80 + Original and Stylish Suggestions for Creating the Perfect Nursery

by John Griffith

If you are expecting a little addition to the family, you are probably excited about the prospect of designing and furnishing their very own special room. However, fun as it might sound, decorating a nursery can be quite confusing too. There are so many different opinions and so much variety on the market! How do you choose a solution that is not only beautiful and unique, but also perfectly suited for your home? Well, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of over 80 beautiful and original baby nursery ideas. There are designs for boys, girls, and even twins! Naturally, there are also plenty of versatile and stylish gender neutral options.

Chic baby nursery ideas – we love this minimalistic white and pale pink combination

baby girl nursery ideas, fluffy rocking sheep toy, near pure white crib, with pale pink doll and blanket, light gray shiny tiled floor

Picking the right color palette

Neutral colors have become increasingly popular in the last few decades. While there is definitely nothing wrong with sticking to the classic pale pink and light blue hues, those who want to create a more modern nursery should opt for soft gray, beige or brown tones. Not only do they look versatile and sophisticated, but some experts even suggest that they have a soothing effect on babies and toddlers, helping them to relax and fall asleep quicker.

Vibrant, saturated colors are also a great choice for your little bundle’s first room. They are much more playful and fun, and are said to stimulate youngsters’ creativity and intelligence. However, if the color palette is too shrill, it might cause restlessness and lack of concentration later on in life, so it is better to avoid using too much bright red and orange hues.

Personalized murals are a huge hit at the moment, and with a good reason – they are just as unique as your little one, and help boost imagination at an early age. If you decide to opt for a decal or mural, make sure you cover one or two walls at most. Having the entire room painted in multicolored drawings might seem like a fun idea, but it can be overwhelming and tiring for little eyes.

Colorful and refreshing cacti mural

gender neutral nursery, watercolor effect wallpaper, with light green cacti pattern, white wooden baby crib, dark wooden floor, nature inspired room

Choosing suitable decorations

When it comes to decorating nurseries, it’s better to keep things simple, functional and stylish. A crib, a changing table, a rocking chair, and one or two small cupboards are enough to make your baby’s room feel cozy, without over-cluttering it. In a similar vain, decorative items should be kept to a minimum. Opt for one or two statement artworks, large non-threatening stuffed animal (giraffe, zebra, elephant), or indoor plants. Yes, plants – you read that correctly! Although placing greenery in sleeping areas was considered taboo in the past, recent research has shown that some plant species are in fact very beneficial to human health. As we have covered in another article, potted lavender is a great choice for mums and babies, as it relieves anxiety and helps little ones sleep better.

How cute is this owlet painting?

dark brown and white walls, light gray crib with white bedding, gender neutral nursery, painting of adorable owl, light beige floor

Baby nursery ideas – simple yet stylish

moon and pink cloud wall decoration, near wicker baby basket, three small decorative suitcases, framed dried flowers, baby girl nursery ideas

This video is a great source of inspiration for those thinking of a Scandinavian-style nursery

White and gray – a chic and versatile combination

dark bluish-gray mural with white clouds, two wooden shelves, with potted plants, white wooden crib, and beige rocking chair, in gender neutral nursery

Organic, nature-inspired nursery

organic nature-inspired, gender neutral nursery, with white walls, wooden baby basket, with sheer white baldachin, various green plants and toys

Contrary to popular belief, plants can be beneficial to babies’ health

two indoor plants, in ceramic pots, cactus and succulent, bag with stuffed toys, gender neutral nursery, stuffed sheep robot and ball, patterned rug in white and beige

Gentle floral patterns and cozy knits are ideal for your little one’s room

antique dark wooden baby crib, and pink chunky-knit cozy, in room with gentle floral wallpaper, baby girl nursery ideas, pale pink curtains, and various toys

Stylish reading corner with comfy rocking chair

drawings of different animals, and an inspirational poster, near shelves with children's books, and white rocking chair, baby girl nursery ideas, neutral natural colors

unicorn head made of fabric, mounted on a wall, baby girl nursery ideas, with white wallpaper, featuring a pale blue, and olive green floral pattern

tassels in golden, white and pink colors, hanging near cream wall, baby girl nursery ideas, decorated with burlap banners, motivational posters and others

fluffy white carpet, baby girl nursery ideas, with pale gray basket, containing white plush cover, pale pink baby's dress, with flamingo pattern, tiny rose gold shoes, and others

When shopping for a mobile, consider opting for a hand-made one

baby nursery ideas, mobile made from light wood, and decorated with leaves, animals and mushrooms, made from felt

chest of drawers, made from massive pale brown wood, near white crib, baby girl nursery ideas, three hanging potted plants, plush ram's head decoration

baby girl themes, pale off-white wall, decorated with triangle shapes, in natural colors, with white wooden crib, plush ram's head decoration, and hanging potted plants

green plants in white pots, hanging from the ceiling, near white crib, massive wooden chest of drawers, baby girl themes

