13 Unique Ways to Make Use of Lemons in your Home

by Maria Konou

We usually use it more in cooking and drinks, but as it turns out, the properties of the beloved sour lemon are not limited to that at all. Lemon is a unique fruit, and it would be a real miss to ignore it and its useful properties! Some people love it so much that they even grow it at home as a cute lemon tree! So, why not get the most that this tropical fruit has to offer? No one will be surprised by the fact that lemon is the first remedy for all kinds of colds and sore throats. But did you know that there are more unique and cool ways to make use of the lemons in your home? Let us show you the best lemon tips and tricks below:

Let’s see all the different and unique ways you can use lemons in your household

easy ways to use up lemons

Unique Ways to Make Use of Lemons in your Home

#For calmness

It’s no coincidence that Sicilian restaurants worried about their “image” plant lemon trees in their yards. The aroma of the ripe fruit gives a feeling of security and comfort. People feel good, welcome, relaxed and in the end, they come again! So, how can you replicate this feeling of calmness in your apartment or house? Just cut a lemon in half, squeeze the juice into a cool saucer and place it in the room. The light, zesty aroma is enough to make you feel calm and relaxed. Another idea is to just grow your own lemon tree and wait for it to grow patiently. This lush lemon plant will turn your home into a little piece of Italian paradise.

A lemon tree in your home will bring the feelings of calmness and relaxation

unexpected ways to use lemons in your home

#For fresh produce

Not many people know that lemon juice has disinfectant and antibacterial properties. Thanks to lemon, you can wash vegetables and fruits well, and the delicate lemon aroma will be a nice bonus. For this method, it is useful for you to have a spray bottle: pour freshly squeezed lemon juice into a container and spray on your vegetables and fruits!

Wash and disinfect your fresh produce with some lemon water

how to use lemon in your house

#For crispy greens

One of the great mysteries of cooking is leafy greens. How do you keep them fresh longer? We have the answer! Take your lettuce or another leafy vegetable and place them in a bowl of cold water. Then squeeze the juice from half a lemon. Put the container in the fridge, and after an hour take them out and dry them. You will have the crispiest lettuce, perfect for a delicious salad.

Keep your leafy greens super crispy and fresh with lemon juice

unique ways to use lemons

#For purifying air

Do the same when you want to clean and purify the air. Let’s say there is someone snotty in the house. Put lemon not only in their tea but also spread some lemon slices around the apartment. Lemon “alcohol” will significantly reduce the percentage of insidious germs, which means that the chance of getting sick will decrease. If you want to make your home a place of the freshest air, make sure to add some air-purifying plants, as well.

Lemon slices around your house will purify and disinfect the indoor air

different ways to use lemons

#For your cutting board

Does your favorite cutting board smell bad? That is not surprising, especially if you like to cook fish, onions, garlic, or other delicious foods that happen to smell a lot. Half a lemon will help get rid of unpleasant smells and extend the life of this beloved kitchen item. Just wipe the board thoroughly with half a lemon and all the smells will disappear, and your cutting board will be good as new!

Keep your cutting board fresh and clean with the help of lemons

how to use lemons as air freshener

#For concentration

The Japanese generally believe that if the scent of lemon is inhaled every day, one becomes more alert and efficient, memory improves, and the brain works better overall. They noticed this feature when they started putting lemons in offices. Employees are less likely to make mistakes and are more efficient in their work. So, place a diffuser with lemon essential oil in your working space, or just put some lemon slices in a bowl next to you!

Lemons can help boost your concentration, memory, and quality of work

ways to use leftover lemon juice

#For stains

Getting rid of stains on clothes is a hard task. But, with the help of a glass of lemon juice, you will be more than fine. Just pour it into the washing machine during washing. Your clothing items will acquire a pleasant zesty aroma and there will be no trace of stains. For large stains, mix some baking soda with lemon juice in a 50/50 ratio and apply the solution to the stain before washing. Voilà!

TIP: Want to remove yellow stains from your clothes? Check our easy methods for getting rid of yellow stains on clothes!

Some lemon juice in your washing machine can do miracles for stains

creative ways to use lemons

#Against high blood pressure

Some believe that lemon has a miraculous effect on hypertensive patients. The aroma of lemon can lower blood pressure and relax you! So, surround yourself with this fresh scent and let it do its magic! However, this does not mean that you should give up prescribed medications.

Lemons are believed to help hypertensive people

how to use lemons around the house

#Against bad breath

Have you ever tried to freshen your breath with lemon juice? Freshly squeezed lemon juice is perfect for this. Please note that the juice should not be kept in your mouth for a long time to avoid damaging your tooth enamel. So, drink some lemon juice (which will help prolong the freshness of your breath) or swish it around your mouth and spit it out after a couple of seconds.

Munch on a piece of lemon for the freshest breath

best ways to use lemons

#Against insects

Many insects are known to be sensitive to pungent odors, especially citrus ones. By spraying lemon juice in corners, crevices, and along window sills in your home, you can be sure that spiders, ants, fleas, and even cockroaches will not bother you. For even more security, you can add the juice of this fruit to the water you intend to wash your floors with. On a hot summer night, when hordes of bloodthirsty mosquitoes surround you on all sides, take half a lemon, squeeze some juice and place it beside you. For an increased effect, you can add cloves.

TIP: Are you struggling with indoor and outdoor pests? This organic pest-control guide has many all-natural recipes to help you!

Lemons can protect you against annoying insects 

ways to use lemons for cleaning

#Make lemon water

This is a method that is practiced all over the world by people living a healthy lifestyle. And, that is starting your mornings with a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon. If you drink lemon water often, you will feel like a rocket taking off to start a new day! Learn more about the benefits of lemon water and how it can help you!

A glass of lemon water a day has many health benefits

lemons tips and tricks ideas

#For a sparkling kitchen

Not happy with the gray aluminum objects and items in your kitchen? You can add a sparkle to the interior with the help of half a lemon. Just make some homemade eco-cleaning solution of vinegar, lemon juice, and warm water. Your kitchen will sparkle! Find more eco recipes in our guide!

Lemon can make your aluminum items sparkle

7 unexpected ways to use lemons

#For a clean bath

A lemon will be an excellent helper in cleaning your bathtub. By mixing lemon juice with water and vinegar, you create an excellent cleaning solution to combat water and lime deposits, rust stains, and soap residue. What’s more, your bathroom will be smelling super fresh by the time you are done cleaning! See more amazing hacks in this guide for keeping your home smelling fresh!

For a sparkling bathtub and a fresh aroma, use a lemon while cleaning your bath

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