100 ideas for spooky and creative Halloween costumes for kids

by John Griffith

Halloween – the spookiest time of the year. This holiday has been sending people into a frenzy. Making them throw lavish parties, go all out on decorations and, most of all, get super creative with their attire. And, because we’ve already covered adult Halloween outfits, today, we are going to focus specifically on Halloween costumes for kids. So, read our article and browse our gallery of 100 outfit ideas you can get inspiration from. Your kid will definitely appreciate it.

100 ideas for creative Halloween costumes for kids

halloween costumes for kids, little girl, dressed as an angel of death, wearing black shoes, face makeup

Halloween costumes for kids

When it comes to kids’ costumes, it might be a bit tricky (no pun intended). Depending on the age, costumes vary from downright funny to all out scare-fest. Some parents seem to be very careful when picking outfits for their little ones. And, understandably so. After all, you can’t put a ton of make up on a 2-year old. Which is why, it is important to consider the child’s age before picking out a Halloween costume.

Awesome toy soldier costume for a little boy

little boy, dressed as a toy soldier, halloween costumes for kids, all green costume, white cupboards, in the background

What are the most popular Halloween costumes for kids?


Although they are not scary, they are usually little girls’ favorite characters. Because of that, many kids would prefer going as their favorite Disney princess, rather than a witch. If you want your child to be more creative than that, try suggesting a zombie princess, for example.

Famous animated characters

Characters from animated movies will always be on trend. Lately, there has been so many super amazing animated films with lots of great characters. Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, Miguel Rivera from Coco, Jack Skellington and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, the list goes on and on. Plus, if you have two children, these iconic duos make for great sibling costumes.

TV and movie characters

Even non-animated programs can inspire children. Moreover, some parents are actually going for that wow effect, picking outfits for their kids, inspired by some of the scariest horror films. Jason Voorhees, Chucky, Jigsaw, Wednesday Addams, once again, the list goes on and on.

Book and comic book characters

Superheroes are all the rage right now. Therefore, your child will never say no to an awesome Captain America suit. If your child is also into books, there are some great options. Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Pippi Longstocking – like I said, many, many options.

Awesome idea for sibling Halloween costumes for kids – Chucky and Chucky’s bride

boy and girl, dressed as chucky, chucky's bride, halloween costumes for kids, wearing face makeup

Just looking at this little one’s smile makes us think that Raggedy Ann is an awesome costume

little girl, dressed as raggedy ann, wearing a red wig, face makeup, halloween costumes for kids

The man in the yellow hat and Curious George

little boy, sitting on a step, dressed as the man in the yellow hat, carrying curious george, plush toy, halloween costumes for kids

Willy Wonka with his chocolate factory

boy and girl, dressed as willy wonka and the chocolate factory, halloween costume ideas, pink tulle gown

The scariest kid to ever grace our TV screens – Wednesday Addams

girl sitting on a tombstone, dressed as wednesday addams, halloween costume ideas, addams family inspired costume

Jason Voorhees and.. wait?!? Who is that in the background? Is that Waldo? Where’s Waldo?

little boy, dressed as jason voorhees, another boy, dressed as waldo, halloween costume ideas, neon lights

Harley Quinn and The Joker is one of the most popular costumes for both kids and adults alike

boy and girl, dressed as harley quinn and the joker, halloween costume ideas, red and blue tulle skirt, green hair

Awesome idea for Alice in Wonderland inspired costume

girl dressed as alice in wonderland, growing big, inside the house, halloween costume ideas, sitting on a wooden bench

The female version of Robin Hood

girl in archer's clothing, halloween costumes for girls, holding a bow and arrow, medieval costumes

Look at this little cute astronaut

little boy, sitting on the floor, dressed in a nasa onesie, halloween costumes for girls, planets drawn on the wall

You’re a wizard, Harry

little boy, dressed as harry potter, round glasses, gryffindor scarf, halloween costumes for girls, lightning bolt scar

Miguel Rivera from Coco

little boy, dressed as miguel rivera, coco movie inspired costume, halloween costumes for girls, holding a guitar, red hoodie

Supergirl should definitely be a role model for young women

halloween costumes for girls, girl dressed as supergirl, blue sequinned top, red tulle skirt, red cape

Maleficent is another favoured character for a Halloween costume amongst kids

toddler halloween costumes, girl dressed as maleficent, black satin gown, with tulle and sequins

This little Jack Skellington doesn’t look very scary, but rather cute

little boy, dressed as jack skellington, with face makeup, toddler halloween costumes, nightmare before christmas inspired

And this little Mickey Mouse is super adorable

little boy, dressed as mickey mouse, yellow shoes, toddler halloween costumes, red pants, black mouse ears

Where’s Waldo

boy dressed as waldo, red and white striped shirt, toddler halloween costumes, red beanie, blue pants

Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story

two boys, one dressed as woody, one dressed as buzz lightyear, toddler halloween costumes, toy story inspired

This little kid dressed as Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber is the cutest thing you’ll see today

little boy, dressed as lloyd, dumb and dumber inspired, best halloween costumes, getting inside the puppy car

