How to organize your kitchen drawers: Tips & Tricks

by Maria Konou

Learn how we can organize and arrange our kitchen in easy steps so that it is easier to maintain later. We all love big kitchens with lots of cupboards, but not all of us have that little bit of happiness, so the only thing we can do is make the most of the available space and organize it. The first task to this end is to determine which cabinet you intend to keep what products in. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can organize your kitchen drawers and space like a pro!

Let’s see how you can easily organize your kitchen drawers:

how to organize deep kitchen drawers

How should I organize my kitchen cupboard?

This place, no matter how much we organize it, is always in disarray. Not only that, but products get spilled everywhere, and that can lead to midges and other critters. That’s where glassware comes in. Remember those marvelous storage boxes from back in the day that we used to see in every kitchen? The big, nice sets on the market are usually quite expensive, and so it’s better to try to save yourself that expense.

Glassware is the ultimate storage hack

tips kitchen organization ideas

If you are one of the lucky ones, you already have big and nice mason jars (the lids should be screw-on) and there is no need to buy. However, in case you are not, you will have to buy new ones, or collect them as time goes by. Love honey? Like a brand with the packaging you like, and buy from that brand until you fill the number you want. How many and what kind of jars do you need to organize your produce (another point where you can generate less trash from plastic packaging, etc. by shopping in bulk)? This is just one example of how to organize your kitchen so that it is beautiful, and you are comfortable while cooking.

Reusing glass jars is the best way to store your food

how to organize kitchen drawers for pots and pans

You will need:

  • Large flour container, approximately 5 liters
  • Containers for pasta (one for each type).
  • Container for coffee
  • A container for sugar
  • One container for each of the legumes (beans, lentils, peas, etc.)
  • A container for salt
  • One container for cocoa, etc.

Label your containers for the easiest organization ever

how to organize kitchen drawers easily

Tip: Keep the noodles separate from the other pasta (so you don’t get confused in a hurry) and label the lids or face of the containers and jars for quicker finding.

The only thing left is for you to sort. Here things depend on your routine while cooking. The pros advise: “Avoid open cupboards, find a suitable place for each item, and store your products in closed containers.”

Print out your own labels and stick them to the jars for a budget-friendly trick

how to organize kitchen drawers easy

How should I organize the spice rack in the kitchen?

Organize the spice rack with used jars

Small jars left over after use are a great way to organize your spices. Take advantage of the glassware that passes through your hands (if you don’t already have one). You can store all your spices well by, for example, buying the same type of food in a jar for a while. However, make sure to check the first jar to make sure it is the right size. Two birds with one stone: first you recycle and second that’s how spices are best stored (if you don’t feel like spending money on special glassware, of course).

Label your spice and herb jars

To avoid creating chaos later, just stick the name of the spice on the cap. Over time, you’ll notice how it takes less and less time to organize and tidy your kitchen. Plastic meal boxes are also a great way to collect small packets and spices that you use infrequently. Our solution? Spices like parsley, savory, fenugreek, etc. come in jars. Baking powder, dry yeast, vanillas, and other special ingredients are in a box.

Tip: If you have a small kitchen, do not worry! Just take a look at these small kitchen ideas to maximize your space!

Labeling your spices and herbs is the best thing you can do if you love cooking

how to organize kitchen drawers and cupboards

How should I organize the kitchen utensil cabinets?

Here’s where things get a little more complicated. Among other things, if you haven’t had to before, you’ll now need your knowledge of geometry. What can you do? First of all, separate the pans you don’t use (yes, we know you have two identical pans).

A family of 4 in its normal routine needs no more than:

  • 10 spoons and forks of different sizes
  • 10 cups of a kind (coffee, water, etc.)
  • 2 large pots
  • 2 small pots
  • a set of pans

(We exclude special utensils which are different in each home).

Avoid filling your house with utensils you do not need or use

how to organize kitchen drawers for storage

Think about how much things you actually need in your kitchen

ideas to organize kitchen drawers

Store containers separately from their lids for a tidy look

how to organize narrow kitchen drawers

Tip: Do not throw away your old pans! Check out this article for how to clean burned pots and pans instead. If you have a cast-iron skillet, make sure to check out our ultimate guide for cleaning a cast-iron skillet!

Basically, if you don’t have a lot of cabinets, you’re better off moving the extra cookware to the pantry, attic, or other storage room. This will open up your space, and hence make your kitchen look neater. Here again, you can activate the eco-activist in you. Don’t throw away the packing materials that come with your new purchases and protect them (bubble wrap, soft papers, and so on).

A pantry is a life-saver if your kitchen storage is not enough

1459 marth stewart living

Make use of creative cupboards like this one

how to organize pull out kitchen drawers

Store your spare products on top of shelves to maximize space

how to organize kitchen utensils without drawers

How should I organize the open cabinets and spaces in the kitchen?

If you have followed our kitchen organization tips so far, then you’ve already cleared away all the unnecessary stuff and have some much-needed space for normal cooking. Interior design professionals advise generally avoiding open cupboards when buying kitchens and keeping as few items open as possible. They collect dust and, let’s face it, don’t look so good. Instead, in such a cabinet you can put a vase with flowers, for example. The important thing is to put the cooking utensils near the stove. This will make it easier for you.

Tip: If you are a fan of open shelves, make sure to check out these open shelving kitchen ideas for a modern twist!

Open shelves are not for everyone, but you cannot say they don’t look good

how to organize kitchen drawers for organizing

Be smart with what you leave on your open shelves

how to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets

A simple trick like magnetic lids can save you a lot of space

best way to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers

Keep your counter as tidy as possible to avoid overcrowding 

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Kitchen Organization: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to organize my kitchen?

You can easily bring order to your kitchen by distributing products and supplies according to the frequency of use. You can also free up space by storing excess utensils in a storage room.

No one likes cooking in a messy and unorganized kitchen

how to organize kitchen drawers for pantry

How should I organize my fridge?

Well, first you need to deep clean your fridge. If you want to see all the steps, make sure to check this easy guide for deep cleaning and organizing your fridge. And, do not forget that fruits and vegetables are hard to store fresh in your fridge without seeing these fruit and vegetable storage solutions.

How do I organize my kitchen like a pro?

To organize your kitchen like a pro, use the maxim “a little goes a long way”. This will make it easier for you later on, and you won’t get messy every time you look for something.

A little goes a long way can be applied in the kitchen, as well

best way to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets

Why do I need to organize the kitchen?

Good arrangement of materials reduces the time it takes to prepare meals, reduces the time it takes to clean the kitchen, and gives it a tidy appearance. If you want to see more kitchen cabinet storage solutions, take a look at these 15+ kitchen storage tips and tricks!

Finally, you know how to keep your kitchen nice, tidy, and organized

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