How to Give Yourself a Pedicure At Home: 8 Essential Steps

by Maria Konou

In summer, when all your toes are on display through your sandals, it’s hard to neglect your pedicure. However, in the winter you also need to be prepared for the occasional encounter with someone’s feet from next door’s yoga mat, for example. Always having a perfect pedicure isn’t complicated, and it doesn’t mean you have to visit a professional salon regularly. All you need is your bathroom or living room and at most a friend/roommate/boyfriend/mom… to help massage your feet at the end! In this article, we will show you how to give yourself a pedicure easily at home in 8 simple steps!

Want to know how to give yourself a pedicure and get your toes summer-ready?

summer feet pedicure at home

Gather everything you need around you

Choose a convenient place in your home so that there is a sink within arm’s reach. Gather the following items in advance: nail polish remover, the basin of water or foot bath with water and foam, cuticle oil, exfoliating foot scrub, foot towel, hand towel, pumice stone, nail clippers, fine nail file, foot lotion, cotton ball, polish base, nail polish of your choice, topcoat, and finger separator. You can also get Epsom salt and peppermint oil if you wish. This is how you give yourself a fast and easy, stress-free pedicure at home!

Take out all of your files, polishes, and scissors beforehand

nail care products color polish in bottles

Clean your feet

Sure, that’s normal to start the procedure, but we mean it – clean them really well. Any chance of germs getting under your nails or into the sores on your skin means a risk of infection.

Manicures and pedicures are best performed after a long and warm bath or shower

how to give yourself the best pedicure

Soak your feet very well

Many people neglect this, and it’s probably the most important step. You don’t need to buy special salts and solutions – just some warm water will do a great job. Ten minutes, no more, is enough to “loosen” the dead skin on your feet and toes to remove it easily. And, if you are planning a self-care Sunday anytime soon, make sure to add “foot bath with aromatic salts” to the list.

Make yourself a nice nail spa at a corner in your bedroom

how to give self pedicure at home

Soak your feet in a bath with salts, essential oils, and flower petals

how to give yourself a proper pedicure at home

Treat the skin well using a pumice stone or file

This will reduce the likelihood of calluses to a minimum. You can do this regularly in the bathroom during your shower, but not every day, but throughout the day. Do not use sharp objects to cut calluses – overly aggressive methods carry a risk of injury. In beauty salons, professionals use a special razor – don’t do it at home. Cut your nails flat and don’t try to turn the corners too much – you risk ingrowing nails into the skin, plus over-cut nails expose the nail bed, and this creates easy access for fungus. If you already have an ingrown nail, don’t try to fix it yourself. Seek professional help.

Remove your dead skin with a trusty old file

can i give myself a pedicure


Take the foot out of the water and put the foot sideways on the knee of the other leg. Massage gently with the scrub. Increase the pressure where there is a callus or dead skin formation. Rinse thoroughly and continue with the other foot. With a damp cloth warmed in the microwave for 15-20 seconds, you can also clean your feet. Pro tip: These lip scrub recipes can be used for feet, as well. They will leave your feet silky smooth and ready for a pedicure.

Exfoliating and cleaning your feet leaves them silky smooth

how to give yourself a manicure and pedicure at home

Prepare the nails very well

Before you start with the nail polish, make sure your nails are perfectly cleaned. And after the polish remover, go over the nail plate with a piece of dry tissue – this will clean all the polish remover residue and remove the air. Best to dip a piece of cloth in nail polish remover and go over the finished surface for polishing. Then separate the fingers with a finger separator. If you don’t have any, use a tissue that you roll between your fingers.

Dip a piece of cloth in nail polish remover and go over the finished surface for polishing

best way to give yourself a pedicure

The nail polish

Apply a thin coat of base coat, then two thin coats of nail polish in the chosen color, and one final coat of topcoat for shine. Let each coat dry for at least 2 minutes between applications. Allow nails to dry completely before clearing objects around you, and at least 2 hours before putting on closed shoes. To avoid bubbles forming in the polish and then on the nails, store the polish in a cool, dry place, and before polishing, roll the bottle of polish between your palms rather than shaking it vigorously. Relax and let the polish dry thoroughly. This is important, so you don’t ruin the perfect result. You shouldn’t even take a shower until a few hours after applying the polish – moisture can cause dents. And now you know how to give yourself a professional pedicure at home! Use the cold blast of the hairdryer to speed up drying. Here are some cute nail design ideas for 2022 to keep you inspired!

Time to choose what nail polish color suits your toes best!

choosing nail polish color pedicure

For greater durability

To make your pedicure last longer, always use a base and topcoat, and reapply polish every 3 days. Do it after you’ve been to the beach and the sand has worn off the polish. To keep cuticles and nails looking beautiful, wash them every day and apply lotion. Check out these spring nail designs for 2022 to welcome the warm months with beautiful fingers and toes!

Always appply a base and top coat to ensure durability and a long-lasting pedi

how to give yourself a diy pedicure

Voila! Your toes have never looked better

how to give yourself a pedicure 2022

#1 Pro tip: Always make sure that your nail tools are clean and sterile!

how to do a pedicure at home

#2 Pro tip: A foot peel mask will remove all of your dead skin with 0 effort

how to give yourself a pedicure with tools

#3 Pro tip: Use a clean towel to rest your feet while painting your toes

 how to give yourself a perfect pedicure

#4 Pro tip: Toe separators are a must for professional results

how to self pedicure tips

#5 Pro tip: Wear a base and top coat even when not wearing colour nail polish

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