Now it’s time for a DIY Halloween costume

girl dressed as candy buttons, best halloween costumes, step by step, diy tutorial, white shirt and skirt


  • 2 white t-shirts
  • 9 styrofoam balls
  • white foam sheet
  • plastic headband
  • acrylic paint (we used pink, blue and yellow)
  • silver board letters
  • glue gun
  • 1 inch elastic
  • sewing supplies

One t-shirt should be your child’s size, while the other one should be 2 sizes bigger

best halloween costumes, two white shirts, on a wooden table, step by step, diy tutorial

Measure the skirt length and cut

white t shirt, cut in half, with blue scissors, on wooden table, step by step, diy tutorial, best halloween costumes

Use the elastic to turn the piece of t-shirt into a skirt

white skirt, on a wooden table, diy tutorial, best halloween costumes, step by step

Cut the styrofoam balls in half and start painting them

baby costumes for boys, styrofoam ball, cut in half, painted in blue, white paper plate, wooden table

You will need 6 of each color

styrofoam balls, cut in half, baby costumes for boys, painted in blue yellow and pink, wooden table

Glue them to the t-shirt and skirt

white shirt and skirt, painted styrofoam balls, glued to them, on a wooden table, baby costumes for boys

Cut the white foam sheet, so it fits the headband, glue them together.

Add the letters to the headband sheet

silver letters, candy buttons, glued to white paper, baby costumes for boys, wooden table

You can also add a “Necco” brand logo for extra effect and your costume is ready

plastic diadem, candy buttons, silver letters, necco brand sign, baby costumes for boys, wooden table

Little mermaid

baby girl halloween costumes, little girl, dressed as a mermaid, with blonde hair, mermaid skirt, silver sandals

The cutest garden gnome

little girl, dressed as a garden gnome, large red cone hat, baby girl halloween costumes, blue tights, mushroom bag

A real lionness

girl dressed as a lion, baby girl halloween costumes, blonde curly hair, for a mane, furry vest

Super creative costume – weeping angel

little girl, dressed as weeping angel, covered in silver paint, baby girl halloween costumes, carton wings

Pippi Longstocking

girl dressed as pippi longstocking, red wig, braided in two braids, different socks, baby girl halloween costumes

Queen of Hearts

girl dressed as queen of hearts, white black and red, tulle gown, cool halloween costumes, gold crown

Red Riding Hood

girl dressed as red riding hood, cool halloween costumes, red cape, lunch basket, braided hair

For the Star Wars fans – Wicket Warrick costume

girl dresses as wicket, star wars inspired, ewok character, cool halloween costumes, in the middle of the forrest

cool halloween costumes, girl dressed as witch, room on the broom character, plush cat toys, white wall

Wonder Woman is another superhero role model

girl dressed as wonder woman, cool halloween costumes, red top, blue skirt, pink background

girl dressed as wonder woman, red top, blue tulle skirt, toddler boy halloween costumes, brick wall, gold gladiator sandals

toddler boy halloween costumes, girl dressed as goth, prom queen, black tulle skirt, black boots, white background

little girl, with blonde hair, dressed as skeleton, toddler boy halloween costumes, black shirt, calavera makeup

Okay, I am going to be honest, this kid creeps me out

little boy, dressed as jigsaw, saw movie inspired, riding a tricycle, toddler boy halloween costumes, face mask

Judy Hopps from Zootopia

girl dressed as judy hopps, zootopia movie inspired, toddler boy halloween costumes, bunny ears, police uniform

Cruella de Vil and her favorite dalmation

toddler girl halloween costume, girl dressed as cruella de vil, baby dressed as a dalmatian, sitting on a step

Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

boy and girl, dressed as sally, jack skellington, toddler girl halloween costume, nightmare before christmas inspire

side by side photos, toddler girl halloween costume, little boy, dressed as a lego man, falling leaves

toddler girl halloween costume, dressed as maui, moana movie inspired, black curly hair, brick wall

Cute little Charlie Brown

baby boy, dressed as charlie brown, surrounded by pumpkins, sitting on couch, dog plush toy, toddler girl halloween costume

This has got to be the funniest, most creative baby costume ever

baby in a stroller, wrapped as a subway sandwich, white beanie, with vegetables, halloween costumes for kids girl

little girl, with blonde hair, dressed as tinkerbell, halloween costumes for kids girl, green dress, white wings

Beauty and the Beast

little girl dressed as belle, dog dressed as beast, beauty and the beast, halloween costumes for kids girl, trick or treat bucket

Georgie and Pennywise from It – the most creative usage of a baby stroller I have ever seen

boy dressed as georgie, baby dressed as pennywise, inside a stroller, halloween costumes for kids girl, it movie inspired

baby dressed as a donut, boy dressed as apolice officer, holding hands, halloween costumes for kids girl

toddler boy costume, boy dressed as super mario, baby girl dressed as princess peach, pink dress

