How to stop picking your nails forever: 11 Proven Tricks

by Maria Konou

Nail-biting and skin picking is an uncontrollable reflex that usually occurs in a certain situation (talking on the phone, waiting for public transport, etc.) and is a sign of anxiety and stress. Not only does it make it hard to have a beautiful manicure, but it also gives away your nervousness to people. And there’s not so much to explain about the negative consequences of this bad habit because you probably know them yourself. The important thing is to figure out how to stop picking and biting your nails, not just thinking about doing it all the time. Remember, you have the power to do anything you set your mind to, you just need to believe you can and trust the process. Take it day by day! Here are 11 useful ideas on how to stop picking and biting your nails:

These 11 tricks are better at keeping you away from your nails than a sour taste 

biting your nails and picking

Find out what makes you do it

Simply saying to yourself, “from today, I’m going to stop biting my nails” is easier in theory than in practice. First, you have to find out what is the reason you start picking and biting them. If it’s stress, think about whether you should do relaxing things, like going to yoga or listening to calming music. If it’s anxiety or worry, try to find the source of it and start acknowledging it every time it happens. Doing it out of sheer boredom? Come up with an activity for your hands – knitting, doing puzzles, washing dishes – anything that will keep your nails out of your mouth.

Your nails need relaxing activities 

can you stop biting nails

Get a manicure with gel polish

It supposedly takes 21 days to stop a bad habit. A good gel polish manicure lasts just as long. Why don’t you try and see if the theory is true? You wouldn’t want to ruin your lovely, shiny nails (especially since you paid money to have them done), and the layers of gel polish are hard enough and don’t allow you to nibble at will. Don’t like colored polish? Relax, more and more brands are offering clear gel polish. This is a great way to prevent picking and biting your nails immediately. Here are some of the biggest nail trends for 2022 to keep you inspired and motivated!

The hard gel will keep your nails intact

biting skin around nails solutions

Start taking care of your nails. Regularly

Aside from going for manicures, start doing your nails some good yourself. Remember, this should happen every day. If you have to, make a to-do list that doesn’t seem too scary or time-consuming. Monday: filing. Tuesday: polishing. Every day: apply cuticle oil (at night, before you fall asleep). Also, buy biotin (vitamin B7) supplement and take it daily because it improves nail strength. This is a list of all the best vitamins and minerals for women. In time, these rituals will become second nature to you and will replace nail biting and picking.

Treat yourself to some nice nail polish as a reward for the care

nail polish to stop biting nails

Live in the present tense

Everyone says “seize the moment,” “live for the moment,” but what the heck does that mean? In our opinion, it means being aware of what’s happening right now, at this very moment. Stop constantly thinking about the future (even if it’s just to decide what to cook for dinner) and think about the here and now. By doing this, you’ll start to realize how often and for what reason you bite your nails and remind yourself not to do it before it’s too late.

Yoga is a great way to stay in shape and live in the present

how to stop biting nails permanently

Wear lots of jewelry

Sometimes having lots of distractions is exactly what a nail-biter needs. So, stacking your favorite jewelry, like rings and bracelets, will become something you can distract yourself with. You can spin your rings and wiggle them whenever you feel like biting your nails.

Lots of fun jewelry is a great distraction from your nails

how to stop picking your nails

Use olive oil

Clean your nails with a little olive oil to make them soft and flexible, which can help reduce the urge to chew. As a bonus, olive oil will also help shape cuticles and strengthen nails. A good way how to stop picking your nails while keeping them healthy and moisturized at the same time.

Olive oil is amazing for strong and healthy nails

how to make your nails grow overnight

And, it is a great ingredient for your hair and skin, as well

how to stop skin picking olive oil for skin

Carry a nail file or manicure tools

Another possible trigger for nail-biting is a sudden nail break or other types of splitting. Nibbling it just to “fix” it is a surefire way to start the vicious cycle all over again. To prevent it, carry your nail clippers with you at all times. And, while you are there, why not treat your toes as well with a DIY pedicure at home?

Always keep a file around in a bag or on a vanity 

how to stop biting your nails

Change the habit

Keep your hands busy by participating in outdoor activities such as gardening, playing sports, or even taking a walk. Arts and crafts, cooking, knitting, learning to play a musical instrument, and other beautiful hobbies will also help distract and prevent the urge to bite. The great part of replacing a habit with a healthier outlet is that your body and mind will also benefit. Here are some of the best books for women that help both your body and mind. Learn how to manage motivation and how to be better for yourself!

Baking is a good way of how to stop picking your nails and keep your hands busy

stop biting nails baking

Chew gum

Keep your mouth busy by chewing sugar-free gum. Or invest in nibble foods that you can snack on whenever you feel the urge. Chewing gum can help keep your mind busy and even help you concentrate on your work! Talk about a win-win situation!

Chewing gum also might give you a more defined jaw

how to stop biting my nails

Increase your awareness and mindfulness

Focusing on the present has huge benefits for mental, physical, and emotional health. Increase your awareness of your nail-biting habit by really experiencing how the nail feels on your teeth, the pain it causes when you bite too deep, and the sensation on your skin. By being fully aware of all the sensory experiences during nail-biting, you may realize that it doesn’t feel good at all.

Remember to breathe and focus on the present moment 

stop biting nails mindul breathing

Aromatherapy for anxiety relief

If you frequently chew your nails during times of high stress, treating the underlying cause can help curb the habit. Try using essential oils for anxiety for immediate relief from nervousness, worry, and other mental stress conditions. Our advice? Learn more about self-care Sunday and relaxing practices and incorporate them into your life. They will surely make a difference and have a positive impact on your anxiety and stress management.

Aromatherapy is a great self-care activity to relax your senses 

how to stop biting nails aromatherapy

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