Aura Glow Nails: The magical nail trend that is taking over the Internet

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Aura glow nails are the newest and coolest nail trend on the Internet. These dreamy nail designs resemble the spiritual element of an aura, with beautiful colors and a glow-like effect. Your aura is a reflection of your mood and inner world. It is your initial presence that communicates to those around you how you might be feeling energetically. This energy signature glows from a person and is color-coded to correspond to the spiritual body’s chakra. And, that is the inspiration for the latest trend in the nail community – the aura nails! If you want to learn more about this magical nail trend and how you can achieve it, then keep on reading:

Let’s see what this magical nail design is all about!

aura glow nails trend

What is an aura?

An aura is a collection of energy layers that makes up a person’s energy field. Color is energy, and it has a frequency that humans can detect, consciously or unconsciously. These colors shift in response to your emotions, mental patterns, physical energy, and a variety of other factors. Seeing aura colors with the naked eye is not always possible, as you can typically feel them. Think about how, even before they speak a word, certain people exude a tremendously warm and pleasant feeling that you are naturally attracted to. On the other hand, there are some people that you instantly feel a very negative energy from. This is an example of aura at work. Want to find out the color of your aura? Check out this guide for finding your aura color based on your Zodiac sign!

Aura nails are unique and special, just like an aura is

how to do aura nails

What are aura nails?

As we mentioned above, aura nails are a new nail design trend inspired by the spiritual term aura. To highlight your aura, a nail artist uses a variety of hues, and she/he paints the different colors in a circular ombré or gradient design onto the nail. Each aura manicure or pedicure is unique to the wearer, just like no two auras are alike! So, tune into your subconscious and think about which colors are you naturally typically attracted to! And, let’s see what the different aura colors correspond to:

Tip: You can also try the aura nail glow look on your toes! But before you do the design, make sure to follow the essential steps for giving yourself a professional-looking pedicure at home!

Aura nails are the newest craze on Instagram

aura nail trend instructions

Aura Colors

Let’s have a look at the various aura hues and what they mean:

The aura colors connect to the chakras in our bodies

how to aura nails at home


The color red resonates with your root chakra. It is located at the base of your spine and houses your core issues such as who you are, where you live, what you do for a living, your manifesting powers, sexual energy, and your values. If your aura is red, it suggests you are operating from a solid foundation. This color encourages you to take action and make use of your physical body. It aids the body in remembering the infinite energy it possesses.

Red is the color of passion and high-energy

how to make aura nails

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The sacral chakra, which is positioned in your lower abdomen, is related to the color orange. It contains the emotional body’s initial energy, as well as creativity, the ability to connect with people in relationships, and sexual energy. If you have orange in your aura, it means you’re emotionally very likely to curl up under a weighted blanket. You are also self-sufficient and realistic. This is a color that brings us delight and aids in the release of negative emotions such as irritation, rage, and grief. It is a color that encourages us to take care of our bodies by taking care of our emotions.

The orange aura is perfect for sensitive and kind people

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Yellow is associated with your solar plexus chakra. This chakra is located a few inches above the navel. Your individuality, personal strength, identity, and emotions are all housed here. It is how you define yourself to yourself and the rest of the world. Yellow auras indicate that you are imaginative, curious, and upbeat. This is a color that represents the mind’s strength and the power of happiness that we all possess if we allow ourselves to become curious about life and willing to learn more about ourselves.

Yellow is for those of you who are curious and positive

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One of the more uncommon hues to appear in an aura is a lighter pink. People that are mild in temperament and emanate nice, loving energy have a baby pink aura. They are highly sensitive, believe in romantic love’s ideals, and have a natural capacity to keep the passion alive in partnerships. They are natural healers and artists with a hint of intuitive talents. Pink has a frequency that is comparable to green, which connects to the heart chakra. Because pink vibrations correspond to the heart chakra, they are bubbly and uplifting. This is a calming color because it represents compassion, self-kindness, and the purity that love may bring into our lives.

Pink is the color of romance and self-love

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The heart chakra, which is the center of personal growth and healing, resonates with green frequencies. Green auras give off unconditional love and a life force energy. They are natural self-healers who are drawn to nature and animals. They are the most well-balanced people on the planet, easily devoting equal attention to their own creative ambitions and the people they care about. Connects us to growth, natural movement, openness, and vulnerability’s power. It is a color that reminds us that we’re all connected to the natural world.

Green is for the creative and ambitious people

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The throat chakra, which governs speech and self-expression, emits a blue hue. A person with blue in their aura has inherent expressive gifts and the capacity to tell their truth. They have inner knowing and wisdom, and they tend to trust their feelings rather than external facts or statistics to discern what is right. They enjoy gathering and sharing knowledge, and they make excellent philosophers. The lighter your aura’s blue, the more tranquil and positive energy you emit. A color that represents trust, as well as a connection to our words and genuine expression. It’s a color that encourages us to stay true to ourselves.

The blue aura nails omit a tranquil and positive energy

blue and pink aura nails

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#Violet and Purple

The colors violet and purple are connected to our dreams and higher awareness, and it is the color of the crown chakra. Violet auras indicate people who are active, charismatic and have strong personalities. They are natural empaths, able to detect the vibrations of others with ease. They also have a high level of originality when it comes to creative ideas, progressive concepts, and open-minded perspectives. A color that connects us to our artistic and creative side, the part of us that dreams big and visualizes beautiful things becoming a reality.

Purple is for those of you who are creative and open-minded

aura nail trend colors 2022

How to achieve aura nails

The majority of aura nails that have that lovely fading look are done with an airbrush by a professional nail artist. That is how nail artists achieve the gradient appearance, with the majority of the color concentrated in the circle’s center. This technique is typically most used with acrylics, however, there are airbrush tools available for gel nail polish, as well. You can achieve a similar gradient result with a sponge at home, but in our opinion, aura nails are best executed by professionals who have the right tools at their disposal. Nevertheless, a cool self-care Sunday activity could be an improvised aura nail manicure!

Tip: If you have trouble picking your nails because of anxiety, make sure to check our guide with proven tricks on how to stop biting and picking your nails.

This technique is best achieved with an airbrush

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Here you can see an aura design DIY:

Watch this video to see how you can achieve this look with a sponge:

Magical aura nail designs

Below are some of our favorite aura glow nail designs by talented creatives on Instagram. If you want to find more cure nail design ideas, check out the most trendy nail designs right now. Or, take a look at these fresh and floral nail spring designs! Now, let’s dive into the aura nail inspo:

Be bold and go for a rainbow aura design

colorful aura nails inspo

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These aura french tips are a cool variation of the trend

the newest instagram nail trend

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Add a design that will complement the aura vibe

how to find your aura color

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You can still do aura trend with short nails

short aura nails inspo

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And, this is how aura nails look on super long nails

how to do aura glow nails

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Combining french tips and aura nails is a dream come true

aura nail trend april 2022

These ombre aura nails are definitely a statement

aura glow nails before and after

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