Wolf Cut Hair 101: How To Achieve, Style, And Rock This Latest Trend!

by John Griffith

In the dynamic landscape of hairstyle trends, wolf cut hair emerges as a bold statement, blending nostalgia with a contemporary edge. This style, a hybrid of the shaggy grace of the 70s and the daring flair of the 80s mullet, is not just a haircut, it’s a rebellion against the conventional. It’s where texture, volume, and attitude collide to create a look that’s as unapologetically unique as it is versatile. Gaining popularity in recent years, thanks in part to celebrities and social media influencers, the wolf cut has become a symbol of individuality and fearless style. Whether tousled and wild or sleek and tamed, this cut has the power to transform not just the hair, but also the aura of those who wear it.

This cut is where texture, volume, and attitude collide

wolf cut hair miley cyrus

What is wolf cut hair?

The edgy layers of a classic shag with the bold spirit of a mullet – this is a wolf cut. It’s a layered, often bangs-inclusive cut that’s all about texture and movement. Think Billie Eilish’s recent transformations, or Miley Cyrus when she’s at her rock star best. This hairstyle isn’t just cutting-edge, it’s practically a fashion statement on its own. Gaining momentum in the late 2020s, it’s a nod to the retro while being firmly planted in the now. Celebrities and Instagram influencers alike have been flaunting this look, proving that the wolf cut can be as diverse as the personalities wearing it.

This hairstyle is for the rock stars at heart 

wolf cut hair billie eilish

Who should get a wolf cut?

Wondering if the wolf cut is for you? Let’s talk face shapes and hair types. This style is a chameleon and can be adapted to suit almost anyone. If you have a round or oval face, the layered aspect of the wolf cut can add angles and structure. For those with a square or heart-shaped face, it softens your features. And here’s the best part: whether your hair is as straight as a ruler or as curly as a spiral staircase, the wolf cut adds dimension and depth. It’s particularly flattering for those who crave volume and movement.

This style is a chameleon and can be adapted to suit almost anyone

camilla cabello wolf hair

Who shouldn’t get a wolf cut?

Now, let’s be real. While the wolf cut is versatile, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If low maintenance is your mantra, you might want to think twice. This cut requires some styling prowess to keep it looking fierce. Also, if you have very fine or thin hair, the extensive layering might not provide the desired voluminous effect. Remember, the wolf cut is bold and demands attention – so if you’re more of a ‘blend in the crowd’ type, this might not be your ideal match.

While the wolf cut is versatile, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea

kaia gerber wolf haircut

How to maintain a wolf cut?

Maintenance is key with the wolf cut. To keep your hair looking like it’s just been styled by a pro, you’ll need some tools and tricks up your sleeve. The first thing to remember is that regular trims are a must in order to keep those layers defined. Then, you need to invest in a good texturizing spray to maintain that ‘just rolled out of bed but make it fashion’ vibe. And don’t forget the power of a good blow-dry. Your diffuser attachment is your friend, especially if you have curls or waves. The wolf cut is all about personality, so let your hair’s natural character shine.

Maintenance is key with this haircut

curly wolf cut hairstyle

Wolf cut hair inspiration

In need of some wolf cut inspiration? Look no further! We collected some of the coolest version of this cut for you to have as inspo. You can go for a subtler version with softer layers, or amp up the drama with pronounced shaggy layers and an adventurous fringe. Why not experiment with colors? Maybe some bold highlights or a pastel tint. The wolf cut is your playground, and the possibilities are endless.

This cut is perfect for anyone looking to experiment

jenna ortega wolf cut


Bangs can significantly alter the character of the wolf cut, adding a new dimension to this already versatile style. Whether you opt for curtain bangs that softly frame the face, wispy bangs that add a touch of mystery, or bold, straight-across bangs for a more dramatic effect, each type contributes to a different aesthetic.

Bangs can significantly alter the character of the wolf cut

wolf cut with bangs


Experiment with color

The dynamic layers of the wolf cut provide an excellent canvas for experimenting with color. Imagine the edgy layers highlighted by bold streaks or dipped in vibrant hues. The color can range from subtle balayage to striking global shades, turning your hair into a piece of art.

The dynamic layers of the wolf cut provide an excellent canvas for color

natasha lyonne curly red hair


For the ultra-bold, an undercut with a wolf cut can be a striking choice. The undercut adds a surprising element when the hair is lifted or styled in certain ways. It’s a great way to reduce bulk for those with thicker hair, ensuring the wolf cut layers fall beautifully without being overwhelming.

An undercut with a wolf cut can be a striking choice

wolf cut with an undercut

Textured curly cut

If you have curly hair, a textured wolf cut can work wonders. It keeps the volume at the top, gradually thinning out towards the ends. This style celebrates natural curls, providing shape and structure while maintaining the hair’s inherent bounce and vivacity.

A textured wolf cut can work wonders for curls

curly wolf cut

The wolf cut is not just a hairstyle, it’s a statement. It’s for those who dare to be different and are not afraid to let their hair do the talking. Whether you’re contemplating a major hair change or just looking for some fresh inspiration, the wolf cut is definitely worth considering. Remember, it’s not about the cut itself, but how you wear it.

The wolf cut is definitely a statement

lizzo wolf cut

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