The Top 10 Beach Nail Colors To Rock This Summer

by Maria Konou

In the days leading up to each and every beach vacation, I make it a point to treat myself to some self-care. One of my favorite things to do is get my nails done. In my experience, nothing quite captures the spirit of a tropical vacation like a set of beautiful, summery nails. That being said, selecting a color might be difficult given the abundance of gorgeous options. If you are also wondering what color to paint your nails with this summer, I have the answers for you. I’ve scoured the newest magazines to find out this summer’s most popular beach nail designs and collected them all here. So, check out these stunning colors and take your pick!

These are summer’s hottest beach nail colors

Beach Nail Colors To Rock This Summer

As summer arrives, it’s time to freshen up your manicure game with the season’s best beach nail colors. Beauty experts worldwide and magazines like Allure are raving all about these vivid tones. These colors simply encapsulate the spirit of the sun, sand, and sea. Whether you’re planning a tropical vacation or simply want to add a touch of beachy flair to your regular look, these nail colors are a must-try. From the soothing tones of ocean blue to the vibrant flash of tangerine, there’s a color to suit every style and mood. Immerse yourself in the newest nail art trends to discover the colors that will be the talk of the beach this summer.

Discover this summer’s must-have nail colors

Sandy Beige

Sandy beige is a color that is both natural and flexible. It can add a touch of elegance to any ensemble. Its simplicity looks polished and stylish and is ideal for a laid-back beach mood. You can achieve the perfect beach look by choosing beachwear with neutral tones to complement your sandy nails. Add a splash of glitz to your nails by applying nail art in gold or silver.

Classy and chic

Bright Coral

Vibrant and striking, bright coral is ideal for capturing the spirit of summer. This striking hue gives your beach appearance a lively burst of color. Pair this wonderful color with some tropical prints and flowery patterns for some extra pizzazz. To top it all off, accessorize with a matching beach hat and coral-colored sandals.

The ultimate showstopper that screams summer fun

Ocean Blue

The serene, revitalizing tones of the sea are reflected in this perfect ocean-blue color. It’s a calm, pleasant hue that’s perfect for trips to the beach. Show off your ocean blue nails at those laid-back summer get-togethers or beach parties. It’s a color that looks great throughout the day and at night.

Dive into serenity with this ocean blue color


Bright and playful, turquoise has a tropical vibe to it. This tint is perfect for summer because its vivid color pops against the beach and sun. Include gold highlights or beachy nail art, such as seashells or starfish, with your turquoise manicure for a fun, personal touch. Also, this color looks great when paired with beachwear that is bright and vibrant.

Channel tropical vibes with this playful turquoise

Baby Pink

Baby pink is a delicate, feminine, and sophisticated color. It’s an adaptable tint that will work wonders as a summertime accent. For both informal beach days and elegant summer occasions, baby pink nails are perfect. Coordinate with your wardrobe and pair these nails with pastels or floral prints.

Embrace sweet sophistication

Lime Green

Because lime green is so vivid and striking, it’s ideal for making an impression. This vivid hue embodies the spirit of summertime fun. These bright lime green nails look absolutely fantastic when paired with bright summer clothing and tropical designs. Put on some bold beachwear and accessories to really make them stand out.

A bold and energetic hue

Fresh White

Clean, crisp, and universally flattering, fresh white nails are a summer staple. They offer a timeless look that’s always in style. But white nails especially dazzle during the summer. For a refined look, add a dash of glitter or subtle designs to your white nails, such as faint stripes or tiny gold accents. Plus, these nails go with everything!

The ultimate timeless summer staple

Molten Metallics

Elevate your manicure with molten metallics for a hint of glitz and glamour. They are ideal for beachgoers who wish to amp up their style game. Not only that, but metallic nail polish is an excellent choice for evening beach parties or summer weddings. Wear them with stylish beachwear or elegant summer dresses.

Add a touch of glamour with molten metallics

Jelly Pink

My personal favorite! Translucent, vibrant, and all the rage, jelly pink nails are a real beauty. This vibrant hue is ideal for infusing some excitement into your summertime manicure. The depth it adds when layered or when mixed with other colors is what makes jelly pink so versatile. Plus, this color looks well with pretty much any carefree summertime ensembles and accessories.

Get playful with jelly pink


Vibrant and cheerful, tangerine is ideal for summertime fun. This vivid hue perfectly conveys the feeling of a bright beach day. Pair orange nails with colorful beachwear and patterns that are inspired by the tropics. Complement them with orange accessories or a sun hat to create a style that is consistent throughout.

Radiate joy with tangerine

Summer is the perfect time to update your look with some bright beach nail colors. Whether you’re going for a subtle, pastel shade or a bright, vivid one, you’ll find the perfect beach nail color among these picks. I hope you found this article useful. Now you have plenty of inspo for your next manicure. Whether you like the soft grace of sandy beige or the fun charm of jelly pink, these colors will go well with your cutest summer fits and make you feel beach-ready. As you enjoy the sun, sand, and sea, embrace the season with these gorgeous manicure colors and let your nails make a splash. So, use your imagination, have fun, and choose the ideal hue to rock this summer!

Rock these vibrant nail colors all summer long

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