Birthday party ideas for teens – DIY decor, themes and games

by John Griffith

Throwing any kind of a party for a teenager can be very difficult. At that age, they tend to be very picky and it seems like they are trying super hard to always disagree with you. So, if you are standing in front of the difficult task of throwing a birthday party for a teenager, we feel you. But, we are here to help! In this article, we have gathered the best birthday party ideas for teens, including awesome DIY decor, interesting themes and fun games.

Awesome birthday party ideas for teens

three girls smiling, with their hands up, colourful confetti around them, birthday party ideas for teens

What are the best party theme ideas?

The first thing you need to think about when planning any birthday party is where to have it. What the birthday boy or girl likes should be your guide. Ask them, try and talk to them without telling them that you are throwing them a party and let it be a surprise. Here is a list of the most common birthday themes amongst teenagers:

  1. Bonfire/Garden birthday party – perfect for summer birthdays. Build a bonfire, get some s’mores, even better, if there is someone who can play a guitar and you are all set. As simple as that.
  2. Hawaiian theme – exotic and fun. Flowers, colours, exotic fruits and fun music, what more could you possibly want out of a party.
  3. Instagram theme – perfect for the “It” girl. Perhaps the most important part of an Instagram themed birthday party is a good backdrop for all of the awesome photos or even a photo booth.
  4. Karaoke night – fun for everyone. I know some people hate to sing in front of other people, but, come on, karaoke is super fun.
  5. Slumber party – if your daughter wants a “no boys allowed” type of party, than a slumber party is the perfect option.
  6. Neon party – for a futuristic and cool vibe. Everything neon, that’s it, that’s all you need. Furthermore, you can get someone to paint on the guests with neon paint, which is sure to make everyone look super cool.
  7. Pool party – another summer favourite. Sun, water, cold sodas and fun music and your teenager will have the coolest party ever.
  8. Spa party – for the “treat yo self” type of girls. If your teenage daughter loves to get pampered, then throw her a spa party with all of her BFFs. She will definitely appreciate it.
  9. Movie night – perfect for the calmer teenagers. Let them pick their favourite film, get some popcorn and create a concessions stand and let the guests enjoy the film.
  10. Thematic party. If your teenager has a favourite character or idol, why not create a birthday party in the same theme. What’s more, you can create a murder mystery party straight from an episode of Sherlock Holmes.

“No boys allowed” type of birthday party

no boys allowed, gold balloons, birthday party ideas for teens, two girls, jumping on a bed

Birthday party ideas for teens – step by step checklist on what you need to do

birthday party for teens, birthday party checklist, how to plan a birthday party, step by step

What are the most fun games for teens on their birthday?

There are so many games to choose from. What’s more, you can always have the birthday party at a bowling alley or a laser tag place. You can arrange some sort of a sports event or a tournament specifically for the day. This will definitely leave everyone entertained. If your teenager is not the sports type, though, it doesn’t matter. There are lots of fun and cool games to play during the birthday party.

  1. Scavenger hunt – or a photo scavenger hunt. Teenagers like to be challenged. That is why, a scavenger hunt will definitely entertain them and keep them busy throughout the festivities. You can also challenge them to take crazy pictures and collect points. The winner gets a prize, of course!
  2. Hide and seek – a game as old as times. Get everyone to hide with one player looking for them.
  3. Truth or dare – another classic. Who hasn’t played truth or dare. It is a game, which can be played for both teenage birthdays and bachelorette parties. It never gets old.
  4. Truth and lie – soo much fun. Get each player to say two truths and a lie and the next one gets to say which of the three is the lie.
  5. Murder mystery – something for the wannabe detectives. Create a murder mystery and keep your guests entertained as they are looking for clues and start suspecting each other.

Bubble balls are always fun – birthday party ideas for teens

boys playing, on a green glass field, birthday party ideas for teens, bubble balls

Movie night birthday party + concession stand

movie night, concessions stand, birthday party ideas for teens, cupcakes and popcorn

Create a murder mystery to keep everyone entertained

party theme ideas, murder mystery, crime solving theme, do not cross cake, suspects board

But, most importantly, make sure the birthday boy or girl is having a good time

four girls, blowing kisses, colourful confetti around them, party theme ideas

I wouldn’t mind having a spa birthday party, too

spa theme, fruits and vegetables, folded towels, party theme ideas, oatmeal in white bowls

An outdoor movie night is even more fun

outdoor movie night, party theme ideas, strings of fairy lights, four people, sitting on pillows

Never underestimate the power of karaoke

two girls, singing karaoke, with hairbrushes, party theme ideas, beige leather sofa, red balloon

Party like it’s your birthday playlist

birthday themes, party like it's your birthday playlist, list of different songs, pink background

DIY popsicle sticks table runner

popsicle sticks, table runner, birthday themes, beer bottles, turned into vases, painted in pink and blue

Here is a great idea you can use as a decor for a teenage birthday party:

What do you need?

