Women’s Halloween costumes – ideas to try for All Saints’ Day 2021

by John Griffith

Halloween is almost here! There’s about 2 weeks left until we get to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year. Some people celebrate the holiday by staying at home and putting on a scary movie to watch. Others, on the other hand, prefer to go all out. Whether it is throwing a party at home or going out, you just have to have a costume. That is why, in this article we want to share with you a few ideas for amazing womens Halloween costumes. What’s more, we have prepared 4 easy DIY costumes, which you can try and make at home. So, without further ado, here are our step by step tutorials.

These DIY Halloween costumes are easy to make

halloween costume ideas four photo collage

Popular womens Halloween costumes in 2021

This year it seems like there were thousands of trends. Maybe because of all the time we spent inside, trends came and went like crazy. Naturally, as is the case every year, Netflix gave us a lot of ideas for Halloween costumes. For example, the newest craze, which is definitely going to take over All Saints’ Day in 2021 is Squid Game. The viral show provides a few Halloween costume ideas. On the other hand, superheroes will never go out of style. This year, it seems like Spider-man and Harley Quinn are especially trendy. The classic characters will definitely also make an appearance – The Addams Family, Beetlejuice and any other horror movie character out there. Skeletons, ghosts, witches and other staples of Halloween will also be a great choice for a costume.

Now it is time to show you our DIY tutorials

gilded mummy halloween costume ideas for women diy

Womens Halloween costumes – mummy DIY tutorial


  • full body suit in nude with a zipper
  • 6 yards cotton muslin in white or gold
  • acrylic metallic gold paint (different shades)
  • wide foam paint brush
  • gold leaf
  • fabric glue
  • plastic sheeting


  1. Cover a large surface with the plastic sheeting.
  2. Dip the fabric in water and wring out the excess water. Lay it out on the plastic sheeting.
  3. Mix the paint with a little bit of water to slightly dilute it. Paint the enture surface of the fabric and let it seep in onto the other side. Mix different shades. Wrinkle the fabric in a few spots and let it dry completely.
  4. Once dry, remove the fabric from the plastic sheeting. Make small slits every 2 inches along the fabric and tear into strips at each cut.
  5. Put on the body suit and cut out the section covering the face and neck.
  6. Start gluing strips of the fabric to the body suit, wrapping it around your body (you are going to need a helper to achieve this). Overlap the fabric and alternate the top painted part with the bottom one. Attach with glue at a couple of points. Don’t wrap too tight, let some bits hang loose.
  7. Once you have wrapped all the fabric and glued it to the body suit, make a cut in the wrapped fabric where the zipper is. Secure the edges onto the zipper so that you can take the mummy costume off easier.
  8. Add bits of gold leaf to the costume for extra effect.

Source: The House That Lars Built

Cute mermaid Halloween costume

diy mermaid costume cute halloween costumes

Incredible DIY mermaid costume

How to make the skirt?

Supplies for the skirt:

  • coffee filters
  • paper souffle cups in different sizes
  • jade, teal and blue paint
  • blue stretch material

Instructions for the skirt:

  1. Take your lower body’s full measurements.
  2. Fold the fabric in half, halve your measurements and mark them. Create a mermaid silhouette, connecting the dots with a marker. Cut out and sew the sides together.
  3. Dilute the paint with a little bit of water. Dip the edges of the coffee filters into the paint. Let dry for about 24 hourse.
  4. Dip the souffle cups into the paint and let them soak for a few minutes. Let dry for about 10 hours.
  5. Fold the coffee filters in half with one side slightly longer than the other. Flatten the cups and cut in half.
  6. Start at the bottom, gluing the coffee filters to the fabric in a row. Overlap the filter as you glue on the next rows.
  7. Once you get to 1-2 feet up the skirt, start using the largest cups and keep overlapping with different colors.
  8. At the top of the skirt you should end with the smallest cups.

How to create the top?

Supplies for the top:

  • pink one shoulder top
  • souffle cups in three different sizes
  • pink, lavender and coral paint
  • plastic straws
  • pink and coral spray paint
  • wax paper
  • wire
  • q-tips
  • pink candle wax
  • hot glue gun

Instructions for the top:

  1. Dilute the paint in water and dip the filters and submerge the cups.
  2. Attach the filters and cups to the top in the same way as you did with the skirt.
  3. Add the other pieces to the waist and shoulder as shown in the photo (you can find the tutorials below).

For the coral pieces:

  1. Cut wire into different lengths, fold in half and twist together.
  2. Coat with hot glue.
  3. Wrap the wire pieces together at the base to form a coral shape.
  4. Spray paint in coral.

For the sea anemone:

  1. Spray paint the straws in pink.
  2. Cluster together and glue onto a souffle cup. Trim the edges diagonally.

For the Q-tip pieces:

  1. Dip the ends in pink candle wax 2 or 3 times.

For the wax paper flowers:

  1. Cut out circles of the wax paper.
  2. Make a slit in the center, overlap paper and hot gluw to form small cone shapes.

Source: The House That Lars Built

Easy and cute strawberry costume

diy strawberry costume costumes for women

Strawberry costume DIY tutorial – cute Halloween costumes


  • red dress
  • hat template (printed on 11 x 17-inch paper)
  • adhesive white felt
  • green card stock
  • small cup
  • ribbon
  • computer paper
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


  1. Cut a few leaf shapes from the card stock, using the template. Cut a 3-inch slit on the bottom of each.
  2. Overlap on each side to give shape to the leaf and secute with glue. Curve them using your fingers.
  3. Poke a hole on each side of the cup. Cut two pieces of ribbon long enough to tie around the head and string them through each hole of the cup. Tie a knot to secure.
  4. Glue one leaf at the front of the cup and keep gluing them one by one until the cup is covered.
  5. Cut out the stem. Fold over about 1.5-inch tab at the bottom and glue to the cup.
  6. Cut out a bunch of teardrop shaped pieces of the felt and adhere to the dress.

Here is a detailed tutorial for the hat

step by step tutorial womens halloween costumes

Source: Studio DIY

One last tutorial to try

womens halloween costumes minnie mouse costume

Minnie Mouse DIY Halloween costume


  • Minnie ears
  • black top
  • black tights
  • yellow shoes
  • red tutu
  • black felt
  • scissors
  • mug
  • tack glue

Instructions for the skirt:

  1. Place the mug onto the felt and trace out the oval shape.
  2. Cut out with scissors.
  3. Glue the dots to the red tutu.

Source: I Am Style-ish

Belle from Beauty and the Beast can be easily recreated

belle costumes for women beauty and the beast

After the movie Cruella came out in 2021, this Halloween costume would be perfect

cruella de vil halloween costume ideas for women

Beetlejuice is a classic character

cute halloween costumes womens beetlejuice costume

A fortune teller Halloween costume

fortune teller costume cute halloween costumes

Mimes aren’t really spooky, but it’s still a fun costume

french mime halloween costume ideas for women

Clueless is a classic, which is never going out of style

halloween costume ideas for women clueless costumes

Harley Quinn costumes have seen a rise in popularity

harley quinn halloween costume ideas suicide squad costumes for women two women together

Rosie the Riveter is an inspiration to women everywhere

rosie the riveter easy cute halloween costumes

Ruth Bader Ginsburg will remain a true legend – that is why this is the perfect womens Halloween costume

ruth bader ginsberg cute halloween costumes skull halloween costume ideas for women skull makeup halloween costume ideas woman with tulle skirt

Tinkerbell is a cute and stylish womens Halloween costumestinkerbell womens halloween costumes with wingsjigsaw womens halloween costumes saw movie

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