5+ Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits: Weight Loss And More

by John Griffith

Apple cider vinegar has gained a lot of popularity through the last couple of years. And it’s easy to see why. Vinegar is created when yeast is added into apple juice. Then the sugar within the juice ferments and turns into alcohol. After that, bacteria turn the alcohol into acetic acid. This acid gives the vinegar its smell and taste. For centuries, it is used in medicine, cooking and even for cleaning. This is because it is a strong disinfectant, a great preservative, and it’s super delicious when added as a condiment. In the past, people actually used vinegar to battle sore throats and spider veins. But there are plenty more benefits to adding this sour liquid to your diet. So, let’s take a look at some of the  apple cider vinegar benefits we keep mentioning.

For centuries, apple cider vinegar is used in medicine, cooking and even for cleaning

is vinegar good for you vinegar and some apples

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

A combination formed during fermentation, or also referred to as “the mother” is the duo of bacteria and yeast. You can see bits of it floating around in non filtered bottles. “The mother” is a type of probiotic which makes vinegar great for gut health. It’s though many of the healthy benefits are derived from this probiotic. Probiotics such as kombucha, vinegar, and other fermented foods are a must for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Not only that but since it’s made from apples it’s packed with B vitamins, potassium, amino acids and antioxidants.

A quick guide to some benefits

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Kills Bad Bacteria

One of the apple cider vinegar benefits is killing pathogens. This includes bacteria. This is why it has been used for years as e method of disinfecting wounds, cleaning, treating ear infections and nail fungus, and fighting off warts and lice. It’s also a great way to kill off any leftover bacteria in your salad. Research found that adding a bit of vinegar or lemon juice can decrease Salmonella growth. So, make sure to add some to your dressing. Apple cider vinegar is a great preservative. However, what makes it so good is the fact that it’s able to stop bacteria such as E. coli from growing and consequently spoiling food.

Make your own homemade apple cider vinegar

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Weight Loss

A small study found that apple cider vinegar may aid in weight loss. The study had two groups both eating lower calories however one group also took around thirty milliliters of apple cider vinegar a day. In the end the vinegar group not only had lost more weight, they also lost more fat. Specifically the fat around the abdomen aka belly fat. This may be due to the fact that it helps aid digestion and reduces bloating.

A small study found that apple cider vinegar may aid in weight loss

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Helps In Diabetes Management

Thanks to the acetic acid found in vinegar, the body can digest starchy foods much easier. This means that there will be less blood sugar level spikes after meals. Consequently, keeping blood sugar levels withing the normal range. High levels are believed to cause many chronic problems and aging. Apple cider vinegar also improves insulin sensitivity.

It helps lower the chances of blood sugar level spiking after meals

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Aids In Different Skin Conditions

Apple cider vinegar is often used as a way to treat conditions such as eczema and dry skin in general. Since the skin has a natural acidity, using some vinegar can help bring balance to the skin’s natural pH which helps improves its barrier. Alongside that since it is great at killing bacteria, in theory, it can help prevent eczema and other types of skin conditions. Some people use a diluted vinegar toner or face wash. It can dry out pimples, help with acne and blackheads in general. A dab of apple cider vinegar solution can also help with stings from jelly fish, mosquito bites, and rashes from poison ivy. However, there is little evidence to prove the benefits of apple cider vinegar on skin, so always consult a professional beforehand.

There are plenty of benefits for the skin

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Treats Dandruff

One of the greatest apple cider vinegar benefits is the fact that it can help fight dandruff. By spritzing some diluted vinegar onto your scalp, it’s thought to be able to fight any irritation, itchiness, and flakes that may arise from dandruff. This is because the acetic acid can help the scalp’s natural pH, stopping yeast from thriving and creating dandruff. It’s also useful for more serious dandruff conditions such as seborrhea dermatitis. It can also help rinse out any shampoo that has built up and clogged the pores.

Vinegar can help fight off dandruff and seborrhea

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Lowers Body Temperature

In many cultures it is believed apple cider vinegar can help lower body temperature when fighting off a sickness. However, rather than consuming it, it is absorbed by the skin. Dilute some apple cider vinegar with water and soak some socks in it. After the socks have soaked, put them onto the feet. Let them stay there until they have dried up. It is believed that by soaking up the vinegar through the skin, its antibacterial effects can help fight off the virus and lower temperature. However, there isn’t a lot of research to back this up.

Apple cider vinegar can help lower body temperature when fighting off a sickness

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Fights Throat Soreness

As we mentioned, apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries to fight a sore throat. All you need is a teaspoon of vinegar, some cayenne pepper, warm water and a teaspoon of honey. Mix it well and either drink it or gargle with it. However, make sure there is enough water, at least a cup, in order to not damage any of the throat tissue. This is all thanks to its amazing germ-fighting effects.

Treat a sore throat with vinegar and honey

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Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

Don’t let the fact that it’s a common household item have you believing it’s absolutely safe. Just like anything, apple cider vinegar also comes with its own set of side effects.

Apple cider vinegar is delicious and beneficial

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Slow Down Digestion

In some cases, such as with people with type 1 diabetes, apple cider vinegar may slow down digestion time. This means it will be harder and longer for liquid and foods to move out of the stomach and into the intestines. The slower the digestion is, the harder it becomes for the body to control blood sugar levels. This will also cause bloating, heartburn, and nausea.

Lowered Potassium Levels

Potassium can be derived from many things, most commonly bananas. Nerves and muscles need potassium in order to work correctly. In some cases, taking vinegar may lower the potassium level too low. Large doses of vinegar can also cause problems within the bones.

Taking vinegar may lower the potassium levels

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Skin and Throat Burns

The acetic acid in vinegar can cause serious burns both to the throat tissue and to the skin. Since it is a potent caustic substance, it’s highly recommended vinegar is always diluted with water. Always consult professionals before deciding to treat infections, wounds, moles and so on with vinegar.


Apple cider vinegar may interact badly with certain types of medication. This includes any types of diabetes medication that lowers potassium or blood sugar levels. Certain diuretic drugs are also included. Avoid taking too much vinegar with any laxatives, blood thinners or heart medication as well.

Damage Tooth Enamel

Foods that are high in acidity, such as vinegar, can damage the tooth enamel. Consuming too much of this sour liquid can cause mineral loss in teeth and consequently erosion.

Too much vinegar will damage teeth

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How To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar?

In order to achieve all the apple cider vinegar benefits we mentioned, you need to properly dose it. This will help lower the chances of any side effects and be most beneficial to you. Here is how to drink apple cider vinegar.

It comes under many forms 

benefits of apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar supplements


You can find apple cider vinegar under many versions. This includes the regular liquid form, capsules, or gummies. Always make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to such types of supplements. If you are diluting vinegar for skin use, a general rule to follow is one part vinegar to ten parts water. If you are consuming it make sure to use a teaspoon or tablespoon of vinegar to eight ounces of water. Around 30 milliliters of vinegar per day is considered safe for general use.

Make sure to always dilute apple cider vinegar with water

benefits of apple cider spoonful of vinegar

These were all the apple cider vinegar benefits we have for you today. We hope you found this article helpful. Now you can go and safely embark on your apple cider vinegar journey.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away

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