How To Organize A Nightstand: 7 Tips That Actually Work

by John Griffith

Clutter can really bring the vibe of a room. And one of the most cluttered items in the bedroom is the nightstand. While it’s usually filled with your daily and nightly essentials, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be nice and organized. Most nightstands take up little room, but can really help improve the functionality of your bedroom. Whether you are dealing with just a small table or multiple drawers, you can still keep things in check, have everything you need at arm’s length and make it look stylish. You just need to know how to organize a nightstand properly, so you can use it to its full potential. And that’s exactly what we are going to show you how to do.

Most nightstands take up little room

blue drawer nightstand

How To Organize A Nightstand

Organizing your nightstand and creating a system can help save you from a ton of unneeded mishaps. For example, have you ever reached over to grab something from the nightstand, only to knock over your glass of water or push off the pile of books? Well, yea. You can easily avoid this, thanks to the effective tips we have prepared for you today.

Organizing your nightstand and creating a system is a must

night stand with water bottle

#Take Everything Out

The first thing you need to do in order to organize your nightstand is to declutter it first. And the best approach to this it to just take out everything out at once and lay each item somewhere where you can see it. Then start to sort them. Make piles. One pile is for things you need to throw out (like broken cables). Then the other pile is for items you will keep (only the essentials). And the last pile is for things you need to put back in their original designated space (like books).

The first thing you need to do is declutter

how to organize a nightstand nightstand beside bed

#Clean Thoroughly

The next step to properly decluttering and organizing your nightstand is to give it a good clean. It’s like a fresh start. Plus, let’s be honest nightstands can get really dirty, really fast. Maybe you spilled something, or dust has piled. Either way a good wipe down will only do it good. And now is the perfect time to do it while it is bare. So, dust it first and then wipe it down, and if it’s wood you can give it a good polish.

Nightstands can get really dirty, really fast

rubber glove and cleaning rag

#Choose Essentials

Okay, now the nightstand is nice and clean, it’s time to start choosing what will go back on it. Look at the essentials pile you made and reevaluate if everything there truly is essential. Try to really only keep the essentials. Things like a water bottle, clock, charger, perhaps a sentimental photo, moisturizer, tissues, etc. But try not to go over board. After you’ve looked at the essentials and decided these are the must-have items, it’s time to see how and where you will fit them on the stand.

It’s time to start choosing your must-have essentials

hand holding nail polish

#Drawer Organizers

If your nightstand has drawers, you should take advantage of it. However, this doesn’t mean to just throw everything you don’t know what to do with in there and call it a day. It’s a good idea to get yourself some organizers. This way everything will stay in place and it will have its own designated container. Organizers come in a ton of different materials, sizes, designs, and so on. So, finding one that fits your needs will be easy. Then experiment with the placement of things. Find the perfect spot for each item.

Organizers come in a ton of different materials, sizes, and designs

night stand drawer organization

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#Try a Tray

For things that are going to stay on top of the nightstand, we recommend getting a tray. A decorative tray will help keep things in place and is very effective at preventing knock-overs. You can keep items that are smaller in there and that move around. For example, keep your glass of water in the tray alongside your hand cream. This way they won’t be sprawled over the whole nightstand, constantly getting moved around, knocked over and so on.

A decorative tray will help keep things in place

marble tray on nightstand with candle

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#Basket Storage

If you’ve got bulkier items that you want to store near you, some basket storage will do you good. If your nightstand allows placing something underneath it, get yourself a pretty basket. In it, you can store a variety of things that may be considered nightstand essentials, such as pillows, slippers, blankets, chargers. Whatever you need really. It’s cute and keeps everything in one place, out of your sight but close enough to reach.

If your nightstand has space underneath it, get yourself a pretty basket

how to organize a nightstand woven basket with pillow inside

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#Don’t Procrastinate

One thing that will help you keep your nightstand nice and organized all the time is to quit procrastinating. We know it’s hard. But if you stay on top of dusting and putting things back in their place, and throwing things away on time, clutter won’t happen. Consequently, your nightstand will always be organized. After all, motivate yourself by remembering how good it feels when everything is nice and tidy.

Don’t procrastinate on cleaning and decluttering

nightstand with things on it

These were some of the best tips on how to organize a nightstand and make it stay organized. We hope you found this article useful. Now you can start decluttering your nightstand and using it to it’s full organized potential.

These were some of the best tips on how to organize a nightstand

bed and nightstand

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