6 Budget-Friendly Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

by Maria Konou

Our homes should reflect the personal style and interests of those who live there, especially when it comes to the bedroom. When a child outgrows their nursery or moves into their pre-teen years, their tastes change in everything! From favorite movie characters to favorite foods and how they want their rooms to look. You can spend a good amount of money to update their bedrooms to reflect their new stage of life. Or, you can read this guide and find out how to avoid breaking the bank. Design professionals share the most budget-friendly tips for decorating а child’s bedroom on a reasonable budget, so let’s dive in:

Here are the most budget-friendly tips for decorating а child’s bedroom

how to decorate a child's room on a budget

Budget-Friendly Tips for Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Get your child involved

An easy way to spend a bunch of money is to design your child’s room in your style, and not theirs. Kids have lots of ideas for their special spaces, and you definitely don’t want to have to redecorate twice. Even if you think you know what they like, talk to them, since they will be spending the most time in the room. Not only will you hit the target with your changes, but you will also make your child feel special and included in the whole project. Giving your child a safe and creative space to grow up is the ultimate goal.

Talk to your kids and make them feel included in this special project

how to decorate a nursery

Don’t just rely on one theme

If your child has a strong interest in a specific theme, whether it is race cars, princesses, wild animals or something else, you might be tempted to turn every corner of their room into a themed area. Kids’ tastes can change in a day, and you don’t want to create a bedroom that entirely revolves around a favorite character or sport, only to have your child dislike it months later. Instead, decorate their space with items that reflect their specific interests. This allows them to showcase their interests without a huge outlay, and also makes it easier to swap items when their tastes change.

Do not rely on one theme for the decoration of the entire room

how to decorate a children's room

Little things have a big impact

Remember that kids don’t actually know how much their dream room might cost. It is always tempting to want to give your kids exactly what they ask for when it comes to their own room. But, remember that it will still be their special space even without all the knick-knacks. Start with the wall color. Ask your child which color makes them the happiest, and then choose a shade of that color that will grow with him. Choosing the loudest and brightest yellow, for example, may be overkill. Sticking to more neutral versions as a base tone can help accommodate changing color preferences, while also sticking to decorative pillows, blankets, and accessories for brighter, more saturated colors. If unsure whether to repaint an entire room, try just one wall and go from there. Walls are also an excellent place to hang artwork that suits their interests.

Try to choose a color that will grow with your child and make it happy

how to decorate a child's bedroom

Use their own talents

Is your child an artist? Let them create their own artwork to adorn their walls. It is hard to find a better deal than letting their creative genius loose with a few items. If they don’t like to draw or paint, take them to the craft store to pick out their own project. Even adding an area for their Lego creations can serve as art that has a lot of meaning to the child. Never underestimate your child’s own creativity. A few inexpensive canvases, a few tubes of washable acrylic paint, and a party afternoon, your little Picasso can make his or her own wall decor.

Instead of buying expensive wall art, let your child’s creativity loose 

decorating kids:guest bedroom

Buy versatile furniture

Instead of buying a race car bed or one that looks like a royal carriage, think about what your child needs now and what their next stage of life looks like. Not only are specially themed beds and dressers expensive, but they lack the durability and versatility that a kid needs. For example, buy a desk that can serve as a play table for now, with drawers that can store their favorite toys today and their school and learning supplies later. If their dresser handles are sturdy, you can replace them as your kid’s interests change. Remember that you don’t have to buy furniture for children when designing their space. Instead, opt for quality and durability that will last through the changes.

Just because you are decorating a bedroom for a child, does not mean buy children’s furniture

decorate a children's bedroom

Shop second-hand

There are so many places where you can find great furniture, or wallpapers and other accessories for a fraction of the cost of new. Check out Facebook Marketplace for items for sale in your area. Some sellers even offer delivery if getting it to your home is an issue. Second-hand stores can also be a treasure trove of items that no longer serve their previous owner, but may be perfect for what your child has in mind. You can even make it a fun DIY project with your kid, to sand and repaint some of these pieces of furniture! That way, your kid can gain experience and confidence in their skills, and you will get to spend some quality time together!

Be creative when choosing furniture and look around for the most treasured items

how to decorate a child's small bedroom

In Conclusion

Now you probably see that decorating your child’s bedroom does not have to drain your finances and cause you stress. Instead, you can be smart, pragmatic, and, of course, creative to make the bedroom of your child’s dreams. Get inspired to repurpose items, and look at unexpected places. Also, make little DIY projects with your child, and immerse them into the process. Give them confidence and a new set of skills that they will cherish and remember later in life. You will not only decorate your child’s bedroom according to their taste, but you will also spend quality time together as a family. So, remember these practical tips for decorating а child’s bedroom, and you will be fine!

Now you know the best tips for decorating a child’s bedroom on a budget!

how to decorate children's bedroom

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