10 Most Dangerous Things in Your Kitchen (you need to be careful with!)

by Maria Konou

There are a few appliances in our kitchen that we use on a daily basis. They are quite ordinary and common – ones that are present in every home. Yes, they seem quite harmless, but no one thinks about how dangerous they actually can be! Today we decided to share with you what they are and how important it is to keep a close eye on hygiene in one of the most important rooms in our home – the kitchen. Using our advice, tips, and tricks, you will be able to prevent any dangers and mishaps in the kitchen. This is especially important if you have children! So, here are the most dangerous things in your kitchen that you need to be extra careful with always:

Let’s see which are the most dangerous things and items in the kitchen

10 Most Dangerous Things in Your Kitchen

#Plastic food storage containers

In order to make plastic flexible, some manufacturers add special chemicals that can lead to very serious health problems. We are confident that you wouldn’t want these chemicals getting into your body. So, try to avoid purchasing kitchen items made from plastic. Instead, opt for glass as it is non-toxic, super durable, and long-lasting. And, if you have plastic containers that you use for food, avoid placing warm food or liquids in them. And, make sure to never place these plastic containers in a microwave. They are one of the things that you should never place in a microwave!

Try to avoid purchasing kitchen items and food containers made from plastic

#The Sink

If waste from your food is left in the sink for too long, it begins to create a favorable environment for bacteria to grow and evolve – like salmonella and many others. The kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen that you need to clean and disinfect more often. So, grab a scrub brush and make sure to clean all the nooks and cracks where food particles can get stored. And, here is how to unclog your kitchen sink properly.

The kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest places in your kitchen that you need to clean and disinfect often

#Kitchen knives

Your knives should always be sharpened. Do you know why? If they are not sharp enough, they can slip while you are cutting something and cut your hands or injure other parts of your body. So, make sure to check your kitchen knifes every once in a while and sharpen them if needed.

If your kitchen knives are not sharp enough, they can slip while you are cutting something 

#Kitchen sponges

A standard dishwashing sponge develops bacteria quite quickly. To prevent this, you can put the wet sponge in the microwave or soak it in bleach for a while. Or just put it in the dishwasher on the longest program. A more eco-cleaning solution to this will be to soak your sponges in some warm water, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar. This will disinfect your sponge in the most natural way!

A standard kitchen sponge develops bacteria quite quickly

#Kitchen towels

Kitchen towels are one of the dirtiest things in our homes that we are not cleaning often enough. We use them all the time – even before washing our hands and while cooking. That is a quick way to get bacteria into your food. That is why you need to have separate towels for clean hands and for when you are cooking. Also, make sure to change and wash all your towels every week.

Kitchen towels should be changes and washed every week to avoid bacteria

#Air freshener sprays

The chemicals found in many brands of air fresheners can cause lung damage and even, in some cases, cancer. So make sure to purchase a natural alternative that is not so chemically scented. Or, better yet, find an all-natural DIY that will help your home smell fresh at all times! Here are the most practical ways to eliminate bad odors and keep your home smelling amazing.

Always opt for clean, chemical-free products or all-natural DIYs

#Gas hobs

Never forget to check if you have turned off the gas hob before you leave your home. This small and simple routine action will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Always check if you have turned off the gas hob before leaving your home

#Non-stick-coated appliances

Highly heated Teflon actually emits toxic fumes! While non-stick-coated appliances are cheap, and they sound quite good, they are not a safe or long-lasting way to cook your food! So use the old-fashioned appliances to cook dinners at home, like a cast-iron pan.

Non-stick-coated appliances are not a safe or long-lasting way to cook your food

#The meat grinder

Meat grinders are extremely powerful, so please keep your fingers away from the blade. There is always a special attachment in the kit that helps nudge the meat in a little more. You might consider yourself a specialist, but accidents happen only once!

Meat grinders are powerful appliances that you need to be careful with always

#The waste disposer

Never put your hands anywhere near the sink’s garbage disposal (if you have one). Even if you drop something valuable to you inside, it is better to call a specialist. Waste disposers are powerful and dangerous, and you need to set a good example for children to never touch them!

Never put your hands anywhere near your waste disposer 

Now you know which are the secret dangers lurking in your kitchen and how to deal with them

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