10 Clear Signs That You Are Dehydrated

by Maria Konou

Do you know if you are drinking enough water? It is super important to give your body enough water, especially during the hot summer months. Since sweating makes you lose water faster, you have to be quick to top it off in order to stay hydrated. Why is this so important? It is medically proven that not drinking enough water can cause serious health problems, including digestive problems, urinary tract infections, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. What’s more, according to a medical report, 75% of the population of Europe and the US suffer from chronic dehydration. This is a very dangerous trend as water makes up about 60% of our bodies, 75% of our muscles, and 85% of our brain! Dehydration can impair the function of many parts of the human body, leaving a feeling of apathy and even depression! Since all living things need water to sustain them, and help them grow, develop, and fight disease, it is important to hydrate as much as possible! So, here are the signs that you might be dehydrated, so you know what to look out for:

Here are the most common signs that you are dehydrated and need water asap

signs and symptoms that you are dehydrated

Clear Signs That You Are Dehydrated

#Dry mouth, eyes, and skin

One of the first signs of dehydration affects our skin, believe it or not. If you don’t drink enough water, you won’t sweat either, which means that toxins from all internal and external organs can’t get out of the body. As a result, you will be prone to clogged pores and premature aging of the skin. And, no one wants that!

If you notice that your lips are more dry than the usual, you are probably dehydrated

what are 5 signs that you are dehydrated

#Infrequent toilet visits

If you have more regular urges to visit the toilet, and when you do, your urine is not transparent or light in color, this is a big red flag that you are dehydrated. Many people downplay the fact that they don’t excrete enough urine throughout the day and toxins just build up in their bodies. So, make sure you are visiting the bathroom enough times during the day.

If you are not going to the toilet as often as before, you might need more water

what are some signs that you are dehydrated

#Frequent joint and back pain

Since water makes up nearly 80% of your body’s cartilage, hydrating after sweating is essential for keeping your bones and joints healthy. Water keeps the joints lubricated to protect the body during intense exertion or unexpected movement, such as a fall or loss of balance. In addition, back pain may indicate a kidney infection due to dehydration, so if you have frequent back pain, start drinking more water throughout the day!

When your body lacks water, you might experience back pain and joint pain

what are 3 signs that indicate you could be dehydrated

#Feeling tired

(and experiencing frequent mood swings)

Water brings oxygen into the body. The more oxygen-rich your cells are, the more alive you will feel. If you don’t drink enough water, your body won’t get oxygen from the blood, and to compensate, it will get it by sucking your cells dry. This will inevitably make you more tired, irritable, and lethargic. So, save yourself the trouble and drink some hydrating lemon water.

Do you often feel tired and moody without doing much all day?

how do you know when your getting dehydrated

#Feeling hungry

(even after eating)

This may seem confusing, as hunger is usually an indicator that you need to eat. But it can also mean you are dehydrated. Dehydration makes us feel hungry when what we actually need is water. Hunger and thirst send signals to the same part of the brain, which may explain this confusion. So next time, just drink a glass of water as soon as you feel hungry, even though you might have recently eaten. You will be surprised how fast the hunger will go away.

You might feel hungry again just after eating if you haven’t had enough water 

signs that you might be dehydrated

#High blood pressure

Dehydration damages the blood and the body and leads to obesity, which causes slower blood flow and higher sodium in the blood. All of these factors provide a “good” environment and conditions for high blood pressure, which can lead to other health problems. So, keep your heart safe and sound by drinking enough water during the day!

Protect your heart at all costs and pour yourself a glass of water

how do i know am dehydrated

#High cholesterol

When you limit your fluid intake, your cholesterol levels become much higher. And since, most people drink sweetened, nutrient-poor drinks instead of water, they can easily get dehydrated, and therefore have higher cholesterol levels. Grab yourself a glass of water and munch on one of these low-cholesterol foods!

Snack on some low-cholesterol foods and up your water intake

signs that you may be dehydrated

#Digestive problems

Water supports all of the body’s vital processes, including the digestive system. Water is a great way to detoxify the body, and without enough water, waste moves through the colon more slowly, which can lead to constipation or other digestive disorders. When the body is dehydrated, the likelihood of constipation, acid reflux, ulcers, and other digestive problems increases. So, chug on some water and try some of these probiotic foods for a healthy gut!

Less water for your body equals more digestive issues for you

what are some signs that you might be dehydrated

#Rashes on your skin

The signs that you are dehydrated usually occur on the outside of the body because water detoxifies and hydrates the skin. Without enough water, toxins accumulate on the skin, resulting in various skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. So, are you sure your recent breakouts aren’t a sign that you need more hydration?

Maybe your recent breakout was a sign that you need to drink more water

what are signs im dehydrated


Dehydration damages the brain tissue. If you don’t drink water, it can cause the cerebral cortex to shrink and reduce blood volume, which means less blood and oxygen will flow to the brain. Blood vessels in the brain dilate, and the result can be inflammation and migraine attacks. Drink enough water and take a look at these tips and tricks for alleviating a migraine fast.

A bad side effect of a lack of water in the body is a migraine

what are signs that you're dehydrated

Now go and drink some water 💧

10 signs that you are dehydrated

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