Minimalistic nursery in white and blue

three images in white frames, hanging over white wooden crib, with beige details, gender neutral nursery, large green plant, stuffed gray octopus toy

coral pink and beige bedding, and two matching fluffy cushions, in white crib, on pink carpet, with black and orange motifs, baby girl themes, peruvian aesthetic

changing table in white, with small rack, holding many bows, and hairbands in different colors, baby girl themes, near six framed images, of pale pastel drawings

octopus plush toy, on white wooden crib, in gender neutral nursery, with white walls, beige carpet and green potted plant, round mirror and other decorations

We love this gentle floral pattern

little toddler girl, standing in white, ornate wooden crib, baby girl themes, near white wall, with pale pastel, water color-like floral print

baloons in shiny golden color, shaped like letters, spelling the word baby, hung on a window, with pastel pink curtains, baby girl themes, rocking unicorn toy

floral arrangement with white, light and dark pink faux roses, forming the latter a, over a white wooden crib, baby girl themes, floral bedding and stuffed sheep toy

The perfect room for a little explorer!

navy blue rug, with white pattern, in gender neutral nursery, one wall covered with different maps, wooden crib with white bedding

zebra cushion on white rocking chair, near pale brown wooden crib, with white and blue bedding, boys room ideas, brown walls and a ceiling fan lamp

minimalist boys room ideas, gray and white walls, black and white fireplace, black wooden crib, mobile with animals

turquoise cupboards near white wooden crib, baby nursery ideas, off-white sofa, three multicolored canvases, many cushions in various colors and patterns, baby nursery ideas

A creative and original idea, that is sure to stimulate your youngster’s imagination

realistic wall mural, with three dark brown trees, near tipi or teepee, made from beige fabric and wood, baby nursery ideas, white crib and beige armchair

teepee or tipi, made with cream colored fabric, and wooden poles, on fluffy gray carpet, baby nursery ideas

close up of a wooden pole, with five wooden planks nailed to it, baby nursery ideas, some are colored with a splash of paint, all bear the names of imaginary places, with little arrows

flower-shaped rug in two tones of gray, near white and beige baby crib, baby girl themes, pastel pink bedding, two stuffed toys

crib made from wood, and painted white, in nursery with blue and white figural wallaper, boys room ideas, colorful plastic mobile, and soft toy

colorful mobile over gray wooden crib, boys room ideas, near white wall, with wooden board, decorated with pale gray letters, spelling the word crew

Gender neutral rooms – aesthetically pleasing and versatile 

rocking armchair in white, near wooden crib in white and brown, in bright nursery, decorated with light neutral colors

neutral colors in nursery room, dark wooden crib and matching changing table, four framed images, wall mural with gray mountains, pale white armchair

paneling in white, and white wallpaper, with flower pattern in yellow, blue and green, near white crib with yellow bows, decorative mirror in ornate frame

baby girl room décor, dark gray walls, pink and white striped curtain, white wooden crib, pale pastel pink carpet

The perfect solution for moms who like to be near their baby at all times

bed with striped duvet, in dark gray and white, near white and gray baby crib, wall mural depicting a city scape, painted in gray, various yellow motifs

dark gray armchair, and matching footstool, near baby crib in white and pale pink, and matching chest of drawers, baby girl room décor, pale lavender walls, toys and decorations

airplane near sun and mountains, painted on a white wall, in boy nursery, yellow and white carpet, black wooden crib, and matching changing table

star motifs on gray wall, decorated with black text, and elephant and deer plush heads, near white baby crib, rocking horse chair, and changing table with shelves, baby girl room décor

four vibrant pink and white cushions, placed on storage bench, and small white rocking chair, baby girl room décor, striped rug in cream and blue, stuffed elephant toy

Simple and functional nursery furniture

furniture for a nursery, a set of brown baby crib, wardrobe and changing table, baby girl room décor, in white room, with toys and clothes

wicker baby basket, with rocking wooden feet, in pale beige, covered with white and ivory embroidered fabric, retro nursery ideas, light laminate floor

simple baby room, minimalist nursery ideas, off-white wallpaper with fox pattern, brown wooden crib, red fire-engine toy, and stuffed lamb doll

striped red and blue child's jumper, hanging on dark blue wall, with matching chest of drawers, white crib and teddy bear, boys room ideas

yellow and white dots, on navy blue wall, inside boy nursery, with white wooden crib, and rocking armchair

Would you rather choose a light color palette…

sparkly ivory baldachin, over white classical crib, near large elephant toy, made from brown fabric, girl nursery themes, white armchair nearby

…or opt for darker colors?