  • lots of popsicle sticks
  • scotch tape
  • paintbrush
  • paint in different colours

step by step, diy tutorial, popsicle sticks, table runner, birthday themes, sprayed with paint

How to make it?

  • arrange the popsicle sticks horizontally
  • run a scotch tape along them, so they stay together
  • get your paintbrush and paint and start spraying paint on your brand new table runner, you can even use different colours for better results

Have fun with the colours

table runner, made of popsicle sticks, sprayed with pink and red paint, birthday themes, diy tutorial, step by step

DIY balloon cupcake toppers

pink and blue balloon, cake toppers, colourful sprinkled cupcake, birthday themes, diy tutorial

Another fun DIY idea to decorate the cupcakes for the birthday party with.

What do you need?

  • cardstock
  • double-sided tape
  • paper clips
  • scissors

colourful sprinkled cupcake, paper clips, sweet 16 themes, step by step, diy tutorial

How to make it?

  • cut out balloon shapes from your cardstock (you are going to need two for each cake topper)
  • straighten your paper clips and then twirl them just a bit to create this look
  • attach the two balloon shapes with the double sided tape with the paper clip between them

Simple and easy idea

diy tutorial, step by step, sweet 16 themes, pink balloon, pink and white paper clip, cake toppers

Snapchat scavenger hunt is definitely going to be fun

snapchat scavenger hunt, photo challenge, sweet 16 themes, fun game

Let your guests take a polaroid and write a sweet message on them

polaroid guestbook, snap it, shake it, stick it, sign it, sweet 16 themes, large photo album

Here is a fun example of a photo scavenger hunt

photo scavenger hunt, sweet 16 themes, photo challenge, fun game

Here’s a few more DIY ideas

Sports themed birthday party ideas for boys

birthday party themes, basketball theme, popcorn bags, concessions stand, black green blue yellow balloons

Boho meets rustic in blue and orange

orange and blue, rustic decor, wooden cake stands, macaroons in a jar, flower bouquets, birthday party themes

Why not create a burger bar

burger bar, birthday party themes, lettuce and tomato, ketchup and mustard, make your own burger

The sweets are always super important

candy canes, gum balls, colourful sprinkles, in mason jars, birthday party themes, wooden background

Colourful smoke bombs have been all the hype lately

colourful smoke, children playing around, on green grass, birthday party themes, blue and purple smoke

A nachos bar is a great idea for a movie night birthday party

nachos bar, themes for parties, make your own nachos, salsa and guacamole, sour cream and cheese

Bonfire night on the beach, we’re in

five people, gathered around a fire, on a beach, themes for parties, guitar on a chair, two surf boards

Even though alcohol is absolutely prohibited, you can still have a cool fresh juice bar

large pitcher, full of juice, fresh peaches, mason jars, themes for parties, vintage cabinet

Garden party by the pool is a lot of fun

long table, garden party, themes for parties, blankets and pillows, on the grass, next to the pool

pool party, themes for parties, children playing in a pool, green and orange floats

Harry Potter-themed birthday party

hogwarts flag, harry potter theme, 16th birthday party ideas, harry potter cake, cupcake stand

mint green and pink balloons, palm leaves, pink flamingos, cupcake stands, 16th birthday party ideas

pancakes and pajamas, 16th birthday party ideas, slumber party, donuts and cupcakes

popcorn bar, large tub of popcorn, 16th birthday party ideas, metal cups, full of different toppings

DIY confetti balloons – super easy and simple tutorial

diy tutorial, step by step, confetti balloons, colourful confetti, white balloons, 16th birthday party ideas

DIY glitter glasses

gold glitter, 18th birthday party ideas, diy tutorial, step by step, glitter bottom glasses

Another great decor idea – DIY tassel garland

diy tassel garland, in silver gold and white, 18th birthday party ideas, step by step tutorial

Arrange a baking competition and watch your guests have lots of fun

cupcake wars competition rules, fun game, baking challenge, 18th birthday party ideas

How well do you know the birthday girl game

do you know the birthday girl, 18th birthday party ideas, different questions, fun trivia game

What’s in your phone – make sure you have a cool prize for the person with the most points

what's in your phone game, fun challenge, 18th birthday party ideas, different points

Birthday party ideas for teens

hawaii theme, 13th birthday party ideas, pineapple cake, large gold paper flowers, pineapple juice

beach theme, by the pool, seashells and pearls on the table, blue and beige colours, 13th birthday party ideas

orange and black, grey and white balloons, gold cake, 13th birthday party ideas, white cake stands

tuxedo theme, tuxedo cake, cupcakes and cookies, 13th birthday party ideas, black and white balloons

birthday squad, birthday queen, black and white t shirts, 13th birthday party ideas, white and gold pillows

