A Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning Every Room in Your House

by John Griffith

You can have the most beautiful house in the entire world, but that won’t matter if it’s not clean and tidy. Keeping your home in good condition is key to showing off its full potential. Also, it makes your living environment much more pleasant and hygienic. Surprisingly, most people do not know how to properly maintain their homes. They might keep things looking somewhat presentable, but beneath the surface, it is all very disorganised and dirty. But we aren’t here to shame people. Instead, we want to educate our readers on how to effectively clean and tidy every room in their homes. Not only will maintaining your property help to improve its resale value, but also make it look and feel much better to live in. So, without further ado, here is our beginner’s guide to cleaning every room in your house:

Keeping your house tidy is key if you want to have a presentable home

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The Bathroom

Let’s start with the most unpleasant task. Nothing is worse than a dirty bathroom, but once you overcome this hurdle, you will be able to do anything. Firstly, purchase a collection of appropriate cleaning products, such as bleach and bathroom disinfectant. You might also need a plunger, toilet brush, cloth, and grout brush. Now you have all your supplies, clear the bathroom of its items, so you can clean all the surfaces. For instance, you should move your toothbrushes out of the way. Once this is done, pour some bleach or disinfectant into the toilet bowl. It is a good idea to put your toilet brush into the bowl at the same time, as this will sanitise it. Now, you will want to use a duster to remove any particles on the surfaces. After this, you can start spraying the surfaces down. For disinfectant to work, it normally needs to sit on a surface for a couple of minutes. Then you can begin wiping everything with a clean cloth. Make sure to frequently wring this out in hot, soapy water so you aren’t transferring bacteria wherever you clean. All surfaces should be cleaned, but particularly those within the firing range of the toilet. Pay attention to touch points like the flush, door handles, and water taps. When cleaning the shower, make sure to scrub any gaps that can hide mould. This includes the sealant, grouts, and rungs on the shower cable. The same applies to the floor, which should be swept and mopped. Don’t forget about swapping your hand towels, shower curtains, and bath mats for clean ones! Finally, let’s move onto the dreaded toilet. Homeowners should clean the rim, basin, and toilet seat thoroughly with disinfectant. Pay particular attention to the body of the toilet and underneath/behind the seat. If you have a blockage, then you will need to learn how to plunge a toilet. Fortunately, this isn’t as bad as the movies make it out to be. Prevention is always better than cure, though, so avoid doing things like flushing baby wipes and menstrual products. If you need further information, this is a useful guide on how to plunge a toilet.

Having a clean bathroom is important

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The Kitchen

Now we have got the hardest out of the way, let’s move onto cleaning the kitchen. Loads of food preparation happens in the kitchen, alongside an endless number of products being brought in, making it easily the messiest room in the house. To keep things tidy, we suggest creating a system. Each cupboard should be assigned with a specific piece of kitchen equipment or type of food, like perishables and pots or cutlery. Investing in some storage boxes or racks can also help with organisation. Identify the optimal way to stack everything for convenience and tidiness, too. Now that’s out of the way, let’s focus on cleaning the kitchen. Every time you prepare some food, wipe down the surface using a cloth that has been soaked in warm soapy water. Once again, make sure to wring this cloth out to prevent the transfer of bacteria. At least once per week, it is worth giving the kitchen a deep clean. This involves wiping down all the surfaces with disinfectant, including the sink basin, drying rack, cooker, hob, and cupboards (plus their handles). Don’t neglect to clean your oven, either. Using some oven cleaner will do the trick nicely. The fridge and freezer should be cleared out, cleaned, and defrosted from time to time as well. We strongly recommend emptying your bins on a regular basis and being mindful when you are handling food like chicken, too, as these things pose hygiene issues. Last but not least, give the kitchen floor a sweep and mop!

The kitchen can easily become the messiest room in the house

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The Bedrooms

Bedrooms are a bit less icky than bathrooms and kitchens, but they do still require regular upkeep. Dusting is the important one here. This will prevent you from breathing loads of particles into your lungs whilst you sleep. Go around your room with a duster and sweep every surface, from the windowsills and vanities to the top of the wardrobe. After this, we recommend cracking open a window and letting some air into the room. You can move onto hoovering the bedroom now, including underneath the bed and wardrobe (if possible). It is imperative to wash your bedsheets at least once per week. As you toss and turn during the night, you will sweat into your covers and pillows. This makes them hotspots for bacteria to grow. If you struggle with allergies or acne, washing your bedcovers can massively help.

Dusting is very important when cleaning your bedroom

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The Living Room

The living room is the main hub for activity. We spill our drinks, eat snacks, and tread dirt throughout the room on a regular basis. As such, it needs to be cleaned at least once per week. Most obviously, you should hoover your carpet, pulling out the furniture to reach spaces that are otherwise concealed. Once again, dusting everything is a must. If you have any coffee tables, then these should also be wiped down with a clean cloth. You shouldn’t forget about cleaning things like the television remote or video game controllers. These are covered in unseen germs. Obviously, don’t use a soaking wet cloth to do this, as you could break the device. It can be difficult to clean soft furnishings, especially sofa covers. Have a look and see if they have a zip which can be undone, allowing you to strip and clean it. For leather sofas, there are cleaning products out there that can be used on them. Spray them down, let the disinfectant sit for a while, then wipe everything away with a clean cloth. Regarding cushions and throws, these will also need to be cleaned in the washing machine from time to time. Finally, we need to talk about the carpet. This is the dirtiest thing in any living room. If you have young toddlers who crawl around on the ground, they could pick up something nasty. That’s why we suggest having your carpet cleaned at least once per year. The same applies to anybody with a rug in their lounge. Smokers and pet owners need to be most mindful of this.

You should pay the most attention to the living room

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We hope you have found our beginner’s guide helpful and know a bit more about keeping your home properly clean. Consistent maintenance will make the biggest difference!

John Griffith

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