The Best Ways to Protect Your Hair From the Sun

by Maria Konou

You always apply sunscreen before going outside in the summertime, right? Do you, however, think to shield your hair from sun damage? That’s correct, just as the sun causes damage to your skin, its rays can also harm and damage your hair. What’s more, if you do not take precautions to protect your locks, you can end up with broken, split ends that will require more trimming than you would want. That is why experts advise us to really take care of our hair in the summer heat and keep it healthy. In this article, we have gathered the best tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy and shiny all summer long. No matter if you are spending your days laying on the beach, swimming in the pool, or just taking in as much of the good weather as possible, these tips will come in handy. Try these stylist-recommended strategies to avoid UV damage to your hair and preserve your smooth, healthy strands while still making the best of the sun and the warm summer days. Let’s see how you can protect your hair from the sun:

Let’s see how you can protect your hair from the sun and the UV rays

best way to protect your hair from the sun

The Best Ways to Protect Your Hair From the Sun

These are the 10 best tips for keeping your hair safe against the sun and UV rays. Our advice is to incorporate as much of them (if not all) as possible into your routine to ensure that almost no damage comes your way.

Here are the best ways to protect your hair from the sun, according to experts

how to protect your hair from sun and chlorine

#Braid it

This is one of the best ways to control your hair and protect it from heat and humidity at the same time. When braided, less of the hair is exposed to the sun’s rays, which protects it from damage. This hairstyle is also one you should consider sleeping in if you want to experience less damage and breakage!

A braid is the ultimate protective hairstyle for the summer

tips protect hair damage sun

#Wear a hat

This is among the most stylish ways to protect hair on sunny days. When you cover your hair with a hat, you will not only protect it from harmful UV rays, but also from moisture loss. We suggest a wider hat that will also keep your face safe from the sun! It’s a win-win!

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A hat is the best hair protective accessory for the beach

how to protect my hair from the sun

#Do NOT wash your hair excessively

This habit leads to the formation of greater amounts of oil in the scalp, which actually becomes a reason to wash it even more often. It is advisable to simply rinse the hair with water to remove excess oil only when needed! So, make sure to incorporate a dry shampoo into your hair routine if you are struggling with an oilier scalp and do not wash in excessively.

Do not wash your hair excessively to avoid drying out your hair

products to protect your hair from the sun

#Use a wide-toothed comb

Brushes tend to pull and frizz the hair while brushing. While it is definitely quicker to use a brush, a comb might be a better option for you during the summer. Therefore, it is better to choose a wide-toothed comb. It will spare your hair when combing, which will result in healthier and more resistant locks.

Swap your brushes for a wide-tooth comb to protect your hair

does wearing a hat protect your hair from the sun

#Avoid wet combing

One big mistake that does deeper damage to the hair on hot summer days is wet combing. If you brush your hair while it is wet, this will lead to a lot of hair damage, breakage, and harder recovery. So, do not think about combining your hair wet in the summer, or any other season for that matter.

Remember to never comb your hair when it is wet

how to protect your hair from the sun

#Wet your hair before getting into the sea or pool

On hotter days, when we decide to cool down by swimming in the pool, it is good to wet the hair with clean water before getting in. This prevents the absorption of chlorine and other chemicals that are present in the pool. It is the same with the drying salt in the ocean! It is also important to take a shower after we are done swimming to wash the chlorine out of our hair and body. So, before jumping into the pool or sea, wet your hair with fresh water!

Always wash your hair with fresh water before swimming

how to protect your hair from sun and pollution

#Use a deep-conditioning hair mask

Dehydrated hair is not pretty at all, but in the summer it is harder to avoid. That is why you need to use rich and intensely nourishing hair treatments and hair masks to protect your hair, restore it and prevent frizz. Do this after a long day spent on the beach or the pool!

Your hair and skin both need lots of love and care during the summer

should you protect your hair from the sun

#Wear UV hair protection

Excessive sun exposure dries out hair and makes it weaker, but covering your head with a hat or wrapping it in a scarf in a fashionable way will protect it from harmful UV rays, as we mentioned. However, there are many products on the market that can protect your hair from heat and UV rays. If you want an all-natural option, you can actually make your own heat protectant spray at home!

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There are so many products to choose from on the market

does heat protectant protect your hair from the sun

Here is how you can make a protective spray for all hair types:

#Rinse your hair after swimming

Salt water and chlorine dry and damage your hair. After swimming, rinse your hair with fresh, clean water, then apply a no-rinse serum. If you do not rinse your hair and continue to expose it to the sun, the damage will be bad! Moreover, if you want to stimulate your hair growth while washing your hair, just learn how to do a scalp massage for hair growth.

Always rinse your hair after swimming in the pool or the ocean

best ways to protect your hair from the sun

#Care for the ends

The best care for your hair ends is frequent trimming and care. So, don’t skip regular visits to your hairdresser, especially if you expose your hair to the sun and if you dye it. Purchase a nourishing product that is applied to the ends of your hair to keep them healthy and limit breakage and drying out!

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The best care for your hair ends is frequent trimming and care

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How to restore your hair after summer?

Once the summer is over, the sun has weakened, and you have stopped visiting the seaside as well as swimming pools, it is time for a hair restoration course. Make a series of restorative masks with oils for your hair. Stock up on beauty products that have a strong moisturizing effect. The choice of shampoo is also important. Opt for super hydrating and moisturizing products. It is also good to enrich your hair with nourishing oils to compensate for the loss of freshness in the hair.

After the summer months, your hair needs all the hydration it can get

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Want to fix and repair sun-damaged hair? Watch this video:


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