Heat-Proof Your Hair: 5 Ways to Protect Your Hair in Summer

by Maria Konou

Right now, most of us are probably sunbathing on the beach or spending our days by the pool. That is exactly why it is important to prepare your hair for these months of the year when it suffers more damage than usual. If you haven’t already started taking more intentional care of your hair, it is definitely high time. The sun is not only our friend, but also our enemy because it tends to dry and weaken our hair and skin significantly. Combine that with the chlorine in the pool and the salt in the sea, and you have created a situation that further aggravates the situation. But don’t worry, because we have prepared a list of essential tips that will help you heat-proof your hair. That way, you will be able to keep your hair shiny and silky this summer season.

Time to see the best tips and tricks to heat-proof your hair in the summer

how to protect your hair from heat damage naturally

Heat-Proof Your Hair: 5 Ways to Protect Your Hair in Summer

#Trim Your Hair

Now is the perfect time to get your hair cut. During the cold months, you might have used blow dryers and styling appliances more frequently. This surely weakened your hair, and if you haven’t already done your spring hair trim, then what are you waiting for! Removing some of the dried out ends and cleaning up your hairstyle will help protect it in the heat. You might think that it is better to cut your hair after the summer has done its damage, but you are wrong! If your hair is already damaged, and you there are split ends, the situation will only get a lot worse.  So, do not ignore your regular haircuts!

Trimming your hair regularly will help protect it in the summer months 

what to do to protect hair in summer

#Forget The Dye

Due to the extra exposure to the sun’s rays in the summer, hair naturally starts to lighten. It is for this reason that we advise strongly against dyeing your hair. If you do, this will literally multiply the damage in the upcoming months. It is only for a few months, so you won’t really have that big of a problem to wait it out. Your hair will surely thank you! In case you really cannot go without a coloring, at least use gentle natural hair dyes without ammonia.

Skip coloring your hair in the hot summer months to protect it

how to protect hair in summer

#Protect Your Hair

On hot days, it is crucial to protect your hair just like you protect your skin. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, spray your hair with a sunscreen spray. You can find a lot of different products on the market that will keep your hair safe from UV damage. In addition, do not go out without a hat or a scarf on your head, especially if you have dark hair. Not only will the sun ruin your hair, but it will also affect you negatively faster.

Protecting your head and hair from harmful UV rays is a top priority in summer

how to protect hair from summer heat

#Boost of Hydration

One of the most important things for beautiful hair is good hydration. We recommend using shampoos without sulfates and parabens to avoid irritating your scalp and using unnecessary harmful ingredients. Using conditioner is another essential step that you should not skip. It will help moisturize your hair and give it that extra shine it desperately needs. As a final step, we recommend using a hair mask at least once a week. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then wash it off in the shower. This will give you the softest, tangle-free hair. Using products with keratin or other moisturizing and hydrating ingredients like aloe vera is also important, so keep an eye out for such products.

Deep hydration is key in summer when our hair needs it the most

tips to protect hair in summer

#N0urish with Vitamins

We all know that a good diet is essential for the good appearance of our skin and hair, as well as our overall health and wellbeing, of course. We are constantly being nourished by the vitamins and minerals we provide our bodies with from our daily diet. But what vitamins does our hair need? Here are some of the most important vitamins for healthy, thriving hair:

  • Vitamin A – Helps to achieve shinier and more well-hydrated hair.
  • B Vitamins – Regenerate cells and contribute to new hair growth.
  • Vitamin C – Has powerful benefits against free radicals, protects our hair, stops and helps prevent hair loss and helps us to absorb iron more effectively.
  • Vitamin D and E – They contribute to improving the health of the hair by improving blood circulation, as well as preventing hair dryness and hair loss problems.

A well-balanced diet full of fruits and veggies will give you all that and more!

how to protect your hair during summer

Now that you know these basic tips for silky and shiny hair all summer long, put them into practice and see for yourself!

Congratulations! You just learned how to properly heat-proof your hair!

how to heat protect your hair

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