How the Color of your Bedroom Affects your Sleep (according to sleep experts)

by Maria Konou

When choosing the color palette for your home, you probably opt for your favorite colors when it comes to the kitchen and living room. Your bedroom colors, however, have another purpose. Both the décor, the color of the walls, and the bed linen are meant to relax you and predispose you to a night of deep, restorative sleep. Yes, you might love sunset colors like bright orange and red, but they won’t really give you the sweetest sleep. That is why pastel colors are usually preferable in the bedroom. These colors have that calming effect that you want in your bedroom. So, why not switch things up and try one of these bedroom colors to see how it affects your sleep and mood? You can paint your walls, get new bed linens, or just play with the decoration in your bedroom. Your sleeping space will surely become more inviting, and deeply relaxing every time you enter.

Let’s see how your bedroom color affects your sleep, according to experts

bedroom colours affect sleep good

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How the Color of your Bedroom Affects your Sleep

Let’s see how your bedroom color affects both your sleep and your mood, as well as which colors are perfect for you based on your vibe and personality:


When you try to imagine a soothing scenery, what colors do you see? Most typically it is the calming color blue – think about the sea, the sky, and even the mountains glowing blue in the distance. Blue creates a sense of calmness and ease. What’s more, this color can also be associated with feelings of trust, stability, and reliability. So, if you want the sweetest sleep of your life, pick a dreamy blue shade for your bedroom. This is especially good if you are someone who struggles with anxiety, and needs a place to truly, deeply relax and let go!

Blue is a soothing and relaxing color that is perfect for a bedroom

how color affects sleep naturally

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If you go for a darker blue shade, bring color back to your room with decorations

which colors affect you sleep the most

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A blue bedroom is perfect for those who are struggling with anxiety

bedroom color affect sleep good or bad

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Green symbolizes nature. This color is considered beneficial for the body and mind as it can have a calming effect. It is associated with peace and tranquility – making it ideal for sleep. When it comes to the bedroom, we recommend sticking to darker shades of green – like sage or rosemary. These are softer and more muted shades of green, which are perfect for deep sleep. Sage also happens to be one of the trendiest colors for kitchens, as well, according to designers!

Green is associated with peace and tranquility 

bedroom colors for better sleep

Choose trendy green shades like sage or rosemary

bedroom color affect sleep at night

Soft and muted shades of green are perfect for deep sleep

bedroom paint colors to promote sleep


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#Light Pink🩰

Light pink might not be your first choice for a bedroom color, but it is definitely worth considering. Pink – especially softer, light pink – symbolizes tenderness. It is a calming, non-aggressive color and evokes childlike carefreeness. If you lead a hectic, stressful life, consider adding some light pink to your bedroom. As a bonus, pink shades make amazing color combinations with colors like green, blue, purple, red, and orange, so you have a lot of room to play designer!

Light pink is a tender and soft color that calms down the mind

bedroom color affect sleep better

It is fun and childish but also super trendy and modern 

does room color affect sleep

If you lead a hectic, stressful life, consider adding some light pink to your bedroom

does the color of your sheets affect how you sleep


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White is the lightest color on the color spectrum. It is the ultimate symbol of calmness, making it ideal for the bedroom. White is pure and spotless, just like fluffy, white clouds in the sky. This color can bring you comfort and hope. With all of these amazing benefits, white is a wonderful color for the bedroom, especially if you are into minimalism.

There is nothing more calming than a white, minimalistic room

what color is bad for sleep

White is pure and spotless, just like fluffy, white clouds in the sky

bedroom color affect sleep and mood


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Beige is a bright, neutral color and is an attractive option for interior design. Why? It goes with absolutely everything! Beige is considered a warmer form of white. Because of its similarities to white, it also evokes feelings of calmness, lightness, and simplicity. Beige is simple and quiet – a perfect complement to a garden green color in the bedroom or a pinky mauve shade. Combine beige with lots of fresh greenery, and your simple, nature-inspired bedroom is complete!

Beige evokes feelings of calmness, lightness, and simplicity

does the color of your bedroom affect your sleep

Add some beige elements to your room for more peace and calmness

does sheet color affect sleep


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Surprisingly, one of the most suitable colors for a bedroom is yellow. The sunny color stimulates the nervous system and relaxes you like no other. Moreover, yellow always brings a joyful and cheerful mood to the room. And it will always wake you up in a good mood, even if the sun hasn’t risen yet! If you are someone who loves to stay positive and isn’t afraid of a little color, yellow is great for you!

Yellow is a super upbeat and positive bedroom color

best color to sleep with at night

This color will always wake you up in a good mood, even if the sun hasn’t risen yet

does color affect sleep


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Lavender-purple and other delicate lilac tones are elegant and stimulating as wall colors. Used in the study, purple is a great choice since this color encourages creativity. In the bedroom, however, you should limit yourself to individual accessories or accents in the form of pillows, curtains, or duvets. Purple is a very specific color, that is not for everyone. Nevertheless, you can still create a dreamy and relaxing space with purple shades. Purple is sophisticated, luxurious, but also creative, and daring. Not only that, but it also sets the right atmosphere for those who like to create in the bedroom.

Purple encourages creativity and creates a dreamy space

color affecting sleep and rest

This color can be both very soothing and very bold at the same time

does the color of bed sheets affect sleep

#Brown 🤎

Brown creates a feeling of security, stability, and warmth. But don’t paint the whole bedroom brown, because this is a highly energetic color that can mess with your sleep. Use it sparingly in a more subdued form. If you are going for that retro 70s vibe, or you want to feel as if you are sleeping in a woodsy, earthy fairy tale, then brown is perfect for you! Brown combines well with sand tones, light blue, white, pink, and the super trendy sage green.

Brown is a highly energetic color that should be used carefully

does light color affect sleep

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