5 Summer Makeup Trends to Keep You Glowing in 2023

by Maria Konou

Spring is already here, the temperatures are high enough to fix our mood and prepare us for the long and warm days ahead. With the change of seasons, we are busy spring-cleaning both our home and our wardrobe, ready to roll up our sleeves and put together the perfect spring looks based on the latest trends. Speaking of fashion trends, we can’t pass by the top makeup trends to complete our perfect summer look. The latest makeup hits for 2023 are literally flooding us straight from the catwalks of the major fashion capitals. We have selected the best summer makeup trends to keep you glowing in 2023. The best part is that you can experiment at home without the need for professional help!

Let’s explore the biggest summer makeup trends to keep you glowing in 2023

makeup trends 2023 eyes eyeshadows

Summer Makeup Trends to Keep You Glowing in 2023

#Pastel Eyeshadows

One trend that will definitely rule the year is pastel shadows. Pick a favorite shade and boldly apply all over the upper eyelid. You can use plain mascara to complete the daytime look, or add eyeliner when you go out at night. For the more daring, an essential trend is the inverted lid, which is applying the highlight of eyeshadow not on the upper lid but on the line under the eye. This will create a particularly interesting effect and draw all the attention to your gaze.

Pastel eyeshadows are one of the biggest summer makeup trends for 2023

makeup trends for summer 2023 mermaidcore

Choose your favorite pastel eyeshadow shade and experiment!

makeup trends 2023 pastel eyeshadow

#Red Lips & Natural Skin

Every woman knows that her two biggest weapons are perfume and lipstick. A major makeup trend will be lips, which are the main focus, and that means only one thing – choose a bright and suitable color for you, leave the matte finish and concentrate on particularly shiny textures. Nothing says summer vacation like a bright red lip and a natural, glowy complexion!

Red lips are a statement that is perfect for those long summer nights

eye makeup trends 2023

Leave your lips matte and your skin natural, glowy and shiny

best makeup trends 2023 red lips.jpg

#Glittery Skin & Eyes

Boldness is clearly at the forefront in 2023. This is hinted at by the trend for shimmering inlays placed directly on the face. Choose small crystals or glitter in whatever color you like and boldly place them either as an accent on the eyelids or all over the face. Bold makeup trends are definitely coming this year, but this is just another opportunity to express yourself – whether you are showing your character or following the absolute latest beauty trends.

Messy glittery eyes are the perfect party look for the summer

makeup looks for 2023 glitter eyes

You can express yourself and go crazy for concerts and festivals

glitter makeup current eye makeup trends 2023

This expressive and futuristic look is surely going to make a statement

spring summer makeup trends 2023.jpeg

#Summer Flush

Nothing says summer like lots of blush and rosy cheeks. This youthful and playful makeup trend is also known as the sunburn look because the idea is to mimic a natural sun kissed look. Blush is a great makeup products that can add a healthy flush to any makeup look or create a vibrant and dramatic look. When wearing this makeup, make sure to leave the rest of your makeup simple and natural, with an emphasis on a healthy glow. Apply a layer of your favorite mascara and follow with a glossy lip balm with SPF.

This daytime summer makeup trend is bold and playful

everyday makeup trends 2023 blush

Blush can be very subtle and natural, but also a bright and bold statement 

spring:summer 2023 trends forecast sunburnt look

#Mermaidcore Makeup

Mermaidcore is a whimsical and futuristic makeup look that is currently everyone’s obsession. It involves glowy, sparkly and iridescent shades that add dimension and drama to your makeup look. This summer look is all the rage on social media, with more and more variations popping up every day. To achieve this mythical look, keep your skin glowy and dewy, as if it is wet. Add a shimmery iridescent shade to the lids, and bring the dewy shimmer on the cheekbones as well. Leave the lips glossy and moisturized and play with unusual products like blue mascara and pearls.

Mermaidcore is a makeup trend that will continue to mesmerize and allure

summer makeup trends 2023.jpg

The goal is to turn yourself into a beautiful mythical creature

biggest makeup trends 2023

Don’t be afraid to stack shimmers and colors to achieve the desired look

latest makeup trends 2023 siren makeup

In Conclusion

Summer is the perfect time to experiment and find new and exciting makeup trend to try! These summer makeup trends are all the rage right now, so it is definitely worth giving them a go. Remember to be creative and never stick to boundaries. When it comes to makeup, you can truly express yourself and make it your own. So, this summer, make it a goal to express yourself through your makeup and let your creativity shine through!

Now you know which are the biggest summer makeup trends for 2023!

makeup trends 2023 tiktok blush

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