How to Spring Clean Your Bedroom and Home Office

by Maria Konou

The time for spring refreshing and cleaning is upon us, but this year it can be even lighter and easier. If you have ever wondered how to spring clean your bedroom and home office, you are at the right place! In this guide, we will show you some lazy hacks that will make this year’s spring cleaning and decluttering a breeze. We will focus on the bedroom and the home office area. These expert tips and ideas focus on a quick and effective cleaning. Without further ado, here is how to spring clean your bedroom and home office.

These lazy hacks will help you spring clean your bedroom and home office

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How to Spring Clean Your Bedroom and Home Office

The Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your place of zen calm and complete relaxation. You should feel safe and secure at all times. Apart from the general cleaning we all do, there are some lazy hacks that will make your spring cleaning easier. Here are some tips on how to avoid visual chaos and a messy room:

The bedroom should be a place of complete calm and relaxation

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#Hidden Storage

One of the best lazy hacks that you need to implement in the spring, is using hidden storage spaces. For example, you can place a basket under an open nightstand and store blankets or decorative pillows there. You can also buy one of those stools or poufs that have a large hidden compartment for extra storage. This is a great way to keep your room tidy after a good spring clean. Just use the hidden storage compartments in your room!

A hidden storage compartment is a great way to keep your bedroom tidy

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#Under The Bed

If you don’t have closet space, under-bed storage also works wonders for keeping the bedroom tidy after a deep clean. You can store any out-of-season clothing or accessories in space-saving vacuum storage bags or a foldable cloth bag. Before putting any of the clothing away, however, deal with the clothing items that have holes, stains, or stitches. Then all you need to do is place these bags under the bed, where they will remain hidden until the next season!

Under-bed storage is a great alternative for seasonal fashion and accessories

how to spring clean home office

The Office

A messy desk and a messy mind go hand in hand. That is why, keeping your home office tidy is a lot more important than you might think. So, make your office space a place that brings you productivity again. Just follow the advice of the spring-cleaning experts:

No one likes a messy and disorganized home office space

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#Follow The Rule of Three

Open shelves are great storage solutions in theory until you fill them with all of your stuff and everything becomes cluttered. So, when it comes to your open shelves and bookcases, try to limit non-book items to a maximum of three per shelf. Their sizes and shapes can vary, but try to match them by color or theme. This will visually help distribute the items throughout the shelves, so your office space can look tidier and less cluttered.

When it comes to open shelves, follow the rule of three

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#Leave Room For Growth

If you fill your bookshelves to the brim with books, then you won’t have any room to keep growing your collection. So, aim to leave at least 10% of each shelf bare and without books. Before you fill the shelves with books, do a side-by-side comparison, ask yourself – If I could only keep one of these two volumes, which would it be? Leaving room here and there will make all the difference when you see the big picture!

Try to leave room for growth by leaving some space bare

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#Untangling Cords and Cables

Between chargers, lamp cords, and laptop cables, your desk can quickly become a maze that is impossible to sort through. Experts suggest stowing cords in a box that keeps things tidy, or install a shelf with cord “ports.” You can also use small clipboards to label cables for ease of use. Your desk should be as minimal as possible, free of any flying cables and chargers, so you can concentrate on what’s important and get some work done.

Avoid having any tangled cables and chargers on your desk while working

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Now you know the best lazy hacks for how to spring clean your bedroom and home office. Scroll down to find more spring cleaning guides to help make your home like new. Once you remove all of the distractions and clutter, you will see how much better you will feel!

Now you know how to spring clean your bedroom and home office!

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