioned, 2022 is the year of self-expression and embracing what nature gave you. Give your curly hair some colors that will make it thrive. Placement is very important, as with all the movement and volume, it’s easy to get lost in it all. Choose the curls you want to pop and paint them as you want to see them.

Curls, curls, curls

spring hair colors curllights

Vivid Overlays

Bring some drama into your hair. Add some colorful, vivid highlights, money pieces or even an ombré dipped in bold tones. Blending the pop of color with the natural base is both balanced and visually impactful. And you can experiment with different colors!

Add colorful, vivid highlights, money pieces or even an ombré dipped in bold tones to your natural hair color

balayage vivid overlay

Auburn Pop

Red has been a staple color for quite some time now. However, if you don’t want to fully commit, consider having your stylist weave some red pieces into your base shade. Shades of auburn are a subtle way to give your hair some pop and create dimension.

If you don’t want to fully commit, weave some red pieces into your base shade

hair colors 2022 auburn pop

Popular Hair Color Ideas

If you still don’t know what you want to do with your hair this year, here are some popular color ideas you can take inspiration from. Mix and match colors and styles. Make your hair match you, your personality, preferences, and style!

Sand Tropez

If you can’t decide between blonde or brunette, this sand shade celebrities have been rocking is a real hit! It’s neither ash nor gold but more so a beautiful blend of both. Created by mixing highlights and midlights it makes a multidimensional shade of warm sandy and cool beige tones.

Kylie Jenner rocks the sandy hair look

fun hair colors kylie jenner sandy hair

Cinnamon Red

This color is great if you want color, but nothing too wild. This red has a softer take on the original bold color. There are many hair types of red, make sure to get the right one for your skin tone. This color in particular goes great for people with creamy skin and anyone with some peachy warmth to them.

Cinnamon red looks etheral on Jessica Chastain

red and blonde highlights jessica chastain cinnamon red hair

Fantasy Blue

Blue will be a popular choice for this year’s winter. New season, new hair! Blue goes great if you have pale skin, but it does bring out any redness you have, so keep that in mind. This hair looks cool as hell and is definitely a showstopper.

New season, new hair!

hair dye ideas blue hair

We hope you found some inspiration in these hair color ideas 2022. Now you have an idea of what to get at your next appointment at the hair salon! Why not experiment this year and find the best color for you!

These were our hair color ideas 2022

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