80+ best friend tattoos to celebrate your friendship with

by John Griffith

Tattoos have become such a widespread phenomenon. Not only are they super trendy, they come in so many different shapes and sizes, that picking just one is almost impossible. Pretty much everyone who gets their first tattoo is already thinking of their second. And, because we know how difficult it is, we have been trying to help you pick the right tattoo for you, for some time now. We have covered couple tattoos, mother daughter tattoos, mandala tattoos, etc. Now, it is time to pay special attention to best friend tattoos. So, scroll through our gallery to find the one best suited for you and your bff.

Contrary to popular belief, tattoos have been around for a very, very long time. Ancient tattoing, as it is called, has been practiced by Austronesian people, as well as Papuans and Melanesians. What’s more, the first ever recorded tattoo dates all the way back to 3351 BCE. Nowadays, tattoos are used as a creative and expressive tool.

Best friend tattoos – beautiful way to celebrate a long-lasting friendship

two halves of an avocado, inside arm tattoos, best friend tattoos, black and white striped shirt

Matching tattoos have been quite popular as of late. However, to get a matching tattoo with someone outside of your family is a big deal. You must be absolutely sure that this person is going to be in your life forever. Especially because the tattoo is going to be on your body forever. That is why, getting matching tattoos is not and easy decision to make. But, if you are sure about that person celebrating your relationship or friendship with a tattoo is a beautiful gesture. Best friend tattoos are very important. Your best friend is someone who is going to be there for you no matter what. What’s more, we’ve all had instances where we’ve been apart from our bffs for a while and then when we finally see each other it’s like nothing has changed. Being best friends with someone means always being ready to provide support and a shoulder and be there for each other through thick and thin.

To infinity and beyond – inspired by Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s friendship in Toy Story

to infinity and beyond, toy story inspired, best friends tattoos, inside arm tattoos

What are the most popular best friend tattoos?

Usually, when deciding what matching tattoos to get with you bff, you should definitely consider something that you both like. What’s more, it can be something that connects you in some way. For example, if you have met through your love of Harry Potter, then a quote or a symbol from the books or movies can be a good option. We have even seen people get matching tattoos of wine glasses. Because, be honest, is there anything better than discussing your life and your problems with your bff over some wine? No, there isn’t!

Two pieces completing each other

two halves of a butterfly, blue and yellow, black flowers, best friend tattoos, forearm tattoos

There are some symbols, however, which seem to be a staple when it comes to matching friends tattoos. Here they are:

  • Infinity symbols. Okay, we know that the infinity symbol isn’t just for best friends. It can also work for mother daughter, or even couples tattoos. But there is a reason it is so widespread. It is quite simple. This symbol symbolises infinity, being connected to that person forever. It doesn’t get any deeper than that.
  • Flowers. Some people get very creative and decide to have a flower split in two. One half tattooed on one person, and the other half on the other person. This symbolises being two pieces of the same thing, which brings us to the next entry.
  • Jigsaw puzzle pieces. Symbol of being two pieces of the same puzzle, completing each other. This serves as a metaphor for a beautiful everlasting friendship.
  • Quotes. Whether it would be quotes from your favourite books, movies or songs, they will always connect you. Many people choose quotes, which carry a meaning of unbreakable bonds. Because that is what a true friendship is, after all.
  • Anchors. The meaning behind an anchor symbol is pretty simple. You keep me grounded.
  • Hearts. The symbol of love. Need we say more?

Look at these pictures of best friend tattoos and get inspired

you can try to guide me, but never hold me down, best friend tattoos, back of leg tattoos

If you have decided to celebrate your long-lasting friendship and need some ideas as to how to do it, scroll through our gallery and find the tattoo best suited for you and your best friend.

You’re my sunflower

best friend tattoos, yellow sunflowers, side arm tattoo, forearm tattoo

Be the change – an inspiring message

be the change, cursive font, forearm tattoos, wooden floor, matching tattoos

Funny and cute matching tattoos

two dinosaurs, matching tattoos, ankle tattoo, finger tattoo, long whte nails, green background

Arrows can carry lots of different meanings

arrow made of lines and dots, side arm tattoos, matching tattoos, grey blouses

The fist bump – first sign of two people getting along

fist bump, back of arm tattoos, matching tattoos, grey shiret, black and white striped top

For those who shre their love of nature

forest landscape, ocean waves, inside a triangle, back of arm tattoos, matching tattoos

And a little something for the adventure lovers

friendship tattoos, hearts and airplanes, wrist tattoos, black and white photo

Always together, just like peanut butter and jelly

peanut butter and jelly, coloured ankle tattoos, friendship tattoos, grey and purple sneakers

Powerpuff Girls were inseparable, just like you and your bffs

black and white photo, powerpuff girls inspired, ankle tattoos, friendship tattoos

You can always be weird when you are in your best friend’s company

stay weird, watercolour alien, friendship tattoos, forearm tattoos

soul sisters, friendship tattoos, watercolour feathers and birds, forearm tattoos

two keys, with bows, matching bestfriend tattoos, forearm tattoos, grey and black blouses

angel wings, finger tattoos, intertwined hands, matching bestfriend tattoos, long nails

An unbreakable bond

matching bestfriend tattoos, an unbreakable bond, leg tattoos, grey background

paper airplanes, shoulder tattoos, matching bestfriend tattoos, sunflowers in the background

mickey and minnie mouse, bff inscription, matching bestfriend tattoos, forearm tattoos

coloured cupcaked, matching friend tattoos, cherries on top, ankle tattoos, tiled floor

matching friend tattoos, pink owls, on tree branches, leg tattoos, red and purple nail polish

crossed arrows, hearts in the middle, matching friend tattoos, rib cage tattoo, back of arm tattoo

