Cute matching couple tattoos to help you declare your love

by John Griffith

Nowadays, people use tattoos for a plethora of things. To show their love for a favourite character or quote, to express their personality, to show their love for art. Or, simply, to declare their love. Matching couple tattoos have taken the world by storm. And, even though, tattoos have been around for a very long time, the effect they have on people’s commitment to one another is great. After all, sharing a drawing on your body, which stays there forever is a big step. Which is why, people consider getting matching tattoos as a sign of a true love that will last a lifetime.

So far, we have covered so many different types of tattoos – mandalas, roman numerals, flower tattoos, etc. Today, we are going to focus on the beauty of matching couple tattoos, as well as their significance. When it comes to deciding the type of tattoo you want to share with your partner, there are far too many options. Many people simply go for each others names, or the date they met or got married, for example. Others, however, are far more creative. If, for example, you share a love for something specific, you can have a symbol of it tattooed. That way, you will always share the love for this thing along with your partner.

Harry Potter inspired matching couple tattoos

matching couple tattoos, inspired by harry potter, ankle tattoos, wooden floor

What are the meanings behind some of the most used symbols in matching couple tattoos?

  • Hearts – need we say more. The heart is universal. Sharing a heart tattoo with your significant other naturally symbolises your love for one another. There are some intricate heart designs, however, which are very beautiful. Hearts intertwined with initials or infinity symbols. Which brings us to number two.
  • Infinity symbol. It’s pretty self explanatory, it symbolises infinity. You and your partner are promising eternal and undying love for one another if you share this tattoo design.
  • Anchors – you are my anchor. The meaning behind this symbol is very beautiful. It basically says that wherever you go, whatever you do, this person will always be there to hold you down and keep you “anchored”.
  • King and Queen. There are sooo many versions of this type of tattoos that it will be difficult to show you all of them. Some of them say “his queen”, “her king”, adorned with beautiful crowns, which are sometimes coloured. Others use the deck of cards symbols for King of Spades and Queen of Hearts. The details are up to you and whichever one you choose the meaning behind them is super simple.
  • Lion and lioness – the king and queen of the jungle. The meaning behind this tattoo is pretty much the same as that of the King and Queen tattoos.
  • Key and lock. The meaning behind is pretty simple – “You hold the key to my heart”.
  • Famous pop culture characters tattoos. Minnie and Mickie, Lady and the Tramp, Harley Quinn and the Joker – people get very creative when it comes to famous couples. So, if you share a love for Disney, for example, you have a limitless amount of matching tattoos you can get.

Interesting anchor matching tattoos

anchor and circle, matching couple tattoos, wrist tattoos, black and white photo

To sum up, matching couple tattoos are a great way to show your love for your significant other. However, keep in mind that, although we wish so, things don’t always work out. Don’t go overboard in case you have to remove the tattoo later or cover it up. Laser tattoo removal is very expensive and cover ups are usually very intricate and pricey, as well. We, however, are strong believers in true love, so we are absolutely certain that you won’t have to. So, if you believe that you have found the person you want to spend your life with and want to get matching tattoos, scroll through our gallery to find some inspiration.

Small finger anchor tattoos

anchor tattoos, inside the finger, matching couple tattoos, black leather watch, gold engagement ring

Intricate matching couple tattoos design

astronauts in space, matching couple tattoos, coloured back of arm tattoos

Simple, yet very effective couples tattoo

line crossing both fingers, finger tattoos, touching hands, matching couple tattoos

Be the Harley Quinn ti his Joker

matching tattoos, harley quinn and the joker, forearm tattoos, dc inspired

Hearts that complete each other

watercolour hearts, matching tattoos, forearm tattoos, cement background

Fun and cool matching couple tattoo ideas

green zombies, back of arm tattoos, matching tattoos, one holding a heart

These geometric tattoos are stunning

deer and stag, geometric design, matching tattoos, forearm tattoos

Dinsey inspired Mickey and Minnie tattoos

mrs and mr, disney inspired, mickey and minnie, matching tattoos, forearm tattoos

Game of Thrones might have ended, but these people have already joined their houses – Stark and Targaryen

the north remembers, fire and blood, his and hers tattoos, game of thrones inspired, starks and targrayens

