12 Popular Men’s Hairstyles In The 70s Making A Comeback In 2024

by John Griffith

As someone deeply immersed in the world of fashion and grooming, I’ve seen trends come and go. Yet, it’s hard not to notice the recent resurgence of ’70s men’s hairstyles. From the big screen to your local coffee shop, the iconic charm of voluminous locks, shaggy layers, and natural coils and curls from the ’70s has unmistakably made its way back into our lives. But this revival isn’t just about bringing back the past. It’s about celebrating an era where hairstyles were more than just a look—they were a statement of rebellion, individuality, and unapologetic confidence. Which is exactly what 2024 is all about that! Today, with the help of men’s grooming experts like Hung Q. Nguyen and Hassan Bilal, we will rediscover some of the most iconic men’s hairstyles in the 70s.

Let’s check out some of the coolest men’s hairstyles in the 70s 

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The Essence of 70s Style

The 1970s was a pivotal era for men’s fashion. Particularly, hairstyles became a canvas for self-expression and cultural identity. This decade embraced volume, length, and texture. It reflected the societal shift towards freedom and individuality. The Afro, for example, was exemplified by icons like Jimi Hendrix and the Jackson 5. It symbolized pride and empowerment. This marked a departure from the conservative styles of previous decades. Length also made a bold statement. Rockstars like Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and actors such as Warren Beatty sported longer locks. These defied traditional norms. Texture played a crucial role as well. Styles ranged from the shaggy layers of Rod Stewart to the feathered looks popularized by Farrah Fawcett. They had a significant influence on men’s hairstyles.

Dive into the decade where hairstyles were as bold as the music

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Popular Men’s Hairstyles In The 70s

In the fashion world, the ’70s hairstyles for men are making a notable comeback, blending vintage charm with today’s trends. Experts like Hung Q. Nguyen, regional barber manager at Fellow Barber in New York, and Hassan Bilal, a London-based men’s grooming expert, have shared their insights with Byrdie on this resurgence. Thanks to their insights, we now know how these cool styles can be adapted for the modern man. 70s hairstyle has an enduring appeal, which is why it’s no surprise that we are noticing a revival of these classic hairstyles.

These are some of the most popular men’s hairstyles in the 70s

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Long and sleek

The ’70s were synonymous with glam rock, an era where letting your hair grow long and sleek was more than a style; it was a statement. Jared Leto, with his long, wavy locks, perfectly encapsulates this look, proving its enduring appeal. According to experts like Nguyen, achieving this look could take 18 months to two years, depending on the starting length. Modern grooming experts suggest maintaining this style’s sleekness with light leave-in conditioners and hairsprays, offering a contemporary twist on the classic ’70s aesthetic.

Channel your inner glam rock spirit with long, sleek locks


The Afro, a symbol of pride and cultural empowerment, remains a significant part of the ’70s hairstyle lexicon. Icons like Jimi Hendrix and modern stars like Donald Glover have embraced this style, showcasing its versatility and timeless appeal. Today, maintaining an Afro involves hydrating oils and minimal manipulation, highlighting the style’s natural beauty and simplicity.

Rock an Afro that boasts pride and timeless style

Feathered hair

Feathered hair, a hallmark of ’70s style, has seen a resurgence in various lengths. David Bowie’s short feathered cut and Barry Gibb’s medium feathered layers illustrate the style’s adaptability. Modern interpretations involve hydration through styling creams and an embrace of natural waves, blending ’70s flair with today’s grooming trends.

Embrace the ’70s feathered flair with a modern twist

The shag

The shag, in its short, medium, and long variations, represents the epitome of ’70s rebellious chic. Zac Efron’s modern take on the short shag and Harry Styles’s long shag adaptation show how this layered, textured style continues to influence contemporary fashion. Modern styling emphasizes texture and an effortless vibe, paying homage to the original shag’s laid-back appeal. This approach is consistent with Nguyen’s advice for achieving an updated yet laid-back appeal.

Get that laid-back, textured look with a contemporary shag


The greaser and pompadour styles, with their voluminous, slicked-back look, hark back to the ’50s but were embraced anew in the ’70s. Today, these styles are reimagined with modern products that provide shine and hold, demonstrating how classic aesthetics can be refreshed for today’s fashion-conscious man.

Give your pompadour a modern gloss for a throwback vibe

Wet curl

The wet curl look, a distinctive style that captures the essence of vitality and flair, was immortalized by artists like Rick James in the ’70s. It’s characterized by its glossy, perpetually moist appearance, making it a standout choice for those aiming to exude charisma and boldness. Modern iterations of the wet curl employ advanced hydrating products to maintain that fresh, sleek look without compromising hair health.

Keep it sleek and shiny with a ’70s-inspired wet curl look

Long and wavy

Long and wavy hair, a style that evokes images of rock legends and film stars from the ’70s, symbolizes a blend of wildness and elegance. This laid-back yet impactful style was a favorite among icons like Jim Morrison, representing a departure from the strict grooming standards of earlier decades. Today, achieving this look might involve minimal styling products like sea salt spray to enhance the hair’s natural texture and volume.

Capture the essence of ’70s rock legends with long, wavy hair

The buzz cut

In contrast to the more flamboyant styles of the era, the buzz cut stands out for its stark simplicity and clean lines. Initially adopted for its practicality, the buzz cut became a statement of minimalism and understated cool in the ’70s. In the contemporary scene, it’s embraced for its ease of maintenance and its powerful statement of clarity and confidence.

Opt for the minimalist appeal of a classic buzz cut

Layered locs

Locs, a style rooted in tradition and self-expression, have gained prominence in the fashion world, with celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Miguel showcasing their unique takes on this versatile hairstyle. Today’s locs celebrate individuality and fashion-forward thinking, embodying the ’70s ethos of freedom and pride. Following Nguyen’s recommendations, minimal product usage focuses on maintaining the locs’ health and appearance.

Show off your individuality with stylish layered locs


The mullet, with its distinctive “business in the front, party in the back” philosophy, encapsulates the daring and eclectic spirit of the ’70s. This hairstyle defies conventions, blending the practicality of short hair with the freedom and flair of long locks. The modern mullet has seen a resurgence, adapted with contemporary styling to soften its transitions.

Update the iconic mullet for today’s daring fashion


Sideburns were not just facial hair in the ’70s; they were integral components of a broader aesthetic, often complementing hairstyles from the afro to the mullet and beyond. They added a masculine edge to the era’s diverse looks, symbolizing rebellion and rugged charm. Today, sideburns are styled with precision to complement the individual’s face shape and chosen hairstyle.

Add a touch of ’70s charm with precision-styled sideburns

The perm

The perm, popularized in the ’70s for its ability to add volume and texture to otherwise straight hair, has made a significant comeback. Modern perms are more sophisticated, offering a range of styles from tight curls to loose waves, catering to personal preference and hair type.

Revive the ’70s perm with a nod to modern hair care

As we blend these vintage charms with our modern aesthetic, let’s celebrate. Hairstyles were so much more than just fashion. They were expressions of our identity, creativity, and the timeless desire to stand out. The journey back in time becomes a path to discovering our unique style. So, here’s to the ’70s. It wasn’t just a decade of iconic hairstyles. It was also a source of inspiration for those of us ready to make a statement in 2024. Whether you’re drawn to the shaggy layers, the voluminous afros, or the sleek, long locks, there’s a piece of the ’70s waiting. It’s waiting to be reinterpreted through your personal lens.

What 70s hairstyle will you be trying out?

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