How to be pretty: 20 Subtle tips to enhance your inner beauty & radiance

by Maria Konou

The truth is that beauty lies in naturalism and healthy looks. If you take care of your body and your mind, it will shine through! Think about it, the secret of being pretty or beautiful is something more than a few makeup tricks. Sure, makeup can play a big role in giving you confidence and enhancing your features. However, radiant beauty comes from within. For example, your glowy skin shows that you are hydrated, sparkling eyes show that you sleep enough, and shiny hair means that your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. And, while everyone can put on some mascara and have a coffee in the morning and call it a day, not everyone will look as gleaming as a healthy person.  In this article, we will show you how to be pretty and radiant, while also taking care of your mental and physical health. These tricks include everything from little hacks to dealing with tired eyes to making your perfume last all night long.

Natural radiance and beauty are a result of constant care and dedication

how to get glowing skin

Tips on how to be pretty naturally

Stimulate your feminine energy

Relax. Stay in your underwear and play soft, pleasant background music. Sit and let your mind focus on pleasant things for at least ten minutes. You can also completely let go and dance. This will help stimulate your feminine energy. And, another cool thing you can do is read books that every woman needs in her life! You can learn more about femininity, relaxing rituals, and wellness.

You can also try taking long baths while listening to your favorite songs

how to be pretty naturally

Melon face mask for hydrated skin

Melon rind has skin moisturizing substances. Use the inside of them, giving a gentle massage from bottom to top – when you feel that the skin on your body is dry and gray. After 15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

Use melon skin for a hydrating face mask 

how to look better melon mask

Fruit before exercising

Half an hour before exercise, eat some fruit. You should not eat only bananas because their water content is so low that they take a very long time to digest.

Shimmery and gleaming skin

After you have used a moisturizer, brush powder mixed with shimmer particles on the areas that will remain uncovered by the outfit – shoulders, cleavage, etc. You will be truly dazzling.

Glitter definitely helps you shine 

how to look prettier body glitter

Morning skincare trick

Store the moisturizer and toner in the refrigerator. By using them in the morning, you will get a double effect: on the one hand – that of the cream itself, and on the other – the effect of the cold, which reduces bumps and stimulates blood circulation.

Tip against swollen, tired eyes

For swollen eyes: wet a few tablespoons with cold water and leave them in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Then place the spoons on the eyes (without touching them) and the swelling will quickly go down.

Then continue with a cooling eye cream 

how to be prettier skincare

Natural overnight pimple solution

Mix some milk with magnesium oxide and put it on a pimple you have on your face at night. It will be gone the next day.

Nail polish trick

The thinner the layer of nail polish, the longer your manicure will stay in good condition. So, choose a good manicurist to ensure healthy and long-lasting nails.

The thinner the nail polish, the longer it will last

how to look better manicure

Rewire your brain

Stop negative thoughts as soon as they start. Negative thoughts make our brain believe in the negative. If we think we are unattractive or stupid, our brain will convince itself of it. You have to convince your brain that these thoughts are not true and just let them go. Always focus on the good and happiness will follow!

Vitamin E works wonders

If the skin under your eyes is too dry, take an ampule of vitamin E and apply it to the area in the morning before you take a shower and at night. The steam will help the oil penetrate the skin well.

Vitamin E oil also works great against hormonal breakouts

how to be pretty 20 steps

Gray hair, don’t care

Think before getting rid of gray hairs. They make you look older, but also more interesting.

The power of the eyebrow

To make your eyebrows look even and uniform, remove a few hairs on one side and then the same amount on the other. As we’ve already seen, eyebrows make a huge difference in how your face looks, so keep them neat and well-shaped. Remember – sometimes it’s all in the brows.

Like it or not but 2000s thin brows are back in style

bella hadid skinny eyebrows

Nail baths

To keep your nails from being dry and cracked, dip them daily in warmed petroleum jelly, and olive oil or rub them with vitamin E. And, if you are feeling extra productive, why not give yourself a relaxing pedicure?

Olive oil is great for moisturizing your whole body

how to feel pretty moistrizing

Do not promote faster wrinkle formation

Excessive use of coffee, cigarettes, and tea contributes to faster wrinkle formation. If you can’t give them up completely, at least reduce them.

Water does it all

Water is a great source of beauty. Eight glasses a day can eliminate fat deposits. If you don’t want to drink that much water because you’re retaining fluids, remember that when the body doesn’t get enough, it starts to store it. So the more water you drink, the less you will retain. Always keep a bottle of water on your desk and remember to tip it often! Water is fundamental to good looks – it makes your skin glow.

You can’t have plump skin if you are dehydrated 

how to feel pretty naturally

A captivating scent that lasts

Put perfume in places where the veins are most transparent and visible – on the wrists, in the crook of the elbow, in the side areas of the neck, on the cheekbones, but never rub it in.

Treat yourself

Don’t be unnecessarily sparing – apply your nice moisturizers and nourishing creams to both chest and neck. This will prevent the skin on these so important places from getting rough.

You deserve your nicest products!

how to look prettier face mask

Know when to take a break

Practice self-care whenever you can. Your favorite self-care activities will help relax you and your brain. After a long week, nothing feels better than a relaxing self-care Sunday full of your favorite beauty and wellness activities!

Yes, every woman needs a self-care Sunday checklist

how to look pretty in easy steps

Take off your makeup while moisturizing

Use a natural, homemade makeup remover to remove your makeup and moisturize your skin at the same time. These makeup removers are perfect for the double clean method that includes an oil-based makeup remover and is followed by a water-based washing gel. This leaves your skin clean, but not stripped down and dry!

The popular double cleansing method is amazing for your skin

how to look pretty without makeup

Understand your beauty

This is the most important part of feeling truly beautiful. You have to understand that your beauty comes from you, not from an external source. This feeling has to be practiced, so your confidence only grows stronger with time!

And always remember that you are doing great!

am i pretty without makeup

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