How to Find a Sofa That Fits

by John Griffith

In any living room, the sofa is a focal point. So, you want to make sure it fits well, not only in the physical space but also in the design of the room and your family’s lifestyle. As you begin hunting for a new couch, keeping a few simple guidelines in mind will help ensure that every aspect fits. Match the dimensions of the room, identify the features and materials that make the most sense for your family, find a style that matches the décor, and finally confirm that the price tag fits your budget.

How to find a sofa that fits your interior, as well as your family’s llifestyle

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Start by measuring your living area. Your furniture should take up less than a third of the total floor space, so it may be necessary to remove another piece to make room for your new sofa. Once you have the dimensions of your available space, add at least an inch to the length and width. Your sofa will last longer when it isn’t pressed up and rubbing against walls or corners. Remember that your sofa will occupy three-dimensional space, so account for height, as well. You don’t want your sofa to interfere with the windows. It may help to stage the room to allow you to visualize how the new couch will fill the space. Using masking tape to mark the floor or carpet gives you a more accurate sense of exactly how much room your sofa will fill.

Make sure there is enough room for your sofa

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Next, think about how your family will use your sofa. Will there be small children and pets climbing all over it every day, for instance? Consider how the material you choose can help extend the life of your sofa, avoiding the need to repair or replace it too soon. Tougher, tight-weave fabrics and leather, in particular, are stain and tear-resistant and easier to clean than lighter fabrics. When considering use, you can browse features online to determine which will improve your experience or facilitate your lifestyle. To get a sense of the many options available, follow the link. For instance, a reclining sofa might keep your teenagers from putting their feet up on the coffee table.

Think about your family’s lifestyle before you make a purchase

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Style is just as important. If your sofa doesn’t visually fit with the rest of the living room furnishings, it makes the entire space feel fragmented. You’ll also be less able to fully relax when you’re aware that something is a little off about the room. Keep a consistent style and limited color palette throughout the room to maintain a sense of cohesion. For this reason, rather than trying to make an exact color match, it’s a good idea to look for sets or choose a different color that complements the existing décor. If the room is already full of more than a couple of colors, consider opting for a neutral tone for your couch.

Your sofa has to fit with your overall interior

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Finally, don’t neglect your budget. A sofa can be a significant investment, so keep in mind that a well-kept sofa is a long-term investment when determining your budget. If you keep these essential elements in mind, you’ll be much happier to come home each day, plop down onto your comfortable couch, and put your feet up.

Set a budget for your furniture

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