Looking for Colors That Go With Gray Walls? We have over 40 examples!

by John Griffith

In the past, people used to perceive grey as a somewhat gloomy and depressing color. Luckily, views have changed, and decors in gray hues have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you are thinking of repainting your home and are looking for colors that go with gray walls, you have come to the right place! We have lots of suggestions to help you choose a stylish and sleek design for every living space.

What does gray color symbolize?

Although gray might seem boring to some, it is ideal for intelligent, minimalistic individuals. Positioned in the perfect middle between black and white, it symbolizes balance and moderation. It is a great choice for people who dream of a sophisticated home, that gives off maturity and stability. The combination between gray and other colors is especially effective, as it creates an atmosphere that is both cozy and stylish. Naturally, adding some carefully chosen and classy statement furniture pieces in different colors, is an absolute must.

Having trouble choosing colors that go with gray walls? Adding white and green accents will give a touch of Zen aesthetic to your home.

white wall with grey bricks, light cream sofa, living room color ideas, several potted plants, and two large, framed botanical artworks, what colours look good with grey

What color goes best with gray?

Some interior designers have begun referring to gray as “the new beige” because it has recently become one of the most popular natural colors in the sphere of home decoration. One of gray’s best features is its versatility – it can be successfully combined with loads of other colors. It softens the effect of brighter hues, making interiors more balanced and harmonious.

Depending on the kind of effect you’d like to achieve, you can try many different variations. When combined with yellow or beige, gray looks fresh, stylish and modern. Orange and brown are also very suitable matches, and create a warm, sunny effect. If you’d rather have a room that is soft but also subtly chic, opt for a marriage between pale gray and pastel pink, or darker gray and light blue. Those who want a dramatic, aristocratic look, on the other hand, should choose a combination of gray and red. Our advice for fans of all things fashionable is to pick a mix of gray and turquoise, hot pink or cyclamen. These combinations are very trendy at the moment. Murals and ornamental wallpapers are also quite popular, especially when they are in black and white and feature animal or tribal motifs.

The combination between white and gray is a true classic! Here is another great option to consider

bed with covers in different shades of gray, four photographs in white frames, small wooden bedside table, colors that go with gray walls

What are the best accent colors that go with gray walls?

In most cases decorators use gray as the main wall color and select one or two other hues to create a refreshing accent. The reason for this is that when gray is dominant, it retains its air of sophistication and calmness, while also opening possibilities for experimentation. Alliteratively, one could opt for  bright, multicolored walls and pair them up with plain grey furniture. If you would like to make a room seem bigger, paint its walls in two alternating shades of gray. This will create an optical illusion of spaciousness.

The hottest gray hues at the moment are the French gray (with hints of beige), greenish gray, and creamy gray. Classic dark and light shades are timeless and remain enduringly popular.

Gray with touches of white and dark wood accents – a soft and dreamy look

blue grey paint, in nordic style bedroom, bed covers in different shades of blue, wooden floors and furniture

How to decorate with gray color schemes?

Its versatile and stylish look makes gray an excellent option for every room of your home.The key is to add statement furniture and tasteful decorations, and, above all, not to be afraid to think outside of the box and experiment! Although it is a preferred choice for living rooms, studies and dens, it also works really well in bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Nowadays there are even gray themes for children’s rooms and nurseries! Not only do they look stylish and chic, but the soft tones help calm your little ones.

What are the best furniture colors for gray walls?

A few years back, gray home decor was synonymous with the somewhat harsh industrial style, but today it is also associated with cozy Scandinavian designs. To achieve the perfect Nordic look, combine gray walls with white or beige, and add soft fabric rugs, pillows and throws in natural colors. Above all, opt for a minimalism, with as few furniture pieces as possible. If you’d rather have a lavish, Hollywood inspired abode fit for a star, go for gray in combination with bright eye catching colors, and decorate with statement pop art pieces. Pairing dark gray walls up with baroque furniture, sculptures and art, on the other hand, will create a dignified and aristocratic living space.

Gray and brown – another very suitable combination. Wonderful idea for people wondering about colors that go with gray walls!

cream colored sofa, with lots of patterned cushions, in beige and white, living room color ideas, leather armchair and industrial-style rack

What colours compliment grey?

Individuals who prefer modern decor, can spruce gray walls up with stylish, black and white photographs in tasteful frames. Colorful glass decorations are also very appropriate. As it’s so versatile, gray can be mixed with motifs as varied as animal prints, geometric patterns and floral designs.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that gray works best in bright, well-lit interiors. Thus, it is better avoiding it in dim spaces or rooms that have small north-facing windows. In such cases it is better to opt for brighter hues or choose a very light shade of gray.