A couple of queens

small crowns, forearm tattoos, matching friend tattoos, photo taken inside the car

Don’t forget to “hakuna matata”

hakuna matata, shoulder tattoos, matching friend tattoos, black and white photo

Double trouble – a warning sign for everyone

double trouble, arrows on the side, matching tattoo ideas, side arm tattoo, forearm tattoo

fingerprint hearts, wrist tattoos, matching tattoo ideas, side by side arms

grey background, flower tattoos, forearm tattoos, matching tattoo ideas

best friends, two girls, connected by tin can phones, matching tattoo ideas, forearm tattoos

love cursive font, wrist tattoos, matching tattoo ideas, side by side arms

peanut butter and jelly, 4 evaa, forearm tattoos, small bestfriend tattoos, tiled wall

small bestfriend tattoos, pinky swear, geographical coordinates, inside arm tattoos, black and white photos

two flowers, wrist tattoos, small bestfriend tattoos, intertwined hands, green bush

hands with flowers, planets and stars, forearm tattoos, small bestfriend tattoos, white background

hearts and airplanes, side arm tattoos, small bestfriend tattoos, jean shorts, black and white dress

hearts and flowers, ankle tattoos, best friend tattoo ideas, white background

best friend tattoo ideas, hearts and flowers, four hands next to each other, wrist tattoos

“I’ll be there” – could they be any more adorable

i'll be there, friends inspired, wrist tattoos, best friend tattoo ideas

infinity symbols, made up of roses, pink and blue, best friend tattoo ideas side arm tattoos

mandala flower, split in half, best friend tattoo ideas, leg tattoos, dark red nail polish, white background

friendship tattoo ideas, above the elbow tattoos, letter initials, two lines crossed, black and white photo

white converse sneakers, friendship tattoo ideas, letter initials, ankle bracelet tattoo, paved floor

Clearly they are fans of Harry Potter

small lightning, wrist tattoos, friendship tattoo ideas, deathly hallows bracelets, harry potter isnpired

mandala flower, split in two, forearm tattoos, friendship tattoo ideas, white background

mandala lotus flower, back tattoo, arm tattoo, friendship tattoo ideas, black background

small friendship tattoos, three mermaids, talking on tin can phones

Super strong feminist message inside small matching best friend tattoos

grl pwr, forearm tattoo, hip tattoo, small friendship tattoos, feminist message

pink and blue flowers, inside arm tattoos, small friendship tattoos, grey and blue blouses

lotus flower, ankle tattoos, small friendship tattoos, black background

Yet another Harry Potter fans with a warning

mischief managed, harry potter inspired, wrist tattoos, small friendship tattoos, wooden floor

Nasty woman – two simple words carrying such strength and deep meaning

nasty woman, feminist message, small matching tattoos, forearm tattoo, inside arm tattoo

no matter where, ankle tattoos, white converse and nike sneakers, small matching tattoos

No matter where, no matter what

small matching tattoos, no matter where, no matter what, two feathers, forearm tattoos

ohana watercolour tattoos, small hearts, small matching tattoos, side arm tattoos

side by side photos, feather compass and anchor, forearm tattoos, small matching tattoos

best friends tattoos quotes, red and blue, watercolour fish, side arm tattoos, yellow top

pinky swear, best friend tattoos quotes, flower wreaths underneath, forearm tattoos

semicolon tattoos, with hearts, wrist tattoos, black bracelets, best friend tattoos quotes

side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be, connected by heart, forearm tattoos, best friend tattoos quotes

side by side photos, heartbeat wrist tattoos, palm trees, infinity symbols, best friend tattoos quotes

best friend symbol tattoos, small anchors, wrist tattoos, wooden floor

small black hearts, best friend symbol tattoos, shoulder tattoos, brown hair, white top

small clouds, wrist tattoos, blue blouse, best friend symbol tattoos

Our bond is everlasting

our bond is everlasting, best friend symbol tattoos, small red and blue hearts, wrist tattoos

stick figures hugging, finger tattoos, best friend symbol tattoos, black and white photo

cute best friend tattoos, soul sisters, arrows on each side, forearm tattoos, black and white printed pillow

soul sister, pink and blue flowers, back of arm tattoo, cute best friend tattoos

spaceship and planet, wrist tattoos, cute best friend tattoos, side by side arms

Spongebob and Patrick

spongebob and patrick, coloured ankle tattoos, cute best friend tattoos, paved street

ohana tattoo, cute best friend tattoos, forearm tattoos

strange and unusual, leg tattoos, cute matching tattoos, coloured tattoo

cute matching tattoos, black nail polish, sun and moon, finger tattoos, white background

sun and moon, cute matching tattoos, inside arm tattoo, forearm tattoo, pink top

black and white photo, cute matching tattoos, sun and moon, back of arm tattoos

sun stars and moon, cute matching tattoos, wrist tattoos, white background, side by side arms

friendship tattoos designs, three hearts, hands intertwined, forearm tattoos, starbucks cup

to infinity and beyond, wrist tattoos, infinity symbol, friendship tattoos designs, side by side arms

red n ail polish, friendship tattoos designs, two birds flying, side arm tattoos

Until the very end

until the very end, magical wand, harry potted inspred, back of leg tattoos, friendship tattoos designs

watercolour arrows and moon, inside arm tattoos, friendship tattoos designs, small hearts, white shirts

friendship symbol tattoos, watercolour balloons, baby elephants, ankle tattoos

watercolour feathers, friendship symbol tattoos, forearm tattoos, grey cement floor

watercolour birds flying, wrist tattoos, friendship symbol tattoos, white background

jigsaw puzzle pieces, ankle and wrist tattoos, friendship symbol tattoos, watercolour tattoos

friendship symbol tattoos, you keep me safe, you keep me wild, lines and dots, leg tattoos, black and white photo

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