7 BEST Colors To Paint Your Bedroom, According To Designers

by John Griffith

Choosing the right bedroom paint color is of much greater importance than just that of aesthetics. After all who doesn’t want to wake up or come home to a nice, cozy bedroom that just fills you up with positive feelings. Colors can affect our mood, so it’s important to pick out the right colors. That’s where we come in. Today we will be taking a look at the best colors choices for your bedroom, according to designers and your needs. Some colors may help you sleep better, while others can help energize you. So, let’s dive in.

Who doesn’t want to wake up or come home to a nice, cozy bedroom

bedroom paint colors simple gray bedroom with white bed and pictures


Best Bedroom Paint Colors

Creating the perfect space for you is very important. So, taking the time to pick out the perfect paint color, design, and furniture is essential. This goes for every room in the house – bedroom, kitchen, and living room especially. Here are the best bedroom paint colors for your space.

Creating the perfect space for you is very important

sage green bedroom with white bed

#Sky Blue

While this color may not be a big statement, it’s a great choice for a bedroom. This is because it doesn’t overpower the space, it’s not overwhelming, and it’s quite soothing and calming. All feelings you want to have in the bedroom. So, if you enjoy this color or waking up to the color of “clear skies” then this is the choice for you.

Sky blue doesn’t overpower the space, and it’s quite soothing 

paint your bedroom sky blue bedroom


@Trevor Tondro


Lavender or light lilac is a great bedroom color. This color creates a serene feeling to the room. It exudes a calming energy, yet it still adds a pop of color to the room without being too overwhelming. Lavender is a great choice for a master bedroom or a nursery. However, this color is on the colder side.

Lavender or light lilac is a great bedroom color

lavender bedroom collected pieces


Don’t be fooled, cream and beige aren’t boring. They are actually one of the best colors you can choose for your bedroom. Unlike the previous two tones, cream is a warmer color. It’s versatile, subtle and brightens up the space.  If you want to feel like you’re spending every day on a beautiful sandy beach, this is the color for you.

Cream is versatile, subtle and brightens up the space

cream painted bedroom with bed and window


@Matthew Millman


If you prefer having a warmer feeling to your space, this color is perfect. Especially if you want to experiment with color but don’t want to go for pastels or neon colors. Terracotta is a blend of red and brown. It may seem a bit dark, however pair it with some nice contrasting furniture, and you’ve got yourself a bright, warm bedroom.

Terracotta is the perfect blend of red and brown

bedroom paint colors terracotta bedroom with white bed

@Paul Raeside

#Blush Pink

If you love the chic and feminine look, grab the blush pink. The color is super subtle and works perfect with other pastel colors and soft whites. You can create your soft, modern farmhouse dream with this beautiful blush pink.

Blush pink is super subtle and works perfect with other pastel colors

blush pink bedroom with bed

@Francesco Lagnese

#Sage Green

If you love feeling like you are one with nature, then why not paint your bedroom a beautiful sage green? This color will have you feeling like you are strolling through the woods. If you feel like it’s too much you can use it as an accent color  around the room. This hue of green is a good choice as it’s the perfect combination between lighter and darker shades of green.

Why not paint your bedroom a beautiful sage green?

sage green bedroom with big bed

@Arbor and Co.

#Light Gray

While gray may not sound appealing at first, you’ll be surprised how great light gray fits into the bedroom. And one of the best parts about this color is that it comes in plenty of hues, shades, and undertones. So, if you want some green undertones go for a gray-green and so on. Add some beautiful furniture and the room will look great.

This light gray room with green undertones is a great color

light gray and green bedroom

@Shade Degges

These were the best bedroom paint colors. We hope you found this article helpful. Now that you know which colors are better, you can embark on your journey to find the best one for your aesthetic. Choose your paint and create your perfect bedroom.

Embark on your journey to find the best color for your aesthetic

bedroom paint colors beautiful bedroom with big bed


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