Modern Home Decor: Trends and Ideas for 2022

by Maria Konou

Spring 2022 is almost here and with it the perfect time for a change! In the springtime, it is good to take some time for your home and think of new ways to refresh it. A deep spring cleaning is essential and the first step of this process. What’s more, a long-overdue declutter is also something you should make time for. Throw away all the things that take up your space, but you do not really use or need. And, what comes after the cleaning, decluttering, and organizing is the best part of any home improvement- a change in the decor! A few new colors, houseplants, textures, and cool objects can completely transform the look and feel of your home! You would be surprised at how much fresher your home will feel after a house pampering session. So, that is why in this article we will discuss modern home decor. Continue reading to see our list of the best trends and cool home decor ideas for you to try for 2022:

Let’s dive into what modern home decor for 2022 is 

small apartment cute room decor ideas

What are the best home decor trend and styles for 2022?

Curved Furniture and Decoration Silhouettes

Moving along sharp lines of mid-century modern! There is a new silhouette in town! Soft furniture silhouettes with curved edges and feminine shapes are all what 2022 is about!  This modern home decor trend combines the fun and the comfortable and turns each object into a piece of art. So, make sure to add some feminine round shapes to your home – think couches, candles, vases, sofas, and so on.

A curved couch is all the rage in 2022

vintage home interior products orange couch

Circular shapes are everywhere

vintage home interior products blue cabinets

Cushion like furniture adds for a dreamy design 

colorful and unique home designs pink

The fluffier, the better

aesthetic living room with natural elements

Sharp corners are no longer a thing in 2022

cool things to buy for your room ideas

More Sustainability

Sustainability will still be going strong in 2022. As it should! Consciously-designed and responsibly manufactured products will become more popular and more accessible! What’s more, second-hand furniture and textile will transform any home and add character and uniqueness to your space. So, repurpose your old furniture, change colors, add textures! A more sustainable home decor design does not mean your home will sacrifice its beautiful design.

Focus on long-lasting natural materials 

aesthetic living room earth tones inspiration

Keep it simple and functional 

ethical and sustainable home decor idea

Add lots of natural light into the rooms

natural home decor sustainable interior design

The perfect sustainable home mixes beauty and consciousness 

sustainable natural home decor with lots of lights

Reuse and repurpose your old furniture 

sustainable living room design ideas 2022

Find beauty in what you already have and give it a new life

sustainable decor accent pieces for living room

Opt for soft and natural colors 

sustainable home decor with natural elements

Thrifted furniture can completely transform your home 

vintage home interior products for your home

A Combination of Different Textures and Patterns

Texture is important! Even the most basic and ordinary colors and designs can look exceptional when you incorporate lots of different textures. In 2022, mastering the texture mix is going to be significant. There will be more soft velvets, bouclé fabrics, and plush textures. All of these different elements will add warmth and create a truly inviting space!

Do not be afraid to play with texture

bohemian bedroom inspired by nature sustainable

Mixing patterns can become your favorite design trick for 2022

curved funtiure colorful home decor

The wilder the patterns and colors, the better

pink home decor inspiration clashing colors

Experiment with the textile in your rooms

vintage home interior products transparent table tops

Bold Patterns and Colors

Lots of colors and then more! This 2022 modern home decor trend transforms your home into a wild place that is full of life and vibrancy. You can go far with the use of bold patterns and colors. What’s more, if you add different textures and clashing patterns to the mix, you will further elevate this trend. So, what are you waiting for? Turn your house into the colorful, eclectic, magical place you always wanted!

Don’t be afraid to play with colors and to experiment 

vintage home interior products green bed

The art of combining bright colors and different textures

unique masculine wall art colorful inspo

A great way to add more color to a room is by accessorizing 

unique and modern shelf decor colorful

A unique idea and some fresh paint can go a long way

unique and colorful home decor blue stairs

Create a truly unique place for you and your loved ones

masculine wall art cool room decor

Gain inspiration from the world around you 

mr buckley

Shapes and color add dimension and uniqueness to every room

colorful home decor hallway design idea

Add colorful magic to every room

artistic colorful home decor for women

Nature-Inspired Motifs

Green is always good! Nature-inspired motifs and elements are a great design trend for 2022. So, opt for earth tones, green shades, natural textures, an abundance of white elements, and lots of light. What’s more, take a trip to the local green store and get a couple of new plants. They will add so much freshness to your environment, and their pots can be a great addition to your room’s decor!

Green is so in!

accent pieces for living room green round coach

Lots of natural light and space

aesthetic living room inspired by nature

Look for inspiration in nature 

cool things to buy for your room natural elements

Add more pots and plants

cute room decor inspired by nature

Play with earth tones like dark greens and browns 

natural home decor green wall art

Create dimension with different shades and hues of green

natural aesthetic living room in green

Mix natural textures and lots of wooden elements with green luscious plants 

natural home decor with plans and white

Colorful Tableware

Colorful tableware is the newest obsession. Why? Think about it! Why have plain old transparent wine glasses when you can get super colorful and unique ones? The same goes for your cups, mugs, bowls, and dishes! Turn your kitchen into a dreamy place full of unique and colorful pieces of art. Moreover, make sure to get yourself one of those funky ceramic mugs for morning coffees and late-night teas.

Colorful wine glasses are the new cool

cool things to buy for your room colorful wine glasses

Morning coffee tastes best in a funky ceramic mug

cute stuff for your room clay mugs

Rainbow glass is one of the biggest trends for 2022

modern decorative objects colored glass

Match your tableware colors with your kitchen design 

cute stuff for your room colorful dishes

Ceramic plates and bows are a great addition to every tableware collection

modern shelf decor colorful clay plates

Useful and beautiful at the same time 

modern shelf decor colorful glass

Plush Cozy Textures

In 2022, the plushier and fluffier things are, the better. The modern home decor trend first gained popularity last year when the cloud-like couches became all we all thought about. And since all of us are spending more time at home because of the pandemic, it makes sense to turn it into a cozy space. So, add some plush elements to your decor like fluffy bedding, pillows, blankets and even furniture!

As if you are walking on clouds 

unique home designs white and fluffy couch

Plush bedding is a great addition to the bedroom design

fluffy and cute room decor bedroom

Fluffy carpets and plush sofas are part of the trend

cute room decor less is more inspired

Treat yourself to a plush bean bag chair 

cool accessories for room bean chair for livingroom

Add fluffiness wherever you can

accent pieces for living room fluffy chairs

Unique Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

Wallpapers can transform any room into a completely new experience. Since wallpapers come in so many different patterns, designs, textures, and colors, you can really get creative with them. Think not only about the design of your wallpaper, but also the placement. The biggest trends for 2022 include small bathrooms with eclectic and colorful walls, accent walls in bedrooms and living rooms, and even colorful ceilings! We suggest using a unique wallpaper as an accent rather than using it for the whole room. Moreover, you can play with the styles and make every room in your home special with a splash of colorful wallpaper.

Small bathrooms are the perfect place for a funky wallpaper

vintage home interior products pink wallpaper

Make a unique retro-inspired powder room with the use of eclectic wallpaper

powder room reveal trendy room decor

Place a wallpaper on your ceiling for a brave and impressionable design 

trendy room decor bedroom with colorful ceilings

Or, switch up your kitchen walls with a new wallpaper

accent pieces for living room and kitchens

Your personal starry night sky 

cool room decor unique wallpaper idea

Colorful Gucci wallpapers are a great addition to every trendy home 

cool accessories for room snake wallpaper

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