Want to attract butterflies to your garden? Plant these 10 aromatic flowers

by Maria Konou

As if bringing color, beauty, and fantastic scents to your yard weren’t enough, here’s another reason to plant a flower garden: to attract butterflies! Depending on the area you live in, choosing the right flowers can reward you with different butterflies like the monarch, tiger swallowtail, and red admirals. In order to rely on their longer-lasting presence in flower alleys, you need to create an attractive environment for them to inhabit. First, we need to plant flowers and shrubs that attract them. These plants are characterized by their brightly colored flowers in shades of yellow, pink, orange, red, and purple. Butterflies prefer flowers and shrubs with fragrant blooms, sweet nectar, and blooming in mid to late summer, the period when the ethereal beauties are most active. And lucky for us, these blooms also add bold colors to our garden. Whether you already have a large flower garden or want to start one this spring, these 10 flowers are perfect for attracting butterflies. So, if you want to know how to attract butterflies to your garden this year, continue reading:

Wondering how you can attract butterflies to your garden, yard, or front porch? 

common flowers that attract butterflies


Lavender is a valuable honey-bearing plant, much loved by butterflies. It likes warm, bright, and wind-protected places. Just when we thought the soothing scent of lavender couldn’t get any better, we learn that the beautiful purple stems will also attract butterflies to our garden. Lavender attracts all kinds of pollinators, so it will increase the number of bees in your yard. It thrives in drier soil and areas of low humidity. Planting is most successful in autumn, but can also occur in early spring – February – March. And, here is how you can grow your own lavender plant!

Lavender is a relaxing and aromatic flowers that also happens to be a magnet for butterflies

what color flowers attract butterflies


Hydrangeas are considered to be among the most beautiful plants to cultivate in the early spring. Hydrangeas are a favorite of butterflies, and they are actually one of their favorite plants. Many insects and regular pollinators flock to the hydrangea because of its plentiful nectar and bright hues. Hydrangea prefers dappled shade. It likes to be watered with soft water, rainwater is best. This flower likes rich, medium moist soil with good permeability.

Hydrangea is a beautiful and fluffy flower that comes in a variety of beautiful colors

flowers that attract butterflies bees and hummingbirds


The tender campanula, also called bellflower, is an ideal plant for the flower bed, border, rockery, rock corner, or hanging basket on the terrace. This purple bellflower is a favorite of both butterflies and hummingbirds. It likes bright areas, but can also be grown in partial shade. It likes sandy soil and regular watering, but water retention should be avoided.

These beautiful blue bell-shaped flowers are a favorite of both butterflies and hummingbirds

what flower attracts butterflies the most


This multi-colored flower, most often seen in shades of cream, red and purple, attracts butterflies thanks to its bright color and enticing smell. However, butterflies do not like double zinnias; this variety makes it too difficult to obtain nectar – it becomes too much work. It blooms from early July through fall in white, yellow, orange, red, and pink, and it attracts butterflies very strongly. It needs daily sunlight, and it does not tolerate drafts. Prefers rich, well-drained soil. Watering should be moderate. It also attracts bees. If you are looking to specifically attract some bees to your garden, make sure to grow pink bee-friendly peonies!

Zinnia comes in white, yellow, orange, red, and pink, and it attracts butterflies very strongly

what flowers will attract butterflies


There’s a reason that Buddleia is also called known as the butterfly bush. Its beautiful flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators to this luscious bush. It is a quick grower that’s also low-maintenance. Buddleia loves the sun, and it needs lots of light, well-drained soil, and plenty of water.

Buddleia is a luscious pink/purple bush that is also known as the butterfly bush

tagpfauenauge auf blüte von sommerflieder


Also known as the coneflower, this pinkish-purple bloomer makes a beautiful addition to any garden. Both butterflies and bees love its sweet nectar and color. The fragrant plant is also used as a herb, thanks to its beneficial properties. It flowers in July – August. It likes light and tolerates drought without a problem.

Both butterflies and bees love Echinacea and its sweet nectar and color

how to attract butterflies to a garden

Flowering Onion

Ornamental onions, also known as Allium Schubertii, are bulb plants that flower in the spring. The latter, on the other hand, will bloom later in the spring season. What we admire most about this ornamental onion is how pretty it remains even after the blossoms have fallen. This plant is resistant to rabbits, rodents, and deer, while it is absolutely adored by bees, butterflies, and other pollinators!

Good to know: It’s crucial to note that this flower is toxic to pets – both dogs and cats. If you have furry friends, make sure to check out which are pet-friendly house plants!

Ornamental or flowering onions are absolutely adored by bees, butterflies, and other pollinators

how to attract butterflies and bees


If you are an avid butterfly fan, you are probably aware that milkweed is one of their key food sources. It doesn’t really matter what kind of milkweed you have in your garden because it will attract butterflies nevertheless. Swamp milkweeds, however, are one of the most fragrant flowers that not only make your yard smell nice but also look beautiful. The flower clusters come in a variety of colors, like shades of pink and purple.

With milkweed in your garden, you will surely attract some beautiful butterflies

how to attract butterflies in your yard


Marigolds in a pot are one of the most inexpensive plants for attracting butterflies. They are simple to care for and plant, making them a fantastic plant for kids to help with. These flowers bloom in the summer and have bright orange and yellow petals. Keep in mind that they’re prone to dying rather easy in extreme heat. If you reside in a region where it becomes extremely hot during the pot marigold’s flowering season, you may have a difficult time keeping them alive and attracting butterflies. What’s more, the leaves of pot marigolds are safe to eat for humans, which is a unique feature! If you love flowers in pots, make sure to read how to grow flowers in pots for a  beautiful garden.

Marigold is one of the easiest flowers to care for that attracts butterflies

how to attract butterflies and hummingbirds


Aster is a lovely plant with bright purple or pink flowers with golden centers. However, their beauty is only one aspect of their attractiveness. Asters are very simple to care for in comparison to other plants because they require very little maintenance. They will need to be planted in full light, but they are also surprisingly drought-resistant. If you want to grow a butterfly bush in your yard but don’t want to deal with its invasiveness, Asters are one of several good alternatives you can try. Asters are often enticing to butterflies, but they are also a caterpillar favorite. These flowers are home to a variety of caterpillar species and, as a result, beautiful butterflies!

Aster comes in bright purple, pink, and blue flowers with golden centers

how to attract butterflies to your garden

Tips for how to attract butterflies

In order to make sure that butterflies have no problems when visiting our garden, it is very important not to use chemicals as they could kill the larvae and butterflies themselves, besides harming the environment. Prevention is always better than a cure, so we recommend using natural remedies to control pests on your plants. Since they contain natural ingredients (lemon, water, etc.), you won’t harm your plants nor the animals that might enjoy the delicious nectar or pollen their flowers produce, like the main characters of this article: butterflies. Not to mention that by using natural products, you’ll also help strengthen the plants’ defense system, making them stronger and healthier to combat any possible pests they may have in the future. Let’s use natural ingredients when it comes to flowers and butterflies in order to help them live better and longer!

If you want to make your garden or porch an aromatic and colorful place, make sure to read how to grow low-maintenance plants in pots! This will transform your house into an aromatic haven for butterflies and bees!

It is important not to use harsh chemicals on your flowers to protect the butterflies and bees

flowers that attract butterflies and bees

Now go and plant some of these aromatic flowers in your garden

flowers that attract butterflies and birds

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