Party theme ideas

fun games for teens, blue beige and white, paper flowers, mermaid theme, three tier cake, mermaid cookies

pink blue and white theme, white wooden table, fun games for teens, donuts on plates

pink frosting, chocolate cupcakes, cupcake stand, colourful flower bouquet, fun games for teens

emoji cake, three tier cake, fun games for teens, colourful sprinkles, blue purple and yellow

dessert table, green macaroons, fun games for teens, gold cake stands, greenery table runners

fun birthday ideas, hanging flowers, from a tree branch, white cake stands, cake pops, greenery table runner

Birthday ideas

happy birthday sign, pink tassel garland, fairy lights, fun birthday ideas, potted plants

hawaiian theme, fun birthday ideas, wooden cake stands, paper pineapples, palm trees

Themes for parties

hollywood lights sign, black red and gold, fun birthday ideas, candies and sweets, in large jars

instagram theme, fun birthday ideas, insta party, cupcakes and cake, cake pops

Masquerade ball theme – 18th birthday party ideas

what should i do for my birthday, masquerade ball, gold red and purple theme, large cake, cake pops

mermaid cupcake, colourful sprinkles, purple seashells, what should i do for my birthday, purple background

movie lights sign, treat yo self, concessions stand, what should i do for my birthday, large tub of popcorn

colourful neon, balloon arch, over a large door, what should i do for my birthday

neon decorations, what should i do for my birthday, paper flower bouquets, neon napkins and cupcakes

teen birthday party ideas, neon decor, tall candlesticks, neon flower bouquets, large chandelier

Sweet 16 themes

once upon a time, large paper roses, in pink and gold, teen birthday party ideas, rose gold sequins

party favours, teen birthday party ideas, sleeping masks, lip balms and lotions, ziploc bags

white cake, rustic decor, teen birthday party ideas, small cupcakes, wooden background

pink and gold, paper roses, hanging photo garlands, teen birthday party ideas, three tier cake, cake stands

Birthday party themes

purple pink and blue balloons, unicorn theme, summer party themes, colourful flower bouquets

summer party themes, dessert table, two tier cake, cake pops, cupcakes and cookies, white plates and cake stands

pink and red roses flower bouquet, colourful macaroons, on a cake stand, summer patty themes, fruit bowls

happy birthday, rose gold balloons, summer party themes, blue leather chair, pink and white balloons

Pizza party – fun birthday ideas

pizza party, gold balloons, summer party themes, pizza throw pillows, blue throw pillows, grey sofa

 strawberries and watermelon, pineapple and grapes, on wooden skewers, theme party ideas, fruit platter

theme party ideas, rose gold garlands, pink and white balloons, full of confetti, cakes and donuts

rose gold and white balloons, with confetti inside, theme party ideas, three tier cake, greenery garlands

science rules, theme party ideas, blue and orange decor, sweets and cookies, blue and orange juice

she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes, theme party ideas, black white and gold, cake stands

good places to have a birthday party, s'mores menu, make your own, banana and peach slices, in a white bowl

dino eggs, grapes in a white bowl, good places to have a birthday party, gold dinosaur figurine

ice cream cones garland, good places to have a birthday party, pink purple and blue decor

13th birthday party ideas

rose gold balloons, number thirteen, good places to have a birthday party, girl holding an umbrella, pink armchair

Tiffany & Co. inspired birthday party

tiffany & co theme, blue and silver, good places to have a birthday party, cupcakes and cake pops, flower bouquets

Victoria’s Secret and Pink inspired three-tier cake

teen birthday ideas, victoria's secret and pink, three tier cake

weird science, chemistry jugs, full of sweets, teen birthday ideas, blue and green juices

waffle bar, different toppings, in white bowls, berries and sprinkles, teen birthday ideas, whipped cream

pink and white, floral balloons, teen birthday ideas, pineapple and palm leaves, table runner, gold utensils

Teen birthday party ideas

wild one, large giraffe figurine, blush and white balloons, large flower bouquets, teen birthday ideas

birthday party ideas for boys, donut bar, different flavoured donuts, in wooden crates

pink sweets, wooden table, birthday party ideas for boys, cake pops and cupcakes, cookies and cake

white tulle, fairy lights, greenery arch, flower bouquet, two tier cake, birthday party ideas for boys

rose gold, happy birthday balloons, grey orange and white balloons scattered, birthday party ideas for boys

oh how sweet sixteen, two tier cake, rustic decor, birthday party ideas for boys, cake pops and cookies

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