This pearl gray shade will transform your walls!

living room paint colors, pale grey walls, light beige laminate floor, off-white sofa and brown chairs,grey spotted carpet

Gray walls, bright yellow curtains and a navy blue sofa – unusual yet stylish and refreshing combination

bright yellow curtains, in room with large windows, living room color ideas, navy sofa and light gray armchairs, massive wooden coffee table

Mixing pink and gray is very popular at the moment

pinkish gray walls, with white paneling, light wooden laminate floor, pale gray sofa and armchair, colors that go with gray walls, striped rug, what colours look good with grey

purple and dark gray details on white walls, in a large living room, with two purple armchairs, colors that go with gray walls, white oval coffee table, with several books and flowers

Blue and gray is an excellent choice for your living room!

rural villa living room, white wooden beams on ceiling, blue grey paint, on one wall and paneling

industrial style brown and grey bedroom, in open-plan penthouse flat, light laminate floor, grey animal skin rug, brick-wall design

Grey walls and yellow armchairs – stylish and eye-catching design

set of two modern yellow armchairs, near minimalistic light wooden table, and large framed artwork, colors that go with gray walls, modern interiors

When it comes to colors that go with gray walls, you simply cannot go wrong with pink

pastel pink and creamy grey pillows, on dark gray sofa, near two light beige, wooden coffee tables, with black metal details, living room paint colors

Kitchen in gray and white – a true classic

cabinets in duck's egg blue, inside small blue gray kitchen, with kettle and several vases, modern and functional

Gray and yellow

kid's white and grey bedroom, large black toy car, yellow canvas with white writing, stuffed toy and books

Grey decor with subtle pastel pink touches

various cushions in pink, white and gray, on light gray sofa, near black metal coffee table, living room paint colors, grey walls and curtains

White is an enduring favorite

white orchid in ceramic pot, on beige shelve, with white decorations, dark grey and white walls, living room paint colors, framed photos and white lamp

pastel pink and light gray bed, inside black or dark grey bedroom, light wooden floor, small bedside table, and white metal chair, what colours look good with grey

Another example of pink and gray

office or living room paint colors, pastel pink and gray walls, off-white floor and white ceiling, minimalist wooden furniture

White and gray bathroom

colors that go with gray walls, modern bathroom with warm wooden details, white sink and black ceiling lights

Different nuances of gray

four pots containing beige, gray and duck's egg blue paint, ideas for painting a gray kitchen

Yellow, gray and white in the bedroom

bench in dark brown, creamy grey bedroom with paneling, light gray carpet, bed with white and grey, and yellow covers and pillows

dining room with large, brown wooden table, and white chairs, near pale gray kitchen, and living room with dark sofa

Red and gray

burgundy red and gray kitchen, with white cupboards and a stove, white jug with four matching ceramic cups, what color curtains with gray walls

pale grey bedroom, bed with pillows in beige and turquoise, minimalistic design and decoration

floral motives in black and teal, on white bed with teal bedding and pillow, striped walls in white and grey bedroom, ornate black baroque-style chandelier

Grey and orange

warm wooden planks, on bedroom wall, opposite wall is gray, dark grey bed, with light gray and beige, and orange bedcovers and pillows, colors that go with gray walls, striped three tonal rug

painting in yellow and gray, inside grey bedroom, with patterned wallpaper, pale beige bed, white and gray, and yellow bedding

mink-colored carpet, and grey bed, with light green and grey bedding, inside room with green, blue grey paint on walls, what color curtains with gray walls

Dark gray and brown

very dark gray walls, inside living room, with shabby chic bed, and wooden floors, colors that go with gray walls, brown and white bedcovers and pillows

baby's nursery with blue grey paint on one wall, and light colored, patterned wallpaper on the other, pink rocking chair, various decorations in pink and gray

minimalist bedroom, with light gray walls, small wooden bedside table, grey bed with white, light and dark gray bedcovers

large living room, with big fireplace, wooden beams on ceiling, creamy pale grayish-brown walls, living room paint colors, wooden furniture and dark curtains

reading nook or office, with ash rose pink, and pewter gray walls , dark shelves and desk, living room paint colors, brown wooden vintage chair

big ceramic vases in white, with planted white orchids, near light gray sofa, living room color ideas, spotty pale beige walls, dark brown fireplace

oriental multicolored rug, white sofa and dark brown cupboards, inside room with wooden beams on ceiling, and blue grey paint covering the floor, accent color with gray walls

spacious light gray kitchen, with dark navy blue cupboards, light beige laminate floor, round wooden table, and matching chairs

Gray, white and pink

landing or hallway, with pale gray ornate wallpaper, and dark gray paneling, near stairway with light striped rug, pale pink and white decorations

living room color ideas, bright and spacious room, with khaki-gray walls, navy blue sofa with grey cushions, pale grey table, open terrace

mirror and vintage chair, walls with blue grey paint, white door looking inside a bathroom, light wooden floor, fairy-lights and a dressmaker's dummy

modern or industrial bedroom, with blue grey paint on walls, contrasting light wooden door, pale beige rug, accent color with gray walls

open terrace near room with beige-gray walls, off-white sofa with dark gray animal skin throw, dark brown rug, living room color ideas

Still wondering about colors that go with gray walls? How about choosing several nuances of gray?

stylish bedroom in dark brown, gray and white, with fluffy rug, and dark grayish-brown wooden floor, round dark table

pillows in light teal and brown, dark blue yellow, on bed with matching covers, in room with light brown wooden floors, accent color with gray walls

teal and light beige, white and dark gray kitchen wallpaper, rolled like a carpet, pattern featuring many triangles, grey lounge ideas

garland with patterned triangular flags, in yellow and light blue and gray, near wooden crate, and two fabric pouches, on table covered in gray fabric, dark gray kitchen or dining room

orange and white and grey walls, inside room with light laminate flooring, living room color ideas, modern table with glass top, large decorative vase, and crystal bowl, grey lounge ideas

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