Peter Pan and his shadow

boy dressed as peter pan, man dressed as his shadow, toddler boy costume, standing on a grass field

two boys, dressed as carl and russel, up movie inspired, toddler boy costume, metal cane, yellow shirt

little boy, dressed as miguel rivera, holding a guitar, toddler boy costume, coco movie inspired, red hoodie

girl dressed as dr seuss, toddlers dressed as thing 1 and thing 2, toddler boy costume, standing on a parking lot

Aladdin and Jasmine

boy and girl, dressed as aladdin and jasmine, toddler girl costume, turquoise onesie, white pants, purple vest

girl with blonde hair, dressed as a cupcake, made of paper, toddler girl costume, halloween decorations, in the background

girl dressed as a magician, baby dressed as a rabbit, toddler girl costume, black and red cape, magic wand

girl with brown hair, dressed as a mermaid, toddler girl costume, white background

girl dressed as a skeleton, skeleton gown, made of tulle and satin, toddler girl costume, black crown

girl dressed as dorothy, boy dressed as cowardly lion, holding hands, cute halloween costumes for girls

Eleven from Stranger Things casually eating her favorite Eggos

girl dressed as eleve, from stranger things, eating eggos, cute halloween costumes for girls, boxes of eggo waffles

girl dressed as red riding hood, cute halloween costumes for girls, dog dressed as the wolf, with glasses

girl dressed as ursula, ariel inspired, cute halloween costumes for girls, black purple and blue, tulle skirt

girl smiling, dressed as a witch, with large black hat, cute halloween costumes for girls, purple bowtie

What do you think about this scarecrow – scary or adorable?

halloween costume ideas for girls, little girl, with blonde hair, in ponytails, dressed as a scarecrow, tulle skirt

girl with blonde hair, dressed as candy, tulle skirt, halloween costume ideas for girls, colorful costume

baby dressed as a robot, made of carton boxes, halloween costume ideas for girls, lights inside

little girl, with blonde hair, dressed as a doll, wearing white dress, red bow, halloween costume ideas for girls

four boys, dressed as hobbits, halloween costume ideas for girls, hobbit inspired, standing on a grass field

little boy, dressed as jake, from state farm, superhero costumes for kids, red shirt, khaki pants

side by side photos, girl dressed as judy hopps, zootopia movie inspired, superhero costumes for kids, holding a badge

DIY Lego brick costume

diy costume, superhero costumes for kids, little boy, dressed as a lego brick, painted in red, made of carton

boy dressed as a character from ghostbusters, baby dressed as marshmallow man, superhero costumes for kids

Halloween costume ideas – cute minion

boy dressed as a minion, superhero costumes for kids, yellow blouse, jeans onesie, yellow beanie

Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter

baby boy, dressed as dobby the house elf, harry potter inspired, funny kids costumes, tiled floor

Dressing up your kid as Queen Elizabeth has got to be next-level genius

little girl, dressed as queen elizabeth, funny kids costumes, neon green suit and hat, black bag, purple skirt

toy story inspired, funny kids costumes, little kid, dressed as buzz lightyear

Halloween costumes for girls

girl dressed as maleficent, furry wings, tulle skirt, satin gown, funny kids costumes, holding a staff with a bird

Neil Patrick Harris and his beautiful family always win Halloween

neil patrick harris and family, dressed as star wars characters, funny kids costumes, princess leia, anakin skywalker, han solo

Cool Halloween costumes

side by side photos, beheaded teenager, carried around in a box, twin halloween costumes, blue hoodie

twin halloween costumes, little kid, dressed as edward scissorhands, all black costume, brown curly hair

Hocus Pocus – source of inspiration fro grown-ups and kids alike

three girl, dressed as witches, hocus pocus movie inspired, twin halloween costumes, long gowns, reading a book

three girls, dressed as characters, from alvin and the chipmunks, twin halloween costumes, green red blue shirts

twin halloween costumes, three girls, dressed as a witch, unicorn and supergirl

This captain won’t let the ship sink

titanic ship, made of carton, boy dressed as the captain, childrens halloween costumes, large wooden door

This has to be the best, most realistic Rocket Raccoon costume ever

little boy, dressed as rocket, childrens halloween costumes, holding a gun, on the front porch

Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World – to be honest, Wayne doesn’t look very happy

two baby boys, dressed as wayne and garth, wayne's world inspired, childrens halloween costumes, blonde wig

little boy, dressed as alvin, alvin and the chipmunks inspired, childrens halloween costumes, red hat, red shirt

baby girl, dressed as an 80s disco, aerobics instructor, holding a boombox, childrens halloween costumes

funny halloween costumes for kids, baby boy and girl, dressed as old people, with silver hair and beard

girl dressed as dorothy, wizard of oz inspired, braided hair, red shoes, funny halloween costumes for kids, holding a dog

two girls, dressed as characters from i love lucy, funny halloween costumes for kids, pearl necklace, alrge wigs

little girl, holding an umbrella, with white feathers, fairy lights, funny halloween costumes for kids, jellyfish costume

little boy, dressed as willie nelson, holding a guitar, funny halloween costumes for kids, two braids, red bandana

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