Cute matching tattoos

geometric panda, red heart above, his and hers tattoos, wrist tattoos

geometric roses, forearm tattoos, his and hers tattoos, holding hands, green grass field

Another Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows inspired matching tattoos idea

his and hers tattoos, deathly hallows, harry potter inspired, forearm tattoos

brain and heart, forest landscape, his and hers tattoos, forearm tattoos

wrist tattoos, heart rate, couple tattoo ideas, holding hands, blue skies

Baby Groot has found his match – Guardians of the Galaxy inspired tattoos

baby groot and girl, arm tattoos, couple tattoo ideas, coloured tattoo

i heart you, i know, finger tattoos, couple tattoo ideas

The King and Queen are the strongest chess pieces

king and queen, chess pieces, wrist tattoos, couple tattoo ideas, holding hands

watercolour crowns, couple tattoo ideas, king and queen, wrist tattoos

lines crossing, husband and wife tattoos, woman and man hugging, black background, hand and back tattoos

Interesting take on the King and Queen tattoo

skeleton king and queen, husband and wife tattoos, arm coloured tattoos

mandala flower, back and arm tattoos, husband and wife tattoos

small hearts, wrist tattoos, husband and wife tattoos

nature landscape, geometrical forearm tattoo, husband and wife tattoos, holiding hands

Some Disney inspiration

couple tattoos small, disney inspired, mickie and minnie, to infinity and beyond, side by side photos

You are the sun to my moon

sun and moon, forearm tattoos, white shirts and sweatpants, couple tattoos small

Superman and Wonder Woman

superman and wonder woman, couple tattoos small, forearm tattoos, dc inspired

tea cup, tea bag, shoulder tattoos, couple tattoos small, grey sweater and shirt

To infinity and beyond – Toy Story inspired tattoo idea

to infinity and beyond, disney inspired, couple tattoos small, inside arm tattoos

x and o, hugs and kisses, wrist tattoos, matching tattoo ideas, woman wearing a white dress, holding hands

you wrist tattoos, holding hands, matching tattoo ideas

always arm tattoos, black lines, matching tattoo ideas, black and white photo

matching tattoo ideas, watercolour back of leg tattoo, anchor and compass, wooden floor

anchors tattoos, forearm and wrist tattoos, matching tattoos, ideas, holding hands

relationship tattoos, woman wearing a wedding dress, angel wings, back tattoo, wooden cross

bow and arrow, forearm tattoos, relationship tattoos, black and white photo

Super cute his and hers tattoos

relationship tattoos, avocado sliced in half, wrist tattoos

biomechanical shoulder tattoos, relationship tattoos, black and white photo

I’m with you til’ the end of the line – Captain America and The Winter Soldier are the best example of undying love

captain america, winter soldier, marvel inspired, wrist tattoos, relationship tattoos

marriage tattoos, cloud and sky, wrist tattoos

watercolour flamingo, inside arm tattoo, marriage tattoos

Commemorate an important date in your lives with husband and wife tattoos

mike and aimee, lock and key, marriage tattoos

queen and king, watercolour crowns, forearm tattoos, marriage tattoos

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell really are an inspiration

marriage tattoos, peter pan and tinkerbell, watercolour forearm tattoo

i promise to never leave, if you promise to stay, back of arm tattoos, couple tattoos ideas gallery

small roses, finger tattoos, couple tattoos ideas gallery, white paper background

shining diamond, holding hands, couple tattoos ideas gallery, purple background

Valar Morghulis – another Game of Thrones inspired matching tattoo ideas

valar morghulis, couple tattoos ideas gallery, forearm tattoos, game of thrones inspired

husband wife tattoos, halves of lion's head, forearm tattoos

Greatest catch – for the lovers of fishing

greatest catch, fishing for a heart, husband wife tattoos, forearm tattoos

Literally Guns n’ Roses

guns and roses, forearm tattoos, husband wife tattoos, blurred background

heart and arrow, wrist tattoos, husband wife tattoos, white background

matching tattoos for couples in love, lock and key, wrist tattoos

hearts and initials, wrist tattoos, matching tattoos for couples in love

her guardian, his little light, matching tattoos for couples in love, black and white photo

her king, his queen, coloured crowns, matching tattoos for couples in love

her one, his only, side arm tattoos, matching tattoos for couples in love, white top

