5 Things To Do Before Getting a Tattoo, According to Tattoo Artists

by Maria Konou

Have you been thinking about getting a new tattoo recently? Do you want to make the experience the least complicated and painful? If so, you have come to the right place. Preparing for your tattoo appointment is just as important as your actual tattoo appointment itself, even more. That is because with the right prep work, you can ensure that the experience is the most enjoyable it can be for you. In addition, this will also affect the quality of your tattoo. In this article, we have comprised the most important things tattoo artists want you to do before getting a tattoo. If you follow these tips, you will ensure that your tattoo experience always goes as smoothly as possible! Without further ado, let’s get into the suggestions:

Let’s take a look at the most important things you need to do before getting a tattoo

good things to do before getting a tattoo

5 Things To Do Before Getting a Tattoo, According to Tattoo Artists

#Get Plenty of Sleep

You might think that getting enough sleep is not as important before a tattoo. However, that is not really the case. In reality, getting enough sleep will ensure that your hormones are balanced, and you are well-rested. During the process of getting a tattoo, you want to be in tune with your body, and as relaxed as possible. If you only slept for a couple of hours the night before, you will be more exhausted, fidgety, and restless. This can surely affect the quality of your tattoo, so make sure to go to bed earlier the night before your appointment.

Getting enough sleep before a tattoo is crucial for both your body and your mind

things to do before your tattoo appointment

#Avoid the Sun

That is probably a no-brainer since the sun is one of the biggest enemies of tattoos, especially fresh ones. But did you know that it is also advised to avoid the sun in the days prior to your appointment? That is because prolonged sun exposure can cause sunburns and excessive tanning, which will both affect the tattooing process and result. Sunburned skin cannot be tattooed at all. When it comes to tanning, when your tan starts to disappear, the colors of your tattoo will change, as well.

Too much time in the sun after and prior to your appointment is not advised

important things to do before getting a tattoo

#Limit Alcohol Intake

Going to get a tattoo drunk or tipsy is out of the question. However, limiting alcohol is important even a few days prior to your tattoo appointment. Additionally, caffeine is also not recommended because it can make you twitchy and increase bleeding. What is absolutely recommended is to hydrate with water. So, take your ice-cold water bottle with you and sip to hydrate your body and skin.

Proper hydration and limiting alcohol is a must when getting tattooed

things to do before getting a tattoo to reduce pain

#Prep the Skin

During the process of tattooing, your skin goes through a lot. That is why, you need the right prep. First, make sure to shower, exfoliate, and shave the area if needed. If your skin gets easily irritated, maybe shave a few days before your appointment to avoid razor burns and bumps. Exfoliating the area before and after shaving can help limit these irritations and protect you from ingrown hairs. Take a look at the smooth shave handbook for our best tips and tricks for smooth shaving. In addition, make sure to nourish and moisturize your skin the days prior to your appointment to make sure that it is ready and prepped. Using natural oils and ingredients is the best!

Prepping your skin for your new tattoo is a crucial step in the process

best things to do before getting a tattoo

#Eat a Nutritious Meal

Your body needs all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it can get before your tattoo appointment. It is not a good idea to eat fast food the night before and then show up to get your tattoo done. Not having breakfast is also not an option! The best thing you can do is to watch what you eat the days prior to your appointment. Make sure you are getting enough fruits, veggies, protein, and carbs. On the morning of your appointment, prepare yourself a nutritious breakfast like an avocado toast with egg or oatmeal topped with delicious fruits. In addition, make sure to hydrate well the days prior to your tattoo, not only the day of!

Eating a nutritious meal can make all the difference in how you are feeling 

things you need to do before getting a tattoo

Now you know which are the things you need to do before getting a tattoo!

things to do before getting a tattoo

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