11 Ways to Activate & Connect to your Feminine Energy

by Maria Konou

There is hidden feminine energy in all of us just waiting to be rediscovered. In fact, every human, regardless of gender, carries it within them. As you may have guessed, it is normal for women to be dominated by feminine energy, men by masculine energy. The manifestations of feminine energy are patience, grace, and tolerance. Generally, women need to develop these qualities because they correspond to their true nature. However, they usually strive for the opposite – to radiate strength and stability, to show that they are organized, independent, capable, that they are able to live without a partner. That is because of today’s society and what it pushes women to become in order to survive. The good news is that you can’t lose your feminine energy because it will always be a part of who women are. You just have to find it and activate it! If you are intrigued by how you can do that, you will find out the answers in this article! So, it is time to regain harmony in your inner world as proud representatives of the fairer and more gentle of sexes.

There are simple tricks that can help activate your divine feminine energy

how to activate your feminine energy

Methods to help activate your Feminine Energy

Masculine energy causes us to be strong, active, resourceful, and fight and achieve goals and results. These are masculine traits and aspirations – strength, action, expedition, money, achievement, power, and influence. With women, it is the opposite – they need to be flexible. Feminine energy is like water, it flows from one state to another. It is responsible for gentleness and grace, the love of the beautiful, art, giving and caring for children, and for the ability to handle various objects with the hands.

Masculine and Feminine energy are like day and night 

masculine vs feminine energy

Rediscover the love and tenderness you carry within you

There is something powerful and extremely magnetic about a woman who manages to maintain her good and elegant manners in a tense environment. We are not saying you should hide your emotions and avoid expressing your disagreement. Sometimes we just lash out too quickly, led by our mood of the moment, and then regret it. Count to 10 and be patient. Instead of giving in to negative emotions, imagine your body softening. Nurture kindness and love, not ego and aggression. This way you will calm everyone around you as if with a magic wand. 🪄

Instead of giving in to negative emotions, imagine your body softening

activating divine feminine energy

Stop trying to control everything

Learn to trust others and yourself, go with the flow, and don’t be ever cruel to yourself. This way, you will not only learn to relax, but also give your partner the opportunity to take the initiative and activate his masculine energy. The universe works in our favor, but sometimes it doesn’t serve us its gifts in the way we expect to receive them.

Learn to trust yourself and others, and completely let go

cultivating feminine energy

Return to Mother Nature

Spend as much time outside surrounded by nature as possible. Put more plants in your home. Vining plants will turn your home into a fairy-tale oasis, and flowers that attract butterflies will transform your garden! Mother Nature herself is a powerful source of feminine energy, a source of life and beauty, just as we are as women. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that a walk in nature is a natural antidepressant and will help you cope with stress and anxious thoughts. So, spend time in nature often and bring a part of it with you home!

Spend as much time as possible exploring nature and everything it has to offer

awakening divine feminine energy

Learn to receive

If you are used to giving yourself away for your loved ones, that is wonderful. It means that you are a loving and compassionate person. However, it is important to let those around you care for you as well. Accept compliments with a smile, not with a frown, and expressions like “Nonsense, don’t be ridiculous!” Understand that just because you can carry your own bags doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow the man next to you to be a gentleman and carry them up the stairs for you. Doing so will help him activate his masculine energy, and he will feel like he is doing something good for you!

Learn that you are worthy of love, effort, compliments, and help

how to tap into your feminine energy

Spend less time on social media

Yes, social media is a wonderful means of entertainment, but it can cause a lot of unrecognized harm, as well. The content that other users post feeds unrealistic beauty standards and makes many women feel unhappy and dissatisfied with themselves or their life because they are comparing themselves to perfect but non-existent virtual images. Unfollow or block any profile whose content makes you feel bad. Declutter your phone, your contacts, and your social media “friends”. Focus on yourself and your life.

Spend less time on social media, focusing on things that do not affect your life

divine feminine energy

Femininity is a movement

The easiest way to activate your feminine energy is by simply dancing. Without trying too hard, without unnecessary movement, just do what makes you feel good. Put on your favorite song in the morning while you are getting ready for work, and surrender to the rhythm. Do the same when it is time to do some chores, you will feel just like Snow White herself!

Activate your feminine energy with lots of freeing movement and dancing 

signs of blocked feminine energy

Learn how to activate your feminine energy with movement

Cherish your beauty

Femininity is not always expressed through short skirts, red lipstick, and high-heeled shoes. Yes, some of your favorite lipstick can make every woman feel like a boss babe. But the key word here is confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin. Being proud and happy to be a woman. If you truly feel all of this, you will begin to radiate femininity and magnetism with your every move, without even trying!

Cherish and take care of your beauty and confidence

characteristics of feminine energy

Be gentle but not weak

Just because a woman is gentle and gracious, by no means, does it mean that she is weak-willed and would allow herself to be trampled on. Stay true to your principles. Stand your ground, set boundaries, and do not lose touch with yourself. If you put up walls around yourself and are afraid to express your feelings, they will build up over time and drain you more and more. Open your heart to the world and to people. But, be brave enough to speak your truth and furiously guard your beliefs and needs!

Be gentle and understanding, but hold your ground firm and defend your beliefs and needs

feminine energy awakening

Let your creativity flow

Think about something creative that you are passionate about. It could be dancing, painting, making jewelry, making clay mugs, baking cakes – anything! And, take time for yourself that you dedicate to your hobbies. This will get your creative juices flowing, relax you, and give you a sense of self-fulfillment.

Let your creative juices flow whenever you have time 

feminine energy activities

Incorporate self-care days into your life

Do not put yourself on the bench to make time for someone else. Make sure that you have at least 2-3 hours a week for self-care. This could mean a new manicure or a pedicure, trying a new face mask, dying your hair, taking a long shower, a relaxing SPA night at home, etc. Think about adding a self-care Sunday to your calendar! Spending time for yourself will build up your confidence, help you unwind, and find a new appreciation for pampering and self-love!

Make sure to add a self-care day to your weekly planning 

self care routine for women

Listen to your intuition

Your sixth sense is worth paying attention to. Whereas it is more manly to go straight in, it is more feminine to think things out and see things in shades of gray. You know how it feels when you suddenly realize something? You have no idea how you know, you just do. That is feminine energy. It communicates with us for a reason. When someone becomes impatient because you are taking a bit longer to make a decision than they would like, or they don’t understand your reasoning, keep searching inward to find the answers you need before acting!

Take your time to think things out and listen to your gut feeling

being in your feminine energy

Watch this video for more tips on how to activate your feminine energy

And, remember that every woman has a magical and powerful world inside of her

connecting with feminine energy

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