Joker inspired relationship tattoos

small matching tattoos, joker's laugh, inside a heart, green and purple, red and black

hummingbird and flower, forearm tattoos, small matching tattoos

jigsaw puzzle pieces, small matching tattoos, lock and key, wrist tattoos

soulmate tattoos, king and queen, watercolour crowns, shoulder tattoos

Lady and the Tramp – matching tattoos for couples in love

lady and the tramp, back of leg tattoos, soulmate tattoos, side by side photos

black letter, soulmate tattoos, black and white photo, wrist tattoos

candle light and lighthouse, ankle tattoos, soulmate tattoos, wooden floor

lion and lioness, wrist tattoos, soulmate tattoos, black and white tattoos

two skulls, wrist tattoos, black and white photo, unique couple tattoos

man and woman with weapons, unique couple tattoos, back of leg tattoos, gold high heels, adidas sneakers

trust inside finger tattoos, black nail polish, black and white photo, unique couple tattoos

Bonnie and Clyde – symbol for strong love, which can withhold everything

bonnie and clyde, automatic weapons, unique couple tattoos, wrist tattoos

boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos, hearts hand and wrist tattoos, black nail polish

mickey and minnie, boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos, back of leg tattoos, disney inspired

Unique couple tattoos

nature landscape, man and woman, starry sky, boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos, forearm tattoos

The lovers of nature can share amazing natural landscapes

boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos, nature landscape, back of arm tattoos

nature landscape, sitting cat, back of arm tattoos, boyfriend and girlfriend tattoos

pi number, wrist tattoos, couple finger tattoos

pinky swear, couple finger tattoos, back of arm tattoos, red heart string

planet and rocket ship, watercolour wrist tattoos, couple finger tattoos

play and pause, stop and rewind, couple finger tattoos, wrist tattoos

promise inside finger tattoos, couple finger tattoos, black background

Pulp Fiction inspired marriage tattoos

couple tattoos quotes, pulp fiction inspired, back of leg tattoo

king and queen, small crowns, couple tattoo quotes, wrist tattoos

Married couple tattoos

r and b initials, gold engagement, ring, couple tattoos quotes, finger tattoos

couple tattoos quote, small heart and arrow, wrist tattoos

roman numerals, couple tattoos quote, wrist tattoos, black and white photo

cute matching tattoos, lion and lioness, with crowns, forearm tattoos, holding hands

three roses, shoulder tattoos, cute matching tattoos, black and white photo

side by side photos, cute matching tattoos, watercolour tattoo, wrist tattoos

His and hers matching tattoos

king and queen skeletons, with crowns, cute matching tattoos, shoulder tattoos

vintage frames, male and female skeletons, cute matching tattoos, back of leg tattoos

his and hers matching tattoos, diamond on the finger, intertwined fingers, wooden table

king of spades, queen of hearts, his and hers matching tattoos, back of arm tattoos

heart outlines, finger tattoos, his and hers matching tattoos, long pink nails

Show your shared love for Star Wars with these matching tattoos

star wars inspired, his and hers matching tattoos, back of arm tattoos, large hallway

sun and moon, his and hers matching tattoos, wrist tattoos, grey plaid shirt

married couple tattoos, sun and moon, ankle tattoos, nike sneakers, wooden floor

swallow flying, king and queen crowns, wrist tattoos, married couple tattoos

true love, finger tattoos, couple kissing, black background, married couple tattoos

side by side photos, his queen, her king, married couple tattoos, large crowns

Ellie and Carl from the movie “Up” – symbol of eternal love

up movie, pixar inspired, shoulder tattoos, married couple tattoos, green top

watercolour foxes, back of leg tattoos, boyfriend and girlfriend matching tattoos, tiled floor

boyfriend and girlfriend matching tattoos, watercolour forearm tattoo, geometric hearts

watercolour wrist tattoos, man and woman, boyfriend and girlfriend matching tattoos

boyfriend and girlfriend matching tattoos, two women, two moons, back of arm tattoos

wrist tattoos, boyfriend and girlfriend matching tattoos, tiled floor

forever his, forever hers, finger tattoos, couple tattoos ideas gallery

purple nails, heart and infinity symbol intertwined, wrist tattoos, husband wife tattoos

nature inspired, unique couple tattoos, potted plants, white shirt, brown blouse

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