The 3 Dirtiest Parts of Your Kitchen You Need to Disinfect Properly ASAP

by Maria Konou

Would you ever prepare your dinner on the kitchen floor? Of course, no one wants their salad served with dirt and dust, but you hardly often think about the state of the kitchen counters, for example. Sure, they look cleaner than the ground, but according to professors of environmental health sciences, they are probably not as sparkling clean as you think. Kitchens are typically among the rooms with the most germs in the house, and are often more contaminated than bathrooms. Even more, bacteria like Escherichia coli and salmonella are often found in the kitchen! What’s more, it can survive on your surfaces for days, weeks, or even longer. To get into the habit of cleaning regularly, you can make disinfecting the kitchen a part of your morning routine. You just have to wipe down frequently touched surfaces while your coffee is brewing, for example. So, let’s see which are the dirtiest parts of your kitchen that you need to clean properly as soon as possible:

Do you actually know which are the dirtiest parts of your kitchen?

can you disinfect kitchen sponges

The Dirtiest Parts of Your Kitchen You Need to Clean ASAP

#The Sink

If you clean everything in the sink but not the kitchen sink itself, you need to change that! It is easy to forget, but your kitchen sink is where you clean your produce and wash your dishes. While they get all clean and shiny, germs and dirt stay there. Sink surfaces should be sanitized every time after preparing potentially contaminated foods like meat and fish and at least once a week, say experts. You can make an eco-cleaning disinfectant in just a couple of minutes! Just take some apple cider vinegar, mix it with hot water, and add some essential oils and baking soda. Use this to wipe and disinfect your whole kitchen area.

Tip: Be careful when cleaning with baking soda, as it may scratch certain surfaces.

Your kitchen sink is where you clean your produce and wash your dishes

how do you disinfect a kitchen sink

Make a homemade sanitizer with baking soda, water, and apple cider vinegar

how can you keep your kitchen clean

Sink surfaces should be sanitized every time after preparing potentially contaminated foods

how do i clean and disinfect my kitchen countertops

#Your Tools and Utensils

Placing the cutting board under a stream of hot water definitely isn’t enough to fight the bacteria. Experts recommend cleaning cutting boards and cookware in the dishwasher after each use. Another option is to quickly disinfect your wooden cutting board and other utensils with half a lemon and some baking soda. This is one of the best household uses of lemons! As for the brushes, sponges, and rags you use to clean off bits of food and dirt, they are a favorite breeding ground for germs. Experts recommend spraying your stiff eco brush with disinfectant every night and dipping the scrub sponge in bleach diluted with water. What’s more, you should throw the rags in the washing machine after every use (we are serious!).

You use your kitchen tools and utensils every day, so they need to be cleaned often

how do you disinfect kitchen countertops

Disinfect your cutting board with lemon slices and baking soda

what can i use to clean kitchen cabinets

#The Places You Touch Most

Surfaces in the kitchen can quickly get dirty again because the action in the kitchen is dynamic. Even the most careful cooks can throw a cutting board covered in chicken scraps into the sink, and then immediately use the same hand to open the fridge. That is why it is important to know how to clean these kitchen surfaces you touch every day. Experts recommend using the eco-cleaning homemade disinfectant we mentioned above on frequently touched surfaces such as the refrigerator, oven, and cabinet handles. Try to make this a part of your weekly cleaning schedule. This will get your kitchen back to the level of hygiene you always assumed you maintained! This is especially important if you have small kids and sensitive people in the family with allergies and asthma!

You touch your fridge every day, but do you disinfect it often enough

how to always have a clean kitchen

Also, make sure to clean your kitchen cabinet drawers’ handles

how do you disinfect your kitchen at home

Wipe the areas you touch most with the disinfectant at least once a week

why is it important to disinfect the kitchen premises


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