crochet blanket with tassels, on light wooden crib, in room with dark gray walls, and pastel pink, striped and patterned carpet, baby girl room décor, floral wallpaper in gray tones

chandelier in white, inside baby room in light neutral colors, girl nursery themes, white crib near stuffed zebra toy, pale wallpaper and four framed drawings of animalscontrasting baby girl room décor, white and dark gray theme, white crib and cupboard, dark gray banner with baby's name

retro-inspired nursery ideas, white wooden crib, with beige details, matching chest of drawers, wooden laminate floor, and multicolored modern rug

decal with a cartoon tree, birds and animals, on pale blue wall, near light turquoise cupboard, baby girl room décor, orange crib with light green bedding, and vintage rocking chair

How amazing is this all-in-one baby corner?

all-in-one baby crib, with changing table, storage space and shelves, made from brown wood, inside a boy nursery, with teal blue walls, blonde woman holding a baby

lavender and white walls, in a baby's room, with white metal crib, girl nursery themes, smiling toddler pushing white cart with toys

A sweet Labrador, waiting for her new human friend

horse and two elephants, white mural on light brown wall, nursery ideas for girls and boys, cream colored wooden crib, fluffy off-white carpet, sleeping labrador retriever

girl nursery themes, pastel pink and yellow baby's room, with white furniture, and pale pastel green details, rocking chair and clothes

lots of multicolored paper lanterns, with different colors, shapes and sizes, hanging over orange baby crib, nursery ideas, pale orange armchair

chest of drawers in bright yellow, covered with baby items and toys, nursery ideas, next to white wall, with navy stripes, decorated with images in colorful frames, mirror and a wall clock

Nautical themes are very popular at the moment

round wall mirror, near framed text, and wooden whale ornament, boys room ideas, black wooden crib, white and blue wallpaper

sailor themed boys room ideas, octopus painting and wooden fish ornament, three framed family photos, knotted rope decorations

boys room ideas, vintage inspired nursery, dark wooden floor, white rug with blue floral baroque pattern, ornate white baby crib, antique black lamp

dark brown and gray wooden planks, on boy nursery wall, with wire letters spelling baby's name, beige and brown carpet

baldachin in gray, over vintage metal crib, with lots of cushions in different colors, white cupboard with shelves nearby, girl nursery themes, oriental rug and rocking horse

Expecting twins? We’ve got you covered! Check out these cool suggestions:

nursery ideas for twins, orange and white striped rug, pale beige carpet, two identical white, wooden cribs with cushions and toys

set of two cribs, in white and pale beige, each containing a teddy bear, baby nursery for twins, zig zag beige and cream carpet, white curtains and vintage shelf

twin boy and girl, baby nursery ideas, white cribs decorated with pink and green ribbons, two white tables and armchairs, green curtains and large stuffed giraffe toy

rocking gray elephant, and fluffy white horse, large stuffed giraffe toy, two white cribs, floating air balloon decorations, in room with gray walls, twin nursery ideas

A room, fit for a little princess

princess room for a baby, with big live-like giraffe toy, ornate carpet in gray and white, fireplace with golden details, white vintage crib, girl nursery themes

off-white and pale beige baby nursery, with vintage crib, and matching changing table with drawers, armchair and toys

matching gray ornamental crib, and cupboard with shelves, in baby nursery, with pale yellow walls, and tree mural, decorated with tiny fairy lights

teddy bear and giraffe stuffed toys, in baby nursery, with pastel turquoise walls, yellow armchair and red paisley print stool, cream-colored crib, and matching cupboard

baroque framed mirror, white crystal chandelier, near mirrored chest of drawers, baby nursery with white crib, wooden floor with white lambskin rug

You don’t need a lot of space to create a stylish and functional nursery

modern girl nursery themes, pale gray baby crib, in room with white and gray wash walls, lots of toys in pastel colors

woodland wall decal, with threes and birds, in large baby nursery, with white crib and sofa, lots of framed drawings, chest of drawers and cupboard

wallpaper in blue, with sun and moon pattern, in boy nursery, with pale beige wooden furniture, clothes and stuffed toys

stuffed animal toys, in pale beige basket, near white crib, with pink bedding, girl nursery themes , spacious room with white walls, and pale pink curtains

metal ornamental crib in black, with gray and white bedding, near beige armchair, with matching foot stool, in baby nursery, with pale blue walls, white paneling and small dark gray mural

beige carpets and armchair, in baby nursery, with yellow walls, decorated with light brown, yellow and blue mural, white wooden crib, small table and four chairs

Sweet baby nursery ideas for boys

vivid blue and white room, baby boy nursery, white wooden crib, with matching wardrobe, and changing table, blue rug on light laminate floor

baby nursery, in gray and yellow, with creamy light gray crib, large ornate wall mirror, dark gray armchair, white and yellow cushion, and other yellow details

boy nursery, with beige and white walls, with star motifs, dark brown crib, dark navy details, pale blue elephant toy

white clouds painted on a blue wall, in boy nursery, other visible wall is white, and features a tree mural, with colorful leaves and owls, brown wooden crib

spacious room with large framed zebra painting, on dark gray wall, with white and yellow dots, brown wooden crib, baby nursery ideas, shelves and mirrors


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