9 Surprising Things You Should NEVER Put in Your Microwave

by Maria Konou

Sometimes we really just don’t have the time. And, of course, we reach for our beloved microwave to help make our coffee, and breakfast or quickly warm up the kids’ lunch food. There are many opponents to the claim that a microwave should be a must in every modern home. Yes, it saves a lot of time, and it is very convenient. However, if you use your microwave often, you really need to be careful what you put inside. There are materials that can be seriously toxic if they end up in your microwave. What’s more, there are foods that just don’t have a place inside of a microwave. Maybe you use your microwave a couple of times a week, or maybe you reach for it every day. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial to know the surprising things that you should never put in a microwave! So, if you want to see what you should never heat in this oh-so-handy appliance, just continue reading:

Let’s see which are the things you should never put in a microwave

Surprising Things You Should NEVER Put in a Microwave


Some fruits, like bananas and apples, lose some of their flavor and texture if placed in the microwave. However, grapes will explode and dried fruit will start to smoke and bring an unpleasant burned smell into your kitchen. And, you will probably have to clean your microwave thoroughly after that. So, keep your juicy fruits away from the microwave at all costs.

Fruits will lose some of their flavor and texture if placed in the microwave

#Portable coffee cups

Yes, there are cups you can put in the microwave. However, be very careful as many of these portable coffee cups contain metals, and metals explode and create sparks in the oven. Try to look for the microwave sign on the cup, so you know it is microwave-safe.

Some portable coffee cups have no place in your microwave 

#Brown paper bags

Nothing looks as innocent as the brown paper bags we carry our food in. However, these paper bags are very easily ignited. So, do not put them in your microwave if you want to keep your house safe from a fire!

Brown paper bags can catch on fire easily, so don’t place them in your microwave

#Aluminum foil

Any item that has metal content will explode in your microwave. The same goes for aluminum foil, which many people sometimes forget to remove before using the microwave.

Aluminum foil is one of the things that will explode in your microwave and damage it


Did you know that 95% of heated plastic packaging releases harmful chemicals? Even if they are labeled as microwave-safe, be careful and move their contents to a microwave-safe plate. It is always better to avoid putting any plastic in the microwave.

Even if they are microwave-safe, plastic containers are not the best for the microwave


Because of the rapid and strong heating from the microwave, a lot of steam can form under the eggshell of the egg when warming it up. Since there is no opportunity to release this steam, the egg will explode. Plus, who wants to cook their eggs in a microwave anyway? This is one of the foods that you should never reheat in a microwave!

Eggs have no place in your microwave because they will explode

#Frozen meat

Even if you thaw frozen meat, it will start to cook at some point. And this will disrupt the molecules, and you will lose the beneficial substances in the product. So, never defrost your meat in a microwave! Learn about the proper ways to defrost meat in this guide!

You should never put frozen meat in your microwave!

#Old plates and cups

Old but beautiful china has no place in your microwave. There is also a claim that some of these porcelain cups and plates that were made before 1960 can give off small bits of radiation! And, no one wants that!

Your old and beloved plates and cups shouldn’t be used in the microwave

#Takeaway food boxes

These supposedly harmless containers can actually cause a fire in the microwave. And if there is a metal element on the box that you missed– it will cause sparks and damage your microwave immensely.

Takeaway boxes can catch on fire when heated in the microwave

These were all the things that you should never put in a microwave. Using a microwave is easy, but most of the time it is not healthy or safe. So, our final advice is to limit your microwave use as much as possible to ensure your family’s safety and good-tasting food!

Now you know which surprising things you should never